Hey everyone. Your Aaru us Aarti 32 now. I’m here wid a not so extraordinary story. Jst had dis in my mind, so thought of sharing it wid u all. I had thought if posting dis story during d contest, but I could not, as i didnt hv enough time. So I’m posting it now.
Don’t you dare look at her!!
A casino is seen where, on a table, a man n a woman r sitting n d man has won a lot of money. D man is our deadly Dev n d woman next to him is sizzling Sona. Sona was wearing a white shirt wid black blazer paired wid a red mini-skirt n stockings n her ankle length boots. Dev was wearing a red T-shirt wid black jeans n white blazer. Dev had won 4 games continuously, all thanx to his lady luck Sonakshi. He wanted to play more but as Sona was tired n it was getting late, they decided to go back home. When they were leaving from d casino, their neighbour, Mrs William, saw them n went towards them. She said,” hello Dev” n hugged Dev. Sona fumed at her over sweet gesture n said,”main bhi to yahi hu besharam, sirf mere pati se hi chipkegi, thoda mujhse bhi mil le.”

As Sona said dis wid a smile, William could not understand dis, she gave a sorry what? look to Sona. Dev had sensed Sona’s anger, so before Sona could say anything, Dev said,” she means dat its nice meeting u.” Sona looked at Dev n said,” aapke liye hoga nice, mujhe to isse milke chid si machti h.” Mrs William said,” looks like your wife is in a bad mood.” Sona murmurs,” tere hote mood accha rahe..mood ki itni himmat!!” Dev controlled his laugh n said,” it’s nothing like dat Mrs William.” Mrs William said,”oh forget it. Come Dev, let’s play some game in dat corner.” Sona was shocked by her statement n asked,” y do want my husband to come to d corner wid u?” Mrs William gave her a fake smile n said,”for jst a game , there.” n she pointed towards a corner room which had a banner reading ‘STRIP POKER’. Sona n Dev looked at each other. Sona was now boiling wid anger. She sternly said,” no. We’re getting late.” Mrs William tried to negotiate saying,” Sona it’s….” but Sona cut her off saying,” it’s Sonakshi for u. Good bye Mrs William.” She held Dev’s hand n walked out of d casino.

Dev n Sonakshi’s house
Sona was silently walking towards their room. Dev was walking after her, calling out her name. ” Sonakshi.. Sonakshi meri baat to suno.” Sona turned back n said a bit loudly,” it’s Sona for u. Aaj k baad mujhe kabhi Sonakshi mat bolna.” Dev tried to lighten her mood n said,” Barbie ne tumhe Sona kaha to tumne unhe kaha it’s Sonakshi, aur ab main Sonakshi bol rha hu to tum keh rhi ho Sona bolo.” Sona threw her slingbag in d bed n was fuming in anger. She shouted,” main aapki wife hu ya us Barbie ki. Aur aap usko Barbie kabse bolne lage. Wo Barbara se Barbie ho gyi!! Waah, bohot closeness h, kyu.” Dev said,” Sona, tum overreact kyu kr rhi ho?” Sona looked at Dev with astonishment n said,” wo Barbie aapke sath STRIP POKER khelna chahti thi, usne aapko bula bhi liya aur main overreact kr rhi hu!! Wo aapke samne kapde utarne ko taiyar thi aur main overreact kr rhi hu!! Thik h jaiye aur uske sath kheliye.” Sonakshi forcefully sent Dev out of d room n was about to close d door, but Dev got inside d room n held Sona’s hands n looked them behind d her back.

Sona was looking at d floor. Dev said,” Sona, I hate it jab tum aise baat krte waqt meri taraf nhi dekhti. Look at me.” Sona still didn’t look at him. Dev jerked her,” meri taraf dekho Sona.” She finally lifted her head up. He noticed d tears in Sona’s eyes. Her anger was coming out in d form of tears. His grip on her hands became loose. He made her sit on d bed n cupped her face,” Sona, tum ro kyu rhi ho? Okay I’m sorry. Ab plzz rona band kr do.” He wiped her tears n took her in his embrace. Sona was still silent. Dev broke d hug n said,” I’m sorry Sona. Mujhe nhi pata tha ki tumhe is baat ka itna bura lagega.” Sona said,” mujhe bura nhi lag rha Dev. Mujhe gussa aa rha h. Wo itni besharam kaise ho sakti h! Aur aap, aap usse baat hi kyu krte h. Tabhi usme itni himmat h.” Dev said frustratedly,” tumhe kya lagta h, wo bulati aur main chala jata! Tum janti ho ki main aisa nhi krta, to phir kyu us baat ko pakad k baithi ho..” Sona said in an emotional tone,” ab uske liye aap mujhe suna rhe h Dev. Uska to kaam ban gya na, hamare bich jhagda ho hi gya na.” Sona continued cursing Mrs William while Dev smiled at his wife’s possessiveness n jealousy.

He held Sona’s hand n pulled her towards him n said,” itni jealousy acchi nhi h Mrs Dev Dixit.” Saying so he held her from her waist n started running his fingers in her hair. Sona’s anger slowly cooled down. He kissed her cheeks n said,” itna pyaar krti ho mujhse..” Sona held his collar n said, ” main aapse itna pyaar krti hu ki agar aapne kisi aur ko dekha bhi, to main bardaasht nhi krungi. To better hoga ki aap kisi aur ko dekhne ki himmat bhi na karein.” Dev obediently says,” ok madam.” Both smile.

Next day morning
Dev n Sona were sitting in d lawn of their house, enjoying coffee. They were having a good time, when Mrs William waved her hand to them, most likely to Dev. Sona saw her n giving an angry glare to Dev, said,” DON’T U DARE LOOK AT HER!!”

So guys, how was d story? I know it was bit stupid. So m I?? . Plzz give me your reviews in d comments section. N wanted to inform u all dat, I hv holidays till 2nd January, no clg, no coaching classes, so I’ll b posting d first episode if HSSH Reloaded, mist probably in 2016 itself. Till then, bubye!!

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  1. Manya

    Hey Di finally u posted???BTW it was Awesomeeeeeeeeee❤️??❣?❤️??❣?❤️??❣?❤️??❣?❤️??
    And waise Apka ff and woh three shots kaha hai??
    Plzzzzzzz post them soon plzzzzz I want to read them plzzzzzzz
    Love u but plzzz post Kar de Na ???

    1. Aarti32

      Kr dungi jaldi se..btw maine us bare mein likha bhi tha end mein

    2. Aarti32

      N thanx for commenting dear

  2. Rj12

    It was awesome and quite hilarious ???? ??.

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u..N my intention was to make it funny..

  3. Awesomeeee………….so funnyyyy……..DONT U DARE TO LOOK AT HER said was so funnyyy, I was laughing loudly to the core………after reading the title of ur ff , I thought dev would be jealouse of some one for sona….but sona is jealous….,.its awesome dii

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx priya, n even I was laughing while writing it

  4. Hilarious, lovely, a little romantic with a pinch nhi cups of jealousy….. I seriously loved it to the core….. Barbara se barbie…??? I was laughing so hard and loudly…..that everyone around in room….were confused…. And how sona cursed Mrs Williams in front of her in Hindi with a smile….so that she don’t understand….??…… Really It was fantastic aaru….. After so long it good to read something from u…..
    And behn ff post Mar do….Jaldi Jaldi….

    1. And don’t dare to say it stupid….

    2. Aarti32

      Thanx Maleeha..N plzz tell those ppl around u dat some crazy had written some crazy stuff..

  5. It’s awesome

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u riddhi

  6. Sona talking to Mrs William in Hindi was too hilarious.. Reminded me of the film kabhi khushi kabhi if sona portrayed kajol.. And ya it was a too good os.. I think you should come up frequently with one shots(so as if you have time).. Once again thank you for writing such a beautiful OS..loved it..

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx Farhat..N I was actually inspired from K3G, while writing dat scene

  7. Awesome

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Princess

  8. Akku

    Hahaha…its was funny…mere hi pati se chipkegi….
    Awsm..keep it up arti

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx akku..N u can call me Aaru also, like everyone used to call me earlier..

  9. Varsha94

    It was hilarious ?

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Varsha

  10. Niki645

    It was amazing and hilarious
    And there was romance also!!
    Very well written

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx Niki..N your dp is vry cute

  11. Erina

    Awsum, lovely, amazing nd most important funny with romance ka tarkaa ????????… Seriously itna acha OS ki I was laughing lyk mad all bcse of u nd ur os ????☺
    Mjhe abhi bhi believe nhi ho rha tm aaru ho jisse mai janti hu as I missed her suddenly hi vo chali gyi nd arti ne entry maari so lil confuse ty as in sagaa u said also but I ignored their as how can u be aaru ?????omg how dumb I m ??but koi nhi tune name change hi kyu kiye its all ur fault nhi to bandi to mai mummy ke tummy se hi smart ty ?? just kidding… Nyc 2 c u nd read ur stories again aaru urf arti …. Post ur ff soon as u said in last meri maa mai pagal ho gyi wait krte …?? ?????
    With loads of love?❤❤

    1. Aarti32

      Oh really!! Thank u so much dear.. but mujhe ek complain h name is Aarti, not Arti

      1. Erina

        Omg really sorry its typo error again sorry bcse maine ek baar nhi kahi baar galt type kiya sorry Aarti

    2. Aarti32

      Oye yaar..sab mere mazak ko seriously leke phir sorry bolte h..


    Amazing…. Sona ki jealousy dekh kar achcha was a nice story???… loved it?????

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx..btw, wat is your actual name? If I may ask..

      1. SHAHEER

        My real name is Vriddhi……nd i have written Shaheer as my username bcoz my friends say that I am obsessed to him and may be they are

  13. CuteVanshu

    Awesome os…

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx dear

  14. Anjali333

    Lovely os……please post more

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx dear n will try

  15. Wonderful! Do come up with more, please!

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx AnShIta

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