Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 11)

Part 10

Annika enters her house. Karan asks her to join him in the dinner. She agrees. Karan tells her that he has already made Sahil have his suppur and put him to bed. Annika says, “but Sahil has to go for school camp tomorrow and he always eats with me before going for such camps”. Karan says, “Annika, I need your help and I wanted to discuss something about it so I made Sahil sleep early today”. Annika agrees. At the dining table both start their suppur. Karan says, “Annika you know I run a business of shoes, right”. Annika says, “yeah and who could guess that the owner of the biggest shoe company of Maharashtra stays in a small house like this”. Karan says, “Annika that’s just because tax savings issue which you won’t understand. Will you please stay shut and listen to me. I have some serious issue”. Annika says, “okay”. Karan tells her, “listen, I have launched a new brand of sandals for women which is comfortable cum stylish but the model who was supposed to shoot for that add broke her leg”. Annika says, “So???” and drinks water from the glass. Karan says, “that in such less time I can’t arrange a model so will you be my Model?”. Annika coughs. Karan says, “listen just for one photoshoot I need your feet”.

Annika says, “But I have to go for work tomorrow. Remember right, it was 4 days back that your friend tasted my food at home and offered me a job in a 5star hotel that he owns. If I go for shoot then I will have to take a leave and I take my job very seriously. You know that”. Karan says, don’t worry, I shall manage it. I will ask him to give you a leave for two hours”. Annika says, “two hours that’s it. But what if I get stuck in traffic”. Karan smiles and says, “don’t worry, the shoot is in the same hotel. It has a terrace lawn. There we will shoot the add and then you can go back to your kitchen. I am sure my friend will allow you this”. Karan looks at Annika’s face and says, “don’t worry I have already ordered a knee length yellow colored dress for you. You will be totally comfortable”. Annika smiles.

Next day.

Shivaay attends the second meeting in which they discuss some important issues at the same time Annika’s photoshoot is going on on the terrace lawn. Shivaay’s meeting and her photoshoot ends at the same time. Annika’s two hours leave was from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. Both Karan and Annika agreed to it. After the shoot Karan asked Annika to go home as he will be late and she already has the spare key. He asks her not to change as this dress is a gift for her. She can go home and change comfortably there and take the driver. She agrees.

Shivaay comes out of the hotel premises to have some fresh air. Their he senses Annika. He turns to see and sees her standing behind a car. He couldn’t believe it that finally after 8 days he is seeing her. He saw her from far only her upper body that was behind the car was visible to him, he started moving in that direction but before he could reach there, he saw her enter the car and the car moves away. He without thinking, goes to the parking area takes his car and follows the one in which Annika was. On the way his mind gets crowded with thoughts like, “is she was alive, then what was the need to do such drama? Why was she hiding? How dare she play with the feelings of my family and me? And if she was alive then why didn’t she inform me? There Prinku and Om were mourning for her and here she is enjoying her life? She will have to answer my questions today.”

He sees the car stopping in front of a two storey building. Annika gets down the car, goes towards the house, takes out the spare key and starts unlocking the house, thus giving Shivaay enough time to park his car. Annika enters and throws her bag in chair and turns to lock the door when she sees him standing there. She says, “Billuji aap, aap yahan kaise(Billuji you, how come you at here)”. Shivaay enters pushing the door behind him, putting it shut. Shivaay looks at her and says, “kuch bologi(will you say something)”. Annika gets puzzled and asks, “kya bolu(what should I say)”. Shivaay says, “tumne mujhe bataya kyu nahi ki tum think ho(why didn’t you inform me that you okay)”. Annika says, “mai apko kyu bataungi(why should I tell you)”. Shivaay says, “mujhe tumhare bare me janne ka haq hai, tumne mujhe batana zaruri nahi samjha ki tum kahan ho thik ho ya nahi, itni badi aag lag gai tumhare ghar me aur tum achanak se gayab ho gai, wahan sab ko ye lagne laga ki tum us aag me jal gai. (I have the right to know about you. You didn’t feel you should have informed me about your whereabouts, you didn’t feel like informing me if you are safe or not. Such big fire broke out at your house and you just disappeared. You know many people over there think that you were burnt in that fire and you died)”. Annika says, “Billuji apko koi haq nahi hai mere bare me janne ka mai has apki wedding planner thi aur apna kaam pura jar chuki thi. Isliye maine bas apko batana zaruri nahi samjha. (Billuji I was just your wedding planner and I had already completed my work so I didn’t find it important to inform you)”. She said those words casually but her casual reply made his anger reach its peaks.

Shivaay threw her towards the nearest wall, grabbed her shoulders and said, “didn’t feel it important, right. Fine then the hell with you, there I was dying to find you and here you didn’t feel it important to inform me right. Okay so I will make you feel my importance”. Annika says, “Billuji are you nuts, why will I feel that my ex-boss who was also a jerk is important to me”. Shivaay says, “don’t challenge me Annika, I know that I am very important to you and I will make you confess it very soon”. His anger cools down he loosens his grip and then looks at her from top to bottom and after looking at the dress asks, “tum wahan kyu gai thi (why did you go there)”. Annika asks, “where”. Shivaay says, “you know where. Why did you go to that 5star hotel”. Annika says, “I am the cheff, I work from 9am to 9pm”. Shivaay looks at her dress and says, “don’t lie to me Annika, no cheff wears such clothes at work time”. Annika says, “I am not lying”. Shivaay gets angry thinking, “she is definitely hiding something from me”. Annika says, “you may ask the hotel manager”. Shivaay calls the manager and confirms the same.

Shivaay smirks and says, “now you see Annika, you will say it yourself that I am very important to you”. He goes out of that house, makes some calls and smirks. On the other hand, after Shivaay leaves and Karan is at home, Annika gets a call from manager who says that she has been transferred to Mumbai branch of the hotel. Annika and Karan look at each other.

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