Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 12)

Part 11

Annika tells Karan everything and looks at him. Karan thinks he should give her some space, he has already influenced her decision once. Karan says, “Annika it will be only your decision whatever I had to tell I told you that day in hospital only. Just remember that you have already paid a month’s rent, so you can stay here, and I know my friend is capable of finding another job within a month’s time right”. He says with a friendly smile and adds, “if you still want to go then its your wish”. Annika goes upstairs to her room she closes the door, sits on a nearby chair and gets lost in thoughts. Annika thinks that she should leave for Mumbai, she takes out a suitcase and starts packing her stuff. She then goes to Sahil’s room adjacent to her room she opens his cupboard, looks at his belongings and stops. She sits on a bed saying, “ye mai kya karne ja rahi thi(what was I about to do)”.

Annika’s flashback.
Annika wakes up and finds herself in a hospital bed. She is shocked with her surroundings. She gets up from the bed when a nurse stops her and says, “wait your discharge formalities are not completed yet. It will take 10 more minutes till then you may change back to your own clothes.” That’s when Annika realizes that she is in an appren. She goes Changes and comes back. She is all puzzled that what the hell happened. The last thing she remembered was sleeping on her bed and now when she opens her eyes she is in hospital. Her trail of thoughts is disturbed by Karan. At first she didn’t recognize him but when Karan gave his introduction she smiled and both gave a friendly hug to each other.
Annika tells Karan that she has no idea how she reached here. Karan tells her the entire scenario of the night. Annika gets sad cum shocked and says, “what about my house”. Karan says, “I don’t know, that time your safety was most important for me so I just saved you”. Karan says, “don’t worry, I will get your house renovated if its burnt, trust me”. Annika says, “but…” She is cut off by Karan who says,, “no buts, you can repay in installments. Trust me I will take each and every penny back”. He says with a wink. She smiles. Both get into his car. Karan asks the driver to drive towards Annika’s house. They reach there and see Mrs Kapoor’s car and see them Celebrating. Karan opens. his car’s window and they happen to hear their conversation.
Mrs Kapoor:- its good that Annika died.
Tia:- Yeah, if she would have survived this one then I would have shot her myself and would have put the entire blame on Shivaay.

Annika gets angry hearing all this, she is about to open the car’s door but Karan stops her. She is about to say something when Karan keeps a finger on his lips and signs her to be quiet. She agrees. Karan asks the driver to drive back. Annika asked him, “tumne mujhe roka kyu. Mai usko acha sabak sikha deti. (Why did you stop me? I would have taught her a lesson).

Karan says, “Tum aisa kuch nahi karogi. (You shall not do anything like that)”. Annika says, “Nahi, mai jaungi aur us cheapdi aur uski family ko confront karungi. (No, I will go and confront that cheap girl and her family)”. She is cut off mid sentence by Karan.
Karan says, “aur phir wo log tumpe dobara attack karte, tab tak attack karte jab tak unka maksad nahi pura ho jata aur agar tumhe kuch bhi ho jata to Sahil ka kya hota. Tumhare bad kaun uska khayal rakhta. For use bhi wahi struggles karne padte jo tum kr rahi ho. Aur in logon ka kya bharosa kahin so Sahil ko bhi much na kar dein. (And then those people will attack you again and will keep attacking you until you until their motive is not fulfulled. If something happens to you then what will happen to Sahil. Who is there to look afyer him after you go. If something happens to you then he will have to face the same struggles as you. And you have no idea about such people what if they harm Sahil too)”.

Annika understands what he means and says, “To mai kya karu ek corner mein hath pe haath dhare baithi rahu. (So should I sit quietly in a corner putting my hands one on the other)”.
Karan says, “Chali jao, yahan se bohot dur chalk jao. (Go away, go far away from here)”.
Annika says, “I am not a coward to run away from situations like this”.
Karan, “I am not asking you to run away. I am just asking you to keep a safe distance for your brother’s safety”.
Annika understands that for her brother’s better future she should keep some distance from them, then she panics and says, “but I don’t have a place to live. I had only my home which is now burnt”.
Karan smiles and says, “that’s not a problem”. They pick Sahil from the school and leave to Lonavala.

Flashback ends.

Annika says going back means putting Sahil’s future at stake. So she makes a call and tells them she can’t go to Mumbai branch. When the manager doent agree then she ends up quitting that job. She goes back to her room unpacks her bag and keeps her clothes back in the cupboard.

Shivaay calls the manager and says, “so when will she be transferred to Mumbai, next day or day after that”. Manager says, “sir, she quit her job”. Shivaay thinks, “so you want to play Miss Annika. Let’s play. I will bring you back to Mumbai very soon”. He looks at his watch and sees its midnight he thinks to sleep as next day he has meetings. He shall check on Annika after that. On the other hand Annika comes downstairs and tells Karan that she has quit the job and will soon find another job. Karan says, “no problem Annika take your time”. Karan tells her that next day he had a meeting in evening but due to some misconceptions manager placed two meetings on the same day same time and same hall so the meeting will be conducted at his home. He says the meeting will go long from 6 to 8. Annika asks, “so?”. He says, “so, you don’t have to come downstairs that time because people might think wrong. You understand what I mean right”. Annika agrees.

Next day Shivaay yells at the manager for the chaos in the evening’s meeting. He gets the address of the venue and drives there taking directions from the GPS. When he gets out of the car, he gets shocked to see the same house where Annika entered yesterday. Shivaay goes inside where he is shown the way to the study room by a butler. He goes there sees Karan and asks, “why did you keep the meeting here?”. Karan says, “there was a mess in the hotel so I kept the meeting at my home. Any problem”. Shivaay gets shocked and says, “your home, are you serious, this is your home”. Karan is clueless and asks, “yeah but why are you reacting like this”.

Shivaay gets lost in thoughts. He remembers the previous night when he saw Annika in the same house. He remembers her dress. He thinks, “Annika never wears such dresses daily. It means she was here to meet him. Unbelievable, she was here in that dress with so much make up on her face which she never does. What is she upto? She never told me she knew Karan. But wait what’s going on. If this is Karan’s house so where is Annika now? Annika came all dolled up to meet this man. Miss Annika you owe me some answers now. But where the hell is she”.

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