Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 1)

Heyy guys. I am addicted to ishqbaaaz and I m a true Shivika fan. And along with that I personally believe that girls don’t need to be dependent on a male figures in the society. Though falling in love is a total different concept because once u fall in love it gives u enough strength to let go all the faults of that person and see beyond his mistakes.
OK this is my personal opinion on love and I felt the need to write it down before starting with my ff.
I would like to make just two changes in my ff 1) Annika is black belt in this ff.
2) Sundri bua never returned
3) It starts after Annika giving statement in Gayatri murder case and then leaves to her home after hearing an earful from Tia
4) Things that happened in OM in the same way as they happened in the show (i.e. Prinku telling Shivaay the truth and Shivaay realizing his mistake and takes car keys to go towards Annika’s house.

At Annika’s place.
She was walking towards her home and the people of the area were giving her looks that she ignored. She could hear them murmuring “I never thought she can stoop so low” and comments like that she choose to ignore them and got inside her house and shut the door behind her. She saw Sahil sitting on the couch she sat beside him hugged him and cried. Sahil consoled her and said that u r the strongest person I have ever known. Sahil hugged her. She said that she doesn’t know why she did this for him even though he hurt her a lot but the fact that she knew that Shivaay could never kill a person she just couldn’t stop herself from going to rescue him. She tried to reason herself that he helped him because she knew he was right but deep down her heart said that this was not the only reason there was something even more powerful than the fact that he was right and it was a connection deep down she knew she had a connection with him that he felt too but just that she can’t figure it out. She was deep into her thoughts when she heard a bang.

At first she was startled and then when she realized who made it she stood up and looked at him. It was Shivaay he never used to knock at her door he always just bang opened it. This time she wanted to yell at him for entering her life again but the look in his face stopped her from speaking something. Shivaay just moved towards her and said in a very calm tone Chalo mere sath mujhe tumse baat karni hai.
Annika first looked at Sahil who gave her an its fine look and then said Ab aur kya kehna baki hai. Jo kehna hai yahin kahiye mujhe aur bhi kaam hai mujhe dusri job bhi dhundni hai.
Shivaay with a guilty look on his face said sorry Annika. Plz wapas aa jao tumhe mujhpe pani fekna hai to fek do but please please come back.
Seeing Shivaay apologize and his guilty face his eyes that reflected guilt cum gratitude towards her. Her heart melted again for this baagad billa and she forgave him. With this he asked her to come back to mansion alongwith him in his car. She agreed.
Both got into the car.

Somewhere near Annika’s place.
There was a gathering of few orthodox men who discussed the matter of Annika and Shivaay and then they thought they need to stop this dirt else it will effect their houses. When they saw Annika and Shivaay leaving in same car they decided to teach them a lesson.

Author’s note:- To be honest I hate such people who judge others point fingers at other but I put them here to add drama. Because emotion without drama is somewhat incomplete. This is the prologue. Do tell me if u like it and want me to continue. And if u don’t like the concept then too make it clear. After a long time I am posting an article in this site. I promise to complete this one and not leave it mid way

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