Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 17)

Doctor informs Shivaay that Annika will wake up within half an hour, Shivaay is relieved. By that time police comes and arrests T&D while Mrs Kapoor escapes. Shivaay drives while Annika is lying unconscious in the back seat.

After half an hour.
Annika opens her eyes and finds herself in a car, she hears Shivaay’s voice he was narrating the whole incident to Om. Annika wanted to say something but she couldn’t gather the energy to speak up, she then thought it must be the side effects of all those drugs which entered her body the same night and decided to sleep now and then talk to him when she is more active. She sleeps. Shivaay looks at the watch and worries as half an hour has passed but still she is not conscious, so instead of driving to her home, he drives to Oberoi Mansion. All were sleeping except Om who was waiting for his arrival. Shivaay enters with a sleeping Annika in his arms. Om says, “you told that she will get conscious within half an hour and its one hour and she is still not awake, I think we should call the doctor.” Shivaay says, “even I thought the same Om that’s why I brought her here.” Om says the room besides your room is empty we should make her lie in that room.” Shivaay agrees.

Its 5 O’ clock
Karan wakes up goes downstairs but wonders not finding Annika in the room, he assumes that she must be in the wash room but then to his surprise he found the main door open, he wonders then searches the entire house and finds no Annika. He then goes outside and asks the people around about Annika when one of the neighbors told him that they saw someone putting a faint Annika in the car’s dicky and driving away. The neighbor also told him that Annika was blindfolded. Karan worries.

Same time in Oberoi Mansion, Annika wakes up again and finds herself in a room of Oberoi Mansion and then she sees Shivaay sitting besides her bed in a chair, he was checking his mails on the phone. Shivaay feels someone’s gaze on him so he turns his head to find Annika looking at him. He says, “tum thik ho, acha hai ki tumhe hosh aa ggay, mujhe tumhari itni fikr ho rahi this. (are you fine, its good that you got conscious, I was so worried for you)” Annika asks him, “Billuji aap mujhe yahan kyu laae, mujhe mere ghar pe kyu nahi choda. (Billuji, why did you bring me here, why didn’t you drop me back at my home)” Shivaay angrily says, “are you out of your mind. So much happened with you yesterday and you think I will allow you to stay there alone. You are staying in Oberoi Mansion until Mrs Kapoor doesn’t get arrested.” She tries to sit, Shivaay helps her, Annika says, “I am leaving, today is my first day at work and I don’t want to get late.” Shivaay says, “no not at all. You are not leaving that’s final and what was your so called friend doing at your time of need. I shall not allow you to go back to him. You are staying here and that’s final.” After a long argument Annika decides to stay for a day and leave when he is either out of the house or he is asleep.

1200hours (midday)
News flash
News narrator says, “Few days back at the time of Gaytri’s murder we reported you of Shivaay Singh Oberoi meeting his ex employee Annika at midnight, we were then not sure about what they share but what we have got today will show You fact about SSO and Annika’s relationship.

Video plays of Shivaay tearing off Annika’s sleeve. Video is muted.

Video ends. They show this clip again and again.

Shivaay watches this and throws the remote. Annika sees this news amd is teary eyed.
Karan sees this news and thinks, “did Shivaay kidnap Annika, the neighbor also told him that they were three who kidnapped her.” Karan rushes to Oberoi Mansion where he is shocked to see media already at the enterence of Oberoi Mansion. Karan makes his way to the door and enters.

Shivaay sees Karan, Karan was very angry but his anger melted when he saw Annika Safe, she was sitting with Prinku. He walks to her and says, “we need to talk.” Before Annika could reply Shivaay comes from behind and tells him, “before that you tell me what were you doing when Mrs Kapoor and T&D kidnapped her.” Karan was about to say something when Annika comes in between to calm down the tension between the two men and then narrated Karan the whole thing, making him understand Shivaay’s actions.

Media people enter the house and start questioning Annika. Annika says, “I am not answerable to you. You people sell lies and I shall not entertain you. Shivaay comes and tell media the whole truth but they further question him, “but Mr Oberoi why did you take so much risk for an ex employee.” Shivaay is speechless. Annika keeps a hand on his shoulder, stands besides him and says, “qki Shivaay Singh Oberoi bohot hi ache insaan gain. (Because Shivaay Singh Oberoi is a very nice person.) Shivika look at each other and there is an eye lock.

Somewhere in a house in Mumbai, Mrs Kapoor says, “this is just the starting Annika, slowly you will yourself move out of Shivaay’s life. The time these people will invest in solving this issue, I shall execute half of my plan and get half of the wealth of the Oberois. Hahahahahaha”

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  1. Surbhi Sharma

    U know Wat sanjana , after reading ur ff , I feel to kill Mrs. K . Can I ??
    By the way , your ff was amazing. I totally loved it. Post soon plzz .

    1. Sanjana24

      Well I guess your hate for her will increase more in the upcoming chapters when she will enter Oberoi Mansion with full authority

  2. Aryaraju

    Superb ?

  3. Sairan

    OHhhh god this evil Mrs Kapoor ?
    Superbbbbbb episode

    1. Sanjana24

      Yups and her evilness will increase more in the coming chapters

  4. Nice.

    1. Sanjana24

      I too think that because I was myself not satisfied with what I wrote

  5. Awesome dear..

  6. Awesome

  7. Superb epi

  8. Hey sanajna
    I’m ashiya ….I need help! Can youbpls help me out?
    Nothing so serious no it is ! it is for me
    Dear I’m getting confused in LOGIN
    help me out !!
    How can I login

    No no I know how to do it but its not happening!!
    It is continuously showing that I am not having a valid email but I have!
    Tell me what to do?

    1. Sanjana24

      Hi Aashiya

      Same happens with me also sometimes. This is an issue of the website. To be honest I don’t have much knowledge about it. Guess you will have to ask someone else about it

      1. It’s OK sanajna
        BTW for the first tym I’m commenting on your ff
        It was FAB!!
        Sorry I never commented but I was following your ff and its totally amazing

  9. Tanz

    Oh this Mrs K…… Atleast T&D are gone now . Annika is starting to melt for Shivaay i think….This part was amazing.

    1. Sanjana24

      Correct. She has started to melt for him. Thank u

  10. Chudail kahiki?????????
    Tunhe nahi mrs kapor ko bol rahi hun.
    Btw it is amazing post next part ASAP.

    1. Sanjana24

      Ohh k. Glad that you didn’t call me that ???

  11. Oh God!!! kb maregi ye Mrs. K……. U r ryt Arpita she is a chudel who always creat problem….. This one is AMAZING Sanjana…… Waiting 4 nxt…..

    1. Sanjana24

      Meri story ki villain itni jaldi nahi maregi. So maregi nahi qki so bad me tadpegi. Abhi uske paapo ka ghada nahi bhara to kuch din aur bardasht kar le use ??

      1. Thik hain tum kehe rahi ho tho abhi bardahst kar lati hun per jayda nahi karungi…… Yad rakna tu nahi maregi toh main mardungi……, hahaha….. just keeding……

  12. Hey sanjana di,
    Awesome episode . PLS UPDATE ASAP!
    How do u write like this?
    And Mrs,. Kapoor……….wo to hai hi chudailon ki maa,
    I just hope ki she does not create more drama, if she does am seriously gonna murder her.

    1. Sanjana24

      Thank you dear.
      Well this is just my imagination you know ??

  13. Superb…

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