Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 4)

Shivaay’s POV.
How can she fight so good even with tied hands. Is it really true what I saw because if it is then how. She used to be a caterer and catered don’t possess such fighting skills. Now she is my wedding planner, not just a wedding planner she had made a place in the hearts of everyone in my family. Is this her true form or may be someone has planted her in my house with some big motive. No, no, no, (shakes his head in negative) I should not think so wrong of her she has saved my family many times. On the other thought what if my second thoughts about her come true bcoz she fights like she has been trained for such fights professionally. But what if she is not what she shows us she is. I can’t take a risk, it is about my family. I will get to the depth of it and find out with what motive she has entered. (End of pov)

He hairflicks and makes a call to private investigator(PI) and asks him to find all details about miss Annika. PI asks her full name, Shivaay says just Annika. This thing also strikes his mind that he doesn’t even know her surname. He thinks this is really getting serious I have to find out that where did she learn to fight so well. He puts the phone down and turns and sees OmRu staring at him. Rudra says “Bhaiya apne Annika Didi k peeche PI q lagaya hai wo to kitni achchi hain agar apko unke bare me kuch janna hai to unse direct puch lo”. Shivaay is shocked to learn that both his brothers overheard his talk with PI and thinks he will have to hide this fact from others that he is suspecting Annika again or they may not let him do what he wants to. Thinking so Shivaay says, “tum dono ye baat apne tak hi rakhna mai nahi chahta ki kisiko ye pata chale ki mai uske bare me info collect kar raha hu”. Om asks “lekin tu aisa kar raha hai” To which Shivaay replies, “usne hamare liye itna kuch kia hai I just want to return the favour” saying so he moves out of his room.

He spots Annika ordering the servants. He goes to her says tauntingly thinking about his views for her, “tum bohot expert ho apne kaam me, kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalta aur tum saara kaam bhi kar leti ho”. Annika says “aap keh kuch rahe hain par apki baato ka matlab kuch aur hai lekin is waqt mere paas waqt nahi hai in sabka mai bohot busy hu” saying so she starts to leave but Shivaay grabs her hand and turns her towards him with a jerk. She collides with him in the process. Shivaay says, “meri baat abhi puri nahi Hui hai” Dadi calls Annika and Shivaay leaves her, she goes. Shivaay thinks to himself, “not so soon Miss Annika, I will find out who u r and what u r up to.” He calls someone to asks him to arrange something and smirks. He thinks now Annika will herself tell him the truth.

Its 9 o clock Annika is leaving but Shivaay stops her and says “I will drop u”. Annika thinks of his morning behavior and refuses but Shivaay says “dekho bohot late ho gaya hai just come. She refuses again so he carries her in his arms Annika asks him to stop what is he doing. Shivaay says, “doing what is right”. He places her in the car in passenger seat and moves to the other side and takes the drivers seat he drives away. On the way Annika says, “apko samajh me nahi aata ek baar me naa matlab na. Gadi rokiye.” Shivaay asks her to shut up and he keeps driving. He receives a message on his phone from khanna which reads, KAAM HO GAYA SIR. Shivaay smirks.

Soon Annika is shocked to see nails scattered on the road in a very wide line. She says, “dekhiye aage keelein padi hain”. Shivaay smirks and thinks that this is what I wanted dear. He says “kahan” saying so he runs his car over the Nails. Which results in puncture.

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