I don’t trust love (dhani) I trust love (viplav) short story!! Episode 1


Hi guys am back with my first episodes i hope u will like it!!!!

Episodes 1!!scene 1!!

start with dhani doing her make up telling her friend hurry up we are getting latte we must reach college on time.dhani friend says i know my cute friend we will reach on time first give me that make up kit i need it.dhani says ok but don’t puts many make up boys will fall in love with u and you know i don’t love. but i trust dhani’s friend says and one day u will also trust love..dhani says really..yeah!!

scene 2!!

viplav granny. viplav come son and eat breakfirst ok granny am coming.. viplav was wearing a white t-shirt with blue shirt and a jeans he was looking so handsome. he sit and started eating his breakfirst. ok granny am getting latte bye. ok my son but come on time don’t be latte ohho granny i am not a kid i am grown up now but i will come on time because u insist and you are my granny bye love u granny i love you to son bye…

scene 3!!

same college viplav and dhani..dhani was wearing a colourful dress walking with her friend.viplav sitting on a bench with his two friend when dhani and her friend was passing by there but viplav was busy on call he didn’t see dhani but his heart started beating first. he ends the call and started asking his friends who is that girl..his friends says she is the only beautiful girl who entered this college 3 days ago i think that day u were not on college that’s y you don’t know her..viplav says wats her name? she is dhani wow dhani nice name.viplav friend says but you know wat..wat.. she doesn’t trust love what he started laughing his friends says wat are you laughing viplav it’s true……………..to be continued!!

I hope u like it guys that’s episodes 1 please comment and if there is some mistake please u can tell me….

credit to :Batool (crazy girl)

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  1. Very nice!! ? But please next time make it longer.

  2. Nice one?
    Imagining our handsome viplav ??
    A bit longer one next time pleaseee…

  3. batool i think u r really crazy 🙂
    keep it up dear

  4. thanks mahira i will make it longer…..

    thanks arshdeep…sure will make it longer..

    thanks viplav….mybe am truly crazy…

  5. Batool it’s superb. Vidhaani in same college. Sounds interesting. Post the next one soon and also make it a bit longer.

  6. thanks louella…. will post soon and it will be longer..

  7. Its really interesting yaar.i am eagerly waiting,what’s going to happend next and how will our naughty cute viplav change dhani’s attitude towards love.anyways pls update soon a very long episode.

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