Don’t u dare leave me suhani! Part 2

Yuvraj looks at bhavna with an eager to tell her that he is not really married to sowmya. Sharadh signals bhavna to be quite.
B: I’m sorry yuvraj if my words hurt u. I just got emotional for suhani.
Yuvraj goes away from there looking for some privacy. Sowmya looks at suhani and regrets over her mistake and prays God that she gets well soon. Rags looks on and gets irritated.
R: sowmya please stop giving this soft corner to suhani. If u really love Krishna, then please..
The doctor comes and advices them to take suhani home the next morning. Just then yuvaani comes running from the room shouting suhani aunts is awake…

Yuvraj comes running and wiping his tears. As he enters the room, suhani sees him and screams holding bhavna’s hand, “Di.. Please take yuvaan away from here, please do soon… Else yuvraj will separate him from me…” she gets so scared of yuvraj.
Sambhav looks at yuvraj with anger and stands protectively beside suhani.
Yuvraj gets disheartened and ar the same time stares angrily at sambhav. He leaves telling Sharadh to make suhani stay at Birla outhouse till she recovers.
Pr: Yes Sharadh.. Suhani can’t stay forever with this mindset.. We’ll leave now..
All the Birla family members return home while bhavna, Sharadh, Sam, and yuvaan stay back.
Suhani to sam: sambhav thank u so much, if u hadn’t helped us.. Then yuvaan would ve.. She starts crying… Sam consoles her as he pats her head.
Bhavna to Sharadh, “Sharadh, sambhav deserves suhani more than yuvi.. I’ve decided, suhani will marry sambhav. She is my sister and she’ll listen to me. Last time yuvi could ve stopped Rohan but not again.. If he truly loves suhani then he must give up her..”
Sharadh panics…

At Birla house
Rags provokes sowmya to use this chance to speak to yuvi. She nods her head and goes to her room. She finds yuvraj standing near the window.
So: yuvraj I too saw everything. I guess suhani will no longer be here. I’ve decided something. Why don’t we get married in real for children sake. I can’t risk ever moment when dadi grows suspicious. It’s like I’m playing with Krishna’s life.. ”
Yuvi does not respond… So: yuvraj??!! She holds his shoulders
He turns back and to her surprise, she finds him wearing earphones.
Y:I’m sorry sowmya.. Were u saying something?
So: kuch nah I…. Good night!! She leaves dissatisfied.
Yuvraj goes to the terrace and continues listening to suhani ”s favorite big b’ ‘s songs and recalls their Happy moments. He starts realizing how rude he had been to suhani ever since they met again. Pratima comes there and cries seeing yuvi
P: yuvraj I know suhani’s reaction must ve hurt u.. But it was all your mistake beta..
Y: I know ma.. I spoke to her like that thinking she’ll stay here forever, but.. He feels guilty and hugs Pratima.
Meanwhile Krishan comes to sowmya with a gold ring in her hand,
K: mom when I and yuvaani were playing at the hospital corridor a fair and thin uncle gave me this beautiful ring saying it is god’s gift.
S: kya??.. But beta please throw it away.. I’ve warned u nor to accept anything from strangers right?? She takes it and throws it away..

Next morning
Yuvraj waits eagerly at the door for suhani to arrive . sowmya looks on and gets angry. Just the car arrives while sowmya and Pratima bring the arti plate. Sambhav takes the arti plate from Pratima’s hand and does aarti to suhani himself, he turns back and looks at yuvraj and says” suhani since I’m doing the aarti I’ll promise u that nobody can hurt u here after”.. He casually clicks a selfie with her..
As usual yuvaan comes and hugs yuvraj.. As suhani looks on. He looks at suhani with a sorry face but she turns away. They all go to outhouse. Suddenly suhani slips. Yuvraj rushes to hold her but before he can sambhav holds her and takes her inside. Yuvraj grows angry and goes away. Sharadh gets disappointed and looks at Pratima.

Precap: sowmya opens her cupboard and sees the chain that Krishna had gifted her. She cries recalling him but suddenly something flashes her mind. She realizes that the ring Krishna had got was the same ring which she and Krishna had selected for their to be born child. She gets confused and goes in search of it.

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