Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 10)

Here I am guys back with another chapter.
New entry – Karan Thakur —
**Karan’s role is played by Karanveer Bohra**
Part 9

Police enters Annika’s house and after some investigation, they find that fire occurred due to gas leak. Shivaay asks policemen to arrest Tia as she is responsible for all this to which a policeman replies, “no, Mr Oberoi, this fire occurred due to gas leak and Tia cannot be responsible for all this as she was in police custody last night”. Shivaay asks them to find Annika but the cops say that, “no one can survive such big fire blast, she probably died”. Shivaay gets angry and says, “did you find her body” looking at their expressions he says, “no right, that means there is a possibility that she could have escaped in time and she is possibly alive. So do your duty and find her out”. He returns back home.

1 week later.

Priyanka’s room.
Priyanka was putting flowers before Annika’s photograph when Shivaay enters and stops her asking what was she trying to do. Priyanka says, “bhaiya its been a week and we have got no clue of Annika. She was my best friend and she deserves to be mourned. Atleast I can do this much for her”. Shivaay says, “are you nuts, Annika is not dead, she is just hiding from us, from all of us, I don’t know the reason of her hiding but I am sure she is alive”. Om enters and says, “Prinku is right, Annika deserves to be mourned”. Shivaay asks, “what are you saying Om, you heard what I said didn’t you”. Om says, “yes I heard you, if you are right then tell me the reason why will she hide from us. Shivaay, it was an accident, you should have accepted it then and there only that she is dead and what makes you think that she is alive”. Shivaay says, “when I saw her house burnt, then fear struck my heart, I thought that I have lost her, when I entered that house and looked her everywhere and didn’t find a clue of her existence, that gave me hope of her being alive. I thought to pick Sahil from school that day and when I didn’t find Sahil among the children of the school, that day my hope or I must say my doubt of Annika being alive got confirmed”.

Om says, “but Shivaay you never found Sahil, and there is a possibility that Sahil died along with Annika in the fire too”. Shivaay says, “no Sahil was not at home that night, he was at his friend’s home”. Om says, “then I guess he is still their and we should bring him here”. Shivaay says, “no he is not there too. I reached his friend’s house just after I left Annika’s house that morning. His friend’s mother told me that she heard about the cylinder blast at Annika’s house and she hid this fact from Sahil and directly send him to school, lying to him that Annika is very busy at that time and she will directly pick him up after the school is over”. Om says, “there is a possibility that she was lying”. Shivaay says, “no, because after meeting her I drove towards Sahil’s school and I saw Sahil. He was attending his class, he was sitting at the window seat, his class was on second floor”. Om says, “It also means that someone might have kidnapped Sahil as all knew that there is no one to lodge a complaint against his kidnappings”. This sentence makes all the three tensed.

Shivaay thinks, “how come this thought didn’t cross my mind”. He mentally slaps himself for not thinking about Sahil but not for hoping that Annika is alive as his heart knows really well that she is alive and all fine. Rudra enters and says, “O please, I believe what my Shivaay bhaiya is saying. Please don’t give negative thoughts. We all should think positive in this situation”. Om says, “okay, I will give you guys 3days more and if you don’t prove it that Annika is alive then you will not stop Prinku and me from mourning for her. Annika was an angel and she deserves at least this much”. Shivaay says, “stop it Om, she is alive and I will prove it to you. I have to go to Lonavala for 3 days, there are a few meetings which I have to attend, two meetings each day in a gap of 6 hours. So I will be staying there and after those 3 days when I return I will find Annika and prove it to you that she is alive and my hope, my doubt’s are not wrong”.

Somewhere at Lonavala.
In a two storey building.

A girl walks downstairs and gives a sum of Rs 5000 to a man of 28. She says, “this is the rent for a month”. The man says, “its only a week till you have been staying here, I shall take the rent at month’s end”. The girl replies, “I don’t know if I will have money at month’s end or not so keep it with you now”. The man says, “You don’t have to be formal to me Annika. We are childhood friends and the only reason I am accepting this money as rent from you is that I know that if I don’t then you will go to some other place to stay so that you don’t have to depend on anyone”. Annika smiles and says, “Thank you Karan, thanks for what you did for me and what you are doing. It means a lot to me. We will discuss this later but now I have to go for work, see you in the evening” and leaves. Karan sees her moving outside and thinks, “this girl is different that’s why I saved her as she is still in my friend’s list”.
***Annika and Sahil stay as tennants in the first floor.***
Karan’s flashback.
10 days back Karan visited Mumbai for some office related work. His work completed and 7 days before when he was to return back to Lonavala his car broke down near Nilofer bakery, he called a mechanic to repair it. While waiting for the mechanic he heard a group of people discussing about killing a girl in a cylinder blast. At first he ignored but when he heard one of the men mention Annika’s name, he was reminded of his childhood friend who helped him at all times when needed. Karan soon reached Annika’s house and saw that the house had caught fire, he searched for Annika and found her sleeping. He thought how can she sleep in such situation. He tried waking her up but it was of no use. He saw a very tiny drop of blood in her arm and then his eyes saw a syringe lying below. He understood that she has been drugged so that she is unable to save herself from fire. Karan carries her out. He puts her in the car and drives to hospital.

Doctors inform him that the drug was no poison it was a type of drug which is given to patients for proper sleep. Karan got tensed thinking who can possibly plan such a murder. He thought that it is best for her to move away than to stay here in this danger. Annika wakes up and is shocked to find herself in a hospital.

Flashback ends.

{this is not the entire flashback}.

Next day.

Shivaay enters Lonavala. The meetings were scheduled in the conference hall of a 5star Hotel in Lonavala. Because Shivaay has to stay there for 3 days, he had booked a room for himself. In the first meeting during lunch break when the food came all enjoyed the meal. Food in such meetings is always avon but this was far better than that. Shivaay thought to complement the cheff later at night. At night Shivaay ordered the same dishes for suppur but this time but this time the taste was different and it was not the same. So he called the manager and enquired about the same. Manager told that there are two head cheffs. One works from morning 9 to evening 9 and the other from evening 9 to morning 9. Both cook equally good. The morning shift is done by a girl and the evening one by a man of about 50. Shivaay thinks.

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