Don’t u dare leave me suhani! Part 1


Hi guys this is jeevitha..this is my first ff and im writing this because i”m not really liking the ongoing story of suhani si ek this episode starts after 30 may 2016th episode..
After pratima explains the sitution to yuvraj he realizes his mistake and goes to meetsuhani.On his way he finds sharad making his way towards bhavna’s room.
Y: Sharad!!What r u doing here??i thought u would be staying at outhouse..
S:guru,suhani herself requested me to stay here today..
Y: shard how could u leave her and yuvaan alone??
Yuvraj rushes to outhouse.just as he comes out he finds suhani putting her luggages inside a white car.He calls out for her.Suhani on seeing yuvraj immediately satrts the car and leaves from there.yuvraj is fully tensed and calls sharadh.
Suhani gets panicked as yuvraj had seen her taking yuvaan away.she suddenly loses control of the car an the car hits a tree.A bike passes by that way and it is sambhav.he recognizes suhani’s car and immediately takes yuvaan and suahni to hospital.He informs sharadh.
At BIRLA house
S: kya??Suhani met with an accident??
Yuvraj is shocked to hear the words.he felt like the world had come to an end.He couldnot control his tears and drags sharadh to his car and they leave to the hospital.
B: yuvraj drive carefully….and i’ll tell everyone..
At hospital
Yuvraj rushes to the receptionist and asks about suhani and yuvaan
Nurse: Sir may i know who u r??
Y: i’m Yuvraj Birla,suahni”s …hmmm..Yuvaan’s dad..
Nurse: i’m sorry sir but yuvaan’s father is already here.
Y: what??

Sharadh understands whom she meant and interrupts…
S: guru…relax..Mam i’m yuvaan’s uncle please let me know their room no
As they reach the room,they find yuvaan coming out of the rrom.He gets exited seeing them .Yuvraj runs and gives Yuvaan a tight hug.S harad looks on and smiles at them.
Yuvaan: uncle!!mumma is hurt very badly.she is still unconscious.i just got few knee injuries..
Y: She’ll be fine champ..
Yuvraj goes to suhani’s room and as he enters he finds someone sitting near suhani and holding her hands.he gets angry .but just then sharad comes in.
S: Sambhav thank u so much yaar..yuvraj is surprised seeing sambhav.sambhav greets sahard and explains him everything.he says,”Look no sharadh..why does these things always happen to suhani..”
Yuvraj gets irritated aobut his concern for her.he greets sambh and thanks him.
Sam: wah!! Our competitior is here.wait a do u know suhani?
S: hmm.he’s my brother.
Sam: i i understand why u gave back the project sharadh..
Yuvraj gets astonished.he realizes suhani was his competitior.
Sam: ok sharad…now no matter how busy i am ,suhani is my responsibility..i cant see her like this..she looks so desperste
Yuvraj gets jealous and looks at sharad s: guru ..come lets go to yuvaan.. soon the birla family reach there .Pratima ,bhavna and saurabh go to suahni’s rrom.sharad tells bhavna that sambhav is here .pratima peeps through the window and sees suhani and sambhav together.she understands that suahni’s moment had come and now its her turn to live her life.

Precap: Sharadh tells yuvraaj about sambhav and also tells him that sambhav had always wanted to marry suhani and be a good father to yuvaan..but..yuvraaj interrupts sharad and scolds him”how dare he can say that..
Bhavna: Kyun yuvraj?? When u can marrry sowmya for yuvani..why cant suhani marry sambhav for yuvaan??….

Guys this is my very first ff… Please do comment to let me know if I can continue this ff or not…

Credit to: Jeevitha

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  1. sarayu (honey)

    i like it, if i comment or not but i will definitely so please don’t worry about comments

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  19. Thank u for ur support guys… I’m updating my second episode right now.. If u would like any changes please don’t hesitate to comment ?

  20. Thank you so much guys for ur support… Ill be updating the second part soon pleas don’t hesitate to suggest any changes u guys like.. ?

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