Don’t u dare leave me suhani! Part 4


It starts raining.yuvraj couldnot control his anger over sam and gives him a tight slap.
Suhani is stunned and she shouts,” yuvraj!!!…what’s wrong wid u??why do u keep bothering me??she starts crying…” do u still love me”
As usual yuvraj’s ego stops him from confessing his FOREVER love to suahni.
Y: wahh!1 wat an acting suhani…now i understand why u ve changed so much…its just to impress him right?u wanted a father for yuvaan and u ve got it…sabaash suhani..hands offf..but mind one thing suhani yuvaan is my son and i won’t let anyone else father him…..if u want to leave ..u can wid whomever u want…but never yuvaan..u get it??……….he turns away his face to hide his tears.
S: I’m fed up yuvraj….i’m really fed up…u always say such horrible things…always…alwayssss…..but one thing i understood ..u’ll never understand me …never…..she starts crying badly….
Just then all birla members come der .bhavna runs to suhani and hugs her.sam and bhavna take her to outhouse.

Yuvraj walks back to his room disheartened…and throws away his gift….
At out house
Sam to bhavna,”bhavna this almost worked out…..lets give them some more time……..they both r so disturbed that they r not able to tak e proper decisions”
B:yes sam………but it would be more better if u marry suahni in real..she sighs…
S: i loved suhani …that’s true….but the situation here is different……i think yuvi sir just needs some help to get back suahni….and ill do it..
Sharadh comes der and hears this and is happy for sam….bhavna goes to suahni and consoles her.
Next morning
Sam wakes up suahni , gives her coffeeand wishes her happy birthdayyy,suahni thanks him .in fact sharadh, bhavna and pratima wish her.
Yuvaan hugs her and gifts her .suhani searches for yuvraj and becomes sad at his absence and says in her mind,”he’ll never change”….

Just thn bhavna sees yuvi cmng and she signs sam.he immediately starts conversing wid suhani
Sam: suhani yesterday was….
S: no sambhav ……..don’t feel guilty……i appreciate ur love for yuvaan and me…
Sam: so what do u think…..shall we marry?he makes a puppy face
Suhani looks at yuvaan and thinks………
S: sam this is not as easy as u think….i need time ….she smiles at sam
Yuvraj is overhearing them and gets furious .leela comes wid the juice and he pushes it in anger..
Sam asks suhani to check out yuvraj”s gift which he had bouht that night..but she shows no interst.
Bhavna asks pratima where is sowmya……and she tells she has gone to her mom’s place.bhavna prepares suhani’s favourite dishes and calls everyone for breakfast.
As suhani was still having troubke walking,she asks sam’s help to hold her.
S: my pleasure suhani……and he goes to carry her….yuvraj sees this and stops him suddenly an d says,
Y:sambhav i think i can carry her…u ve ur breakfast….

Suhani is surprised by yuvi’s reaction and sauys,
Su: don’t u dare touch me!!…….i don’t need some one else’s husband to carry me…..sam it is better if u just hold my hand
Sam: as u say my queen.he smiles at her and helps her walking
Yuvraj feels bad and goes away………

Just then while having breakfast leela comes running and says “dadi i searched everywhere but krishna is not seen..and i found this letter from her room”
Yu: kya???give it to me..yuvraj reads it loudly” dadu ……….sorry yuvraj uncle..actually yesterday night i came across mom’s diary…so u know now that i know i understand why badi dadi always scolds me.i don’t want to be a problem to i decided to run away from here.and search for my dad..i’m sry dadu…and please do look after mumma…your’s krishna.
Everyone r upset and there is a sudden silenc.dadi starts crying…….” i should’t ve been rude wid that girl..”
Sharadh and saurabh get up and takes yuvraj to find krishna.sambhav also joins them.
Su:go fast guys…….she could not ve gone very far.

Precap: as sharadh opens the door he is shocked.they find sowmya and krishna(husband) standing at the door.pratima becomes weak seeing them and falls down.

Credit to: jeevitha

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