Don’t stay away it kills me -Raglak ff by darshu and folly part 14

Hi dear all,I know you all are shooting me with death glares..!!I know even I deserve that..,don’t want to say an excuse but I apologize you for the delay..!!here is the link to the previous part

Laksh lifts Ragini in his arms and ascended the stairs..!!
She wrapped her hands around his neck and ruffles his nose with her’s..!!
He planted a kiss on her forehead and walks towards their room..!!
Laksh then placed her gently on the bed.he then bolted the door and switched on the music player..!!
He then forwards his hand to her,she lovingly gives her hand,he then pulled her slowly towards him..!!

“Jhatak kar zulf jab tum tauliye se baarishein azaad karti ho
achcha lagta hai”
{laksh holds her hand and wraps another hand around her waist..!!they did side moves slowly and in between laksh caresses her hairs falling on her face and tucked it behind her ear..!!}

“Hila kar honth jab bhi haule haule guftagu ko saaz karti ho
achcha lagta hai”
{Ragini moves away when she found him staring her without blinking..!!laksh pulled her and folds her hands from behind and moves to and fro..!!}

“Khushboo se behlao na, seedhe point pe aao na
Aankh mein aankhein daal ke keh do, khwaabon mein tehlao na”
{Ragini raised her eyebrows and asks him “What” through her eyes..!!for which laksh chuckles and pats his backhead madly..!!}

“Alag ehsaas hota hai, tumhare paas hone ka
Sarakti sarsarahat ki nadi mein reshmi lamhe bhigone ka”
{Laksh then twirls her slightly and then he moves towards her and enjoys the fragrance of her hair}
“I wish I could be your hair tress enjoying your fragrance the whole day..!!”laksh whispered near her ears and made her blush hardly…!!
“laksh..!!”Ragini pats his chest playfully..!!

“now madam.,drink this..!!”laksh offered a glass to her..!!
Ragini:Milk..!!no no please laksh..!!I don’t want to..!!
Laksh:Ragu..!!no excuses,you must drink it..!!you know what I myself went to shop and bought saffron for you and added in this milk…,please na atleast for me you should drink it..!!
Ragini(pouts):this is unfair laksh..!!please na..!!(laksh stands blank)at last she drank it..!!
“happy..!!”she asked frowning..!!
“Very happy..!!”laksh said by wiping her lips where milk got spreads and licks his hand..!!
Laksh:let’s talk the rest in the morning..!!now let’s sleep first..,come come..!!
He adjusted the bed cloth for her and slowly makes her sit on the bed..!!laksh was about to move,she holds his wrist and he turned back..!!
Ragini pulled him and kissed his cheeks..!!
“I love you laksh..!!”she said crying..!!
Laksh caresses her cheeks and muttered “I love you too Ragu..!!”
He turned to switch off the lights and slept behind Ragini and took her into his embrace..!!
Sun rays penetrated into their room through the glass window and disturbed their peaceful sleep..!!
Ragini rolls over when the reflection falls on her face..!!
Laksh jerked from his sleep and immediately wakes Ragini ..!!
“few more minutes laksh.,please..”she said still sleeping..!!
Laksh:Ragini..!!you should not sleep like this..!!
Ragini (stood up):what’s your problem now (she asked pouting)
Laksh:you shouldn’t turn over like this when you are pregnant,orelse the baby’s position will change and it will lead to severe problem..!!
Ragini:where did you learn this all..??
Laksh:I read it somewhere yesterday..!!

Ragini(gasped):you ok na laksh..!!
Laksh(glares):Ragini..!!after all you are carrying another soul,our princess na..!!it’s me who should take care of both of you na..!!
Ragini(gets tears):I love you laksh..!!
Laksh:no more senti sweetheart..!!come on get up..!!
Ragini went to washroom to freshen up while laksh leaves to the kitchen and brings her pomegranate juice..!!
Ragini came out after refreshing and laksh was waiting for her in balcony with the arrangements to do yoga and exercises..!!
Ragini was astonished,amazed and what not..!!
Ragini(grin):what’s all this laksh..!!
Laksh:Ragini.,we are going to do some simple exercises and yoga which will be really helpful for you during delivery time..!!
Ragini:laksh,am in my second month only..!!
Laksh:so what..!!we should initiate this from the start,then only it will be helpful in future..!!don’t ask more questions and now do it..!!
Ragini(in mind):I am really blessed to have you in my life laksh..!!you are doing so much to me,but what I gonna do for all this..!!I love you laksh (a small tear drop escapes from the corner of her eyes)
Laksh:I love you too Ragu..!!now let’s workout first..!!
Ragini was simply admiring him and his love for her..!!laksh sighs her to do the exercise properly..!!
After finishing it.,he offered her the juice which he made by himself for her..!!
Ragini:now what..??

Laksh:pomegranate juice..!!it will be good for your hb..!!so drink it fast and be a good girl..!!
Ragini(while drinking):laksh.,don’t you think that you are pampering a bit too much..!!
Laksh:not at all..!!first drink it fastly..!!
Ragini emptied the glass and she went to washroom to take bath..!!there she finds a dub with hot water..!!
Ragini chuckles reminiscing the way laksh is caring for her..!!
After few minutes,she came out rubbing her hairs with the towel and found the entire room in darkness ..!!
“laksh..!!”she muttered slowly and stepped ahead..!!
“this one’s for you my love..!!”she heard a voice and she knows which is none other than her laksh only..!!
Then the video has been projected on their room wall..!!
“Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain
Dil ko banade jo patang saansein yeh teri woh hawaein hain”
{Two hands are shown..!!yes it’s our raglak engagement,laksh is decorating the ring on Ragini’s finger and they shared a eyelock is shown }

” ”

” ”

“Aayi aisi raat hai jo bahut khushnaseeb hai..!!
Chahe jise door se duniya, woh mere kareeb hai..!!”
{Ragini blushes seeing this pic and placed her head on his shoulder..!laksh slightly kissed her hair..!!}

Their spcl day ” ”

“Kitna kuch kehna hai phir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahin..!!”
{Ragini chuckles reminisces that pic,their first meeting,the way she hide his handband and all flashed before her..!!}

First meeting in park ” ”

“Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai woh phir se kahoon ya nahin..!!”
{This pic made Ragini to blush more when she found Laksh staring her lovingly..!!she pats his cheeks slightly..,he smirks rubbing his hands..!!}

Romance ” ”

“Tere saath saath aisa koi noor aaya hai..!!
Chand teri roshni ka halka sa ek saaya hai..!!”
{now.,ragini kissed his cheeks immediately making him stand numb..!!}

Cutiepies ” ”

“Teri nazron ne dil ka kiya jo hashar, asar yeh hua..!!
Ab inme hi doob ke ho jaoon paar, yahi hai dua..!!”
{ragini was now completely floating in his love..!!her eyes turned moist..!!}

Sweet moments. ” ”

“Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain”plays again and their kite flying scenes,laksh feeding cake to Ragini,their eyelock,their romantic moments were shown..!!
“I love you so much Ragu..,sorry for hurting you..!!”laksh’s voice came at last and the av ends..!!
Ragini was already in tears,the next moment he was in her embrace hugging him tight and planting back to back kisses all over his face lovingly..!!
“I love you Ragini..!!”he said pecking her forehead..!!
“I love you too laksh..!!”their foreheads merged..!!
The screen freezes with their loveable face..!!
Guys ,I wanna stop it here itself..!!sorry once again and I hope you all liked it..!!I am not sure that tu will give you the links or not..!!if not do tell me..!!
Your suggestions are welcomed..!!
Thanks for reading..!take care dears..!!

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    1. Darshini

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    darshu di!!!what to say about this episode
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