Don’t stay away it kills me -Raglak ff by darshu and folly part 15

Dsaikm part 15
Hi dear friends,back with the next part and am super late I know..!!plz forgive me and let’s get into the plot..!!
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Ragini was not able to control her emotions anymore..!!everything flashed infront of her..,a small tear drop escapes from her eyes..!!
Laksh wipes it with his thumb and caresses her cheeks gently and says “ragu.,it’s our moment lets cherish it and today i promise you that i won’t do such things which hurts you the most and am sorry for my act..!!please..(pouting and holding his ears..)”
“oh cho cute..!!”she said cupping his hands back to her cheeks..!!
Laksh planted a kiss on her forehead lovingly..!!
She rests her head on his shoulder and a sweet smile crept over their lips..!!
“let me spend some time with my bhabhi..!!bhaai please open the door..!!”
RagLak gets shocked,happy and surprised too when they heard uttara’s voice..!!
“they are back..!!”RagLak said in unison..!!
“haan,we are..!!but please open the door..!!”uttara starts knocking the door with a rhythm..!!
Finally laksh opened the door and says “don’t u know the manners,why are you always disturbing us..!!”(bit harsh)
“bhabhi..!!”uttara goes to ragini and pouts..!!
“haan ..,laksh is right..!!”ragini too joined him and turned towards other direction..!!
Laksh(irritated):always behind us chanting bhabhi..,bhaai(imitating like uttara)
Uttara got upset and she bursts out crying..!!
“areyy,my pyaari uttu na..,we just made fun da..!!smile smile please..”ragini tried consoling her by turning utara’s face towards her..!!
But she was adamant..!!
“uttu..,sorry sorry..!!please na we just played with u..!that’s it now please will u forgive your bhaai and Bhabhi na..!!”laksh said holding his ears..!!
Uttara laughs falling on the couch nearby and says I was kidding too..!!just to see your reactions..!!
Both opened their mouth in ‘o’ shape..!!
“ok now close your mouth and chal..!!”uttara dragged them out..!!
RagLak comes out and it was slightly dark everywhere..!!it wasn’t like morning na Ragu,laksh uttered holding her tightly..!!
“haan laksh..!!”Ragini said rolling her eyes..!!
Uttara vanished and they found noone in the house..!!
Raglak proceeds forward holding hand in hand..!!fear started occupying ragini’s face but laksh senses that something gonna happen and he was excited..!!
RagLak descended the stairs stepping slowly..,ragini’s leg gets staggered..!!laksh holds her shoulders tight, protecting her from falling down..!!
When they stepped into the hall of mm,balloon bursting sound came and the lights turned on..!!
Flowers were thrown over RagLak,Ragini stretches her hand widely and enjoyed the moment..!
Laksh was simply admiring her,his eyes got glued on her..!!Ragini noticed this through the corner of her eyes and blushed..!!
“Surprise..!!”everyone said in unison..!!
RagLak gazed the direction from where the sound is coming from and gets extremely happy when they found the entire family together at the entrance including gadodia’s ..!!
“maa,paapa,dada,dadi..!!”Ragini gets surprised and rushed towards them..!!
“slowly Ragini..!!”laksh sounds concerned..!!
She turned back and forwards a chuckle..!!
Everyone laughs seeing the way laksh is concerning for Ragini..!!
Dadi and sumi hugged her and kissed her forehead and their happiness is limitless and uncontrollable..!!
Shekhar widens his hands,while Ragini immediately rushed to him and hides her face on his chest..!!she looked laksh from that position and smiles..!!
“mera laadoo maa banne waale..!!”Shekhar caresses her head..!!
“hamari chori forgot us totally I think..!!”said sujatha..!
“chachi..!!”Ragini smiles and moves to ap and sujatha..!!
Ap kissed ragini’s forehead and blessed her..!!followed by other members of mm..!!
Everyone gets down along with Ragini,laksh grabbed her hand and takes her by his side..!!
RagLak found a board infront of them,which is decorated with beautiful flowers spreading it’s fragrance everywhere..!!
In which “Congratulations Mr and Mrs.Laksh was written..!!” with pink colour flower petals with white colour flower as a background..!!
“Howz it..!!”swasan asked in unison who are standing at the both sides of the board..!!
“swara..!!”Ragini goes to her and hugged her..!!
Ragini:thank you so much guys(a small tear drop escapes from her eyes exclaiming how happy she is feeling right now..!!)
“am sorry lucky..!!”sanky goes towards laksh and drags him into his hug..!!
Laksh nods and hugs him back..!!
Swara pushed Ragini and she landed on laksh,he holds her and it’s the time for eyelock..!!
“Tainu itna mein pyaar kaaran..!!”plays at bg..!!
Laksh cups ragini’s face and dance according to the rhythm..!!
They then makes side moves and he carefully twirls her,she was about to move but he holds her wrist and pulled her back to him gently..!!
“Tere liye duniya chod di hai..!!”
They makes eye contact again and the world stops for them there itself..!!
Ragini buries her head on laksh’s chest in embarrassment..!!
The party continues and the pampering too..!!
To be continued •••
Guys am really sorry for this boring chappy..!!and the track will gonna end soon,may be within 4 or 5 chapters..!!
Thanks for reading..!!

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