Don’t u dare leave me suhani! Part 3


Sowmya gets confused,she starts searching for that ring …..just then krishna arrives.
K: mom..r u searching for that ring? i ve the ring is so beautiful that i just couldnot see it fallen down,,
S: its ok beta..give it to me…she looks at it and then she realizes it was the same ring.she breaks down and cries.she wonders who must ve given it to krisna.she decides to go to the hospital.

Yuvraj comes back from his work and he finds sambhav and yuvaan playing wid snoofy.sam starts conversing wid yuvaan,
S: yuvaan ..what if i had been ur dad??
Yuvraj is shocked at what just sam had asked his son…he goes to sambhav…
Y: sambhav…!!…before he could speak yuvaan tells,

Yu: Sam then i would be the luckiest son in the whole world….and hello yuvraj uncle….he hugs yuvraj.
Yuvraj hugs him back and tells him that yuvani was looking for him.after yuvaan goes away yui looks at sam with HATRED..,
S: yuvi sir…i dont know why suhani is so scared of u..but better keep away from her..he takes his phone to take a selfie,but yuvi stops him,
Y: sam ur no one to warn me..u got it??and yeah do stay away from yuvaan…

S: i cant yuvraj !!….yuvaan is like my son and will….suddenly sharadh interrupts..
Sh:arey guru ur here …maa was looking for u..come..
Yuvraj leaves from there staring angrily at sam.sharad to sam,
Sh: sam please …guru is very short tempered …
S: sharad i know suhani must ve asked u to hide everything about birla family from me…but i know everything now
Sh: kya???aur kaise??

S: woh apki pyaari bhabhi Menka …ho god she’s is so funny man..
Sharadh is pissed off ,s: sam ,so still u want to marry suahni..
Sam: forever..and ever..sam smiles and leaves.
Sharad turns back to leave and sees pratima,.she had heard everyting and starts weeping,
P: sharad i’m happy for my daughter..dont stop him ..sharadh hugs her and takes her inside.
At city hospital
Sowmya rushes inside….and goes to the chairman room.

S: sir i’m sowmya birla,,and i wish to see yesterday’s cctv will u allow me?and she offers yuvraj’s visiting card
C: definitely mam…please come with me..he takes her inside the cctv room and plays the footage
Sowmya starts sweating as he forwards the video…finally it comes…she asks him to slow down the video..she crosses her fingers sweating heavily..she is shocked as that person is KRISHNA…..all of a sudden she falls unconcious.the chairman calls out for the nurse and admitts her.
At birla house

Yuvani is palying wid yuvraj’s phone when it suddenly beeps showing an upcoming her surprise it shows its suhani’s birthday tomorrow..and she shouts..”tomorrow is suhani aunty’s birthdayyy…yeyyy!!”
Everyone is glad to hear while bhavna says “so its party time tom..”
Dadi interrupts “nobody should celebrate suhani”s birthday here…whatever u do keep it at outhouse..not here..”

Yuvraj had alredy planned a big surprise for suahni.he goes to outhouse to see suhani,
He finds her seeing their wedding album and crying..he felt like hugging her and kissing her forehead to assure her that he is there for her.sambhav sees him and
S: Arey suhani u still didnot introduce Mr.birla to me..,suhani sees yuvi and closes the album.
Su:woh…he’s my best fiend’s husband….slowly shw hides her tears..
Yuvi feels guilty and looks at her wid teary eyes…he wishes he could take suhani far way from everyone and apologise her deeply.

Precap: its 12:00 and yuvi goes to suahni to give her surprise gift..but then suddenly he hears sambhav’s voice on mike..” Suhani here’s something you’d better understand about me. Because it’s important, and one day your life may depend on it…it seems right now that all i ve ever done in my life is making my way here to you..”..yuvraj runs out and sees sambhav,he kneels down facing suahni and pulls a ring out and says “suahni will u let me be the best dad for yuvaan forever???”

Credit to: Jeevitha

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