I don’t trust love (dhani) I trust love (viplav) short story!!intro


Hi am Batool i know u guys u don’t know me…i don’t comment in ikrs but i am watching the show i am a silent reader in your ff guyss..and it’s my first time that am writing a ff i hope u like it guys….


dhani a girl who stays with her friend and does not trust love she is only busy on studying.she want to fulfill her dream to be a doctor..
viplav a handsome boy who stays with her grandmother and he truly trust love he will make sure if someone he/she is in love…he will make them united….

No dhani family no viplav family only viplav grandmother….

I hope u like an intro if u like please comment i will writte more…..

credit to :Batool (crazy girl)

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  1. Sounds great!! Will be waiting for the first episode! Do post it soon! ?

  2. Batool good start. Go on and one request plz comment on our ikrs page. We will be happy to have u as a member of our ikrs family.

  3. Good intro
    All the best dear?
    Keep going

  4. Wow nice intro keep going and btw where are you from?

  5. Fantastic batool. Looking forward for yr story

  6. nice intro..waiting for 1st episode best of luck.

  7. hey batool nice intro waiting for next one
    welcome to IKRS family and i hope that u reads all ffs
    just one request now onwards comment also

  8. thanxs so much mahira…

    thanks louella i will comment from tomorrow..

    thank u arshdeep…

    thanks maria…am from dubai!!

    thanks nima..

    thanks renu…

    thanks viplav wow our hero name…will comment..

  9. Nice intro batool post the next episode soon

  10. good one batool…continue ok ..

  11. thanks latha will post soon….

    thanks sujie…i will continue.

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