Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 14)

Part 14

Shivaay entered his car called Khanna and asked him to get get Annika’s house rebuilt within next 48 hours as soon Annika is going to come back to Mumbai. Khanna wondered if his boss has gone mad in memories of Annika but he then decided to do as said. Shivaay had already sent Annika’s photos cum new contact to his phone via Karan’s. He soon reached the place where his chopper was waiting for him. He entered and flew to Mumbai. Before reaching Oberoi Mansion he had already asked Om to gather the family members in hall as he had something important to discuss with them. Shivaay entered, walked to the hall where everyone was seated when dadi asked him, “Billu, why have you assembled us all here?” To which Shivaay replied, “dadi I know that you always thought that Annika is a very responsible girl but today I can say it with proof that she has wronged you.” Dadi gets sad and says, “Billu badmouthing her she is de…” Dadi couldn’t complete and Shivaay says, “she is not dead, she is very much alive and she hid this fact from all of us. See here are her pics from Lonavala.”

All get happy, Om says, “but why is she in Lonavala and why didn’t she inform them.” Shivaay says, “she is there for a holiday and will come back within 2-3 days.” Jahnvi says, “that’s great news, we already needed an event manager for the upcoming Karvachauth celebration and she would be the best for it.” Dadi says, “how irresponsible of her, she should have at least informed me, here so much happened, we thought that she is dead already and there she is enjoying her vacation. Let her come back I shall scold her and make her realize how wrong she did with us.” Rudra says, “but bhaiya, Annika di’s house got burnt in that fire, where will she live if she comes back?” Shivaay says, “that’s not a problem, I had already asked Khanna to rebuilt her house.” Prinku had happy tears, she goes and hugs Shivaay and says, “thank you bhaiya, thank you so much to find my best friend. I am so happy.”

Shivaay smiles, all go to their respective rooms, and ShivOmRu to Shivaay’s room. The Obro’s hug each other. Om, says, “sorry Shivaay for not believing on your believe.” Rudra says, “I knew my superman Bhaiya can never be wrong. I am so happy Annika di will be back soon.” Soon OmRu fall asleep and Shivaay moves to his study. He thinks now its time to work on Mission Annika. He opens his laptop and succesfully hacks Annika’s Email-id. He soon gets to know that where she has applied for the jobs, he smirks.

Its morning, Annika goes to a restaurant whose manager had called her a day before to join as head chef as she had already worked in a 5 star hotel as one. Annika enters the restaurant the guard asks her to go to manager’s office where she goes and gets rejected from the job. When she asks for the reasons, she is told that, SSO rejected her. She is shocked hearing this and thinks why is he doing this. She thinks, “you have underestimated me Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I will not get into your trap so easily.” Thinking so she opens her mailbox and is shocked to see the mails from other hotels and restaurants rejecting her. She gets sad goes to her home where she meets Karan and tells him the entire scenario. Karan consoled her saying, “don’t worry may be tomorrow you get a new opportunity.”

Next day.
Shivaay thinks, “yesterday I closed all doors for You at Lonavala but today I shall open new doors for you but in Mumbai, so that you have to come back.” He smirks and asks Mishra to call her number, Mishra follows. Ring goes and Shivaay asks him to put the phone on speaker. Annika picks and says, “hello”
Mishra, “Hello, am I speaking to Miss Annika.”
Annika, “ji, par aap kaun.” (Yes, but who are you)
Mishra, “are you the one who was Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s Wedding planner.”
Annika, “haan, par apko mera contact number kaise mila.” (Yes but how did you get my contact number.)

She asks him thinking that the old sim was destroyed and she didn’t give new number to anyone in Mumbai. Shivaay puts the phone on hold and says about the 5star hotel. Mishra does so and says he has a job for her as an event manager. Annika gets excited but her excitement soon ends when she gets to know that the new job offer is from Mumbai. She refuses at once hearing Mumbai and gets sad. Shivaay on the other hand thinks, “Miss Pannika so you are trying to avoid me.” Shivaay recieves Khanna’s call who informs him that Annika’s house was rebuild. Shivaay calls Annika. Annika sees an unknown number {obviously she has lost all the old contact numbers along with her old phone}. She picks it and before she could say anything Shivaay speaks up, “so you are trying to run away from me huh, I guess that’s because you like to spend much time with that Karan Thakur. But just to make it clear to you I shall not let you stay one day more with that jerk in his house.” Annika says, “Billuji aap pagal ho gae hain kya, Karan koi cheapda nahi hai. (Billuji have you gone nuts, Karan is not a cheap man.)” This increases his anger and he says, “then why did you reject the job offer after knowing that the job is in Mumbai.” Annika yells, “what you made that call, first you rejected my job wherever I applied for and today you are offering me another job so that I could come back to Mumbai. Just listen to me Billuji I will never return to Mumbai ever again.” Saying so she disconnects and says, “Baagad Billa.”

Annika on the other hand calls Karan and tells him everything, Karan asks her to calm down and compose herself. He reaches home and meets her. She says, “how dare that baagad bills do this to me, now I shall find a new job that too in Mumbai and very soon.” Karan says, “okay if you want a job so early then there is one post empty in my office.” She says, “but, I am not educated enough to work at your office.” Karan says, “you don’t have to worry for that, you will work as my PA. I have a lot to manage and I can’t do it alone and I know you manage everything well and you will do so for me too.” Hearing him she smiles. Karan says, “Now that’s like My Anu.” He smiles and leaves.

Annika rings Shivaay. He is shocked to see her call he picks up and before he could say something she speaks up excitedly, “Billuji apko laga ki aap meri naukri cheen lenge aur mujhe Mumbai aane par majboor karenge lekin aap ke armaano pe pani fir gaya qki mujhe job mil gai wo bhi aisi jisme aap apni taang nahi atka sakte. Ab kal se mai Karan ki PA ka job karungi aur apke sabhi plans ki tai tai phiss. (Billuji you thought that you will snatch my job and will force me to re enter Mumbai but your expectations have gone in vain because I have got such a job where you can’t interfere. Now from tomorrow I will work as Karan’s PA and yeah all your plans are now flopped.) She smiles and disconnects. Shivaay gets angry and throws the phone breaking it into million pieces and says, “Ye sahi nahi kia Annika. (You didn’t do this right Annika.)” OmRu see him breaking the phone but they didn’t hear anything before so thought to leave as he is very angry now. Shivaay says, “now you will see what Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do. First you hid the fact that you are alive, then you went to stay at his place and now this job. You are so gonna regret this.” He knows that although Karan doesn’t show off his wealth, he is rich enough and Shivaay cannot influence Karan to fire Annika from the job. He thinks for a while then smirks and runs his fingers through his hair [the SSO hairflick.] He says to himself, “I can’t influence Karan’s decision but I can obviously influence yours Miss Annika.” He makes a few phone calls and smirks.

After 18 hours.
In Mumbai, Annika’s newly built house, she enters and sees him already standing inside. She goes to him and starts hitting him on his chest and keeps saying, “aap aisa kaise kar sakte hain, ek stupid se challenge me like aap mujhe is tarah majboor karenge Maine kabhi nahi socha tha. (how can you do this. I never thought that just for a stupid challenge you will force me like this.)” She keeps hitting him and he keeps moving back until he hits the chair behind him and falls sitting on it. He was actually enjoying her anger. He thought it to be cute, but when her beatings didn’t seem to end he held one of her wrist pulled her down to him and made her sit on his lap, now holding both her hands behind her. He then says, “I told you Annika, that I will bring you back to Mumbai and also make you confess that I am important to you. I won the challenge of bringing you back and now very soon I will win the other challenge too.” He smiles. She frees both her hands from his hold, gets up and says, “important, no you are not important actually you are a storm that entered my life.” She is angry on him for the steps he took to bring her back.

Shivaay gets up and says, “anyways from tomorrow you are back to the job of organizer at my mansion.” Annika turns to him and says, “no, not at all. I told Karan everything and he will soon be shifting to Mumbai and I will work as his PA.” Shivaay says, “what but why is he shifting to Mumbai for you.” Annika says, “its not for me, he was already thinking of it before. Even if I would have stayed in Lonavala, he was going to shift here next week. And now that my house is rebuilt he will come here and stay with me.” Shivaay says, “what the f**k, I am not letting you stay with a stranger.” Annika yells, “Karan is not a stranger and atleast he is better than you.” This sentence arouses his anger. He pushes her against a wall angrily holds her arms with his hands stands close to her. He looks at her with anger visible on his face. She looks at him his eyes burning with anger. She has seen his anger before too but this anger, it was something else. She couldn’t understand why is he behaving like this. He closes in on her.

[To know how Shivaay forced her to enter Mumbai, wait for the next update. ]

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