I don’t trust love (dhani) I trust love (viplav) short story!! Episode 2


Hi am back with episodes 2 i hope u will like it to..

scene 1
start viplav friends telling viplav it’s not a joke it’s true she doesn’t trust love.viplav says ok lets go guys it’s class time..viplav and his friends entered in class they saw dhani and her friend they were busy reading.viplav says to his friends is she the same girl.his friends says yes she is the same girl who was passing and you asked about oh ho it’s true she is beautiful viplav says…dhani friend says to dhani do you know that guy dhani says no. you know he is the mostly handsome guy in this class every girls like him..ohh really dhani says.yes dhani friend started talking about viplav..he is a friendly guy he is good on playing basketball he is good in everything..dhani says ok now read…it’s time to go home dhani was in a hurry she forget her favourite pen.. she doesn’t start her class time without her favourite pen..she went outside with her friend waiting for a taxi…viplav was still in class then he saw the pen under dhani’s table he says i think it’s dhani pen i must give to her i think she is looking for it when he went out on a compound he asked some girls did you see dhani the girls says yes she passed by here i think she is outside the college ohh ok thanks viplav says to the girls..when viplav went outside the college he saw dhani with her friend in a taxi.the taxi was leaving viplav started shouting dhani but the taxi was gone.viplav says no problem i will give to her tomorrow when she will come on college infact i will introduce myself to her.he smile..

scene 2
dhani reached home with her friend her friend says dhani am tired i will take some rest then i will freshen up..ok dhani says.viplav was riding his bike with his friends and says do you know wat guys today i have something important in my pocket viplav friends says oh ho viplav wat’s it viplav says a pen.. they start laughing wat a pen. viplav says yes a pen. ok tell us how it’s important do you know it’s belong to the most beautiful girl who entered college 3 days ago..wat dhani. yes dhani viplav says can u us how does it look the pen. here it’s . oh ho viplav it’s true it’s most important pen. wat really viplav says. yes you know wat she doesn’t start her college day without that pen..viplav says wat shall i do now. you must come early on the morning tomorrow to college..i will see to it ok bye guys viplav says..

scene 3

viplav granny y are u late son.granny today there was many traffic jams on the road that’s why i am late ok go and freshen up son i have made for u a special halwa please taste it.ok wow granny you are superb in cooking after all you are my granny..thanks son .. viplav i wanna tell you something granny ..come on tell me granny their is a girl in college she is most beautiful girl innocent,cute.she is everything but she doesn’t trust love. she is busy in reading.. but i know you will change her son..but granny how can i change her..then viplav granny sees the pen she ask viplav wat’s that son granny it’s a pen and the pen belongs to the same girl who doesn’t trust love .but where did u gate it..it was under her table and u know wat granny it’s mostly important to her she doesn’t start her day in college without this pen…ok u must give her tomorrow morning and introduce yourself son best of luck………to be continued!!

I hope you like it guys please comment…..if you comment i will writte…and i will be happy with your support….

credit to :Batool (crazy girl)

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  1. Aww! Nice start! ?

  2. Good one batool..!!
    Granny just like our sushma dadi 😀
    Keep going 🙂

  3. Batool it’s superb. Hope Viplav will change Dhaani.

    1. Not commnting on episode update today dear??

  4. keep going batool….. 🙂

  5. Loved ur episode batool

  6. Good batool keep going?also what does yr name mean

    1. thanks renu!! will tell u wat my name means.

  7. hey batool crazy girl keep continuing like this

    1. thanks viplav…i will continue!!!

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