Don’t stay away it kills me-RagLak ff by darshu and folly part 10

Don’t stay away it kills me -10
Hi dear all..,finally we reached the 10th,thank you so much guys for your constant support,both me and folly were overwhelmed with your responses.,and am really sorry for making you wait for a week for each update.,it’s really harder for me in updating my ff’s during vacations bcz there will be network issues and moreover my mobile is the biggest trouble.,I don’t know why when it comes to tu alone it’s getting hanged,when I was using other sites.,my mobile doesn’t troubles me.ok ok I heard it.,I will stop my blabbering.
Happy reading all…


RagLak were having some happy moments.they were enjoying the cold breeze over there.
Laksh lifts Ragini in his arms and makes her sit on the front side(i.e the area above the engine) of the car and wrapped his hands around her.
He stares her intensely like he gonna eat her alive..,Ragini bends her head down can’t able to tackle his continuous gaze.,he slowly takes his hands to her face and wipes the cake that he applied on her face.,he started cleaning her face thoroughly.
Ragini hugged him at the certain moment.,that time when their hands met,he felt her hands were turning cold due to the effect of the place surrounded by the breeze since it’s an early morning.
In an unexpected moment..,he immediately took her in his arms like one used to lift the new born baby .,he carefully lifts her and makes her sit inside the car.

“laksh..!!let us have some more time na..why did you take me inside..!!”Ragini pouts..!!
Laksh:Ragini..!!who said we gonna leave now..,we gonna enjoy some more time here but inside the gaadi,not outside..
Laksh (sounds concerned):because you are getting cold over there..,that was not good for you and our baby..!

Ragini (cute pout):achcha..!!you are concerned for baby and not for me hai na..!!
Laksh:do you think so..??my sweet jealousy wife ,if you weren’t then how come our baby…you are my first preference always and you are my lady love and one and only girl in my life…!!
Ragini:what if we blessed with a baby girl..??won’t she becomes another girl in your life..??think before you speak Mr.Maheshwari…

Laksh (pulling her cheeks):I think Mrs.Maheshwari needs proof nowadays..what to do poor husband na…(she glares him)..ok ok let me clear your doubt now…haan about our baby na..,if we blessed with a girl then she will be our princess since she is the symbol of our love..,she is ours not only it.but you’re only mine and no one your pity brain got my answers na.and moreover she will be our princess and you are my maharani and (before he could complete Ragini placed her palm on his lips)

Ragini:laksh I know you are a bit talkative but please stop your lectures now and moreover my poor brain knows that my husband loves me a lot…ok so let’s finish this chapter here itself…
Laksh was simply admiring her and glances her from top to toe and pecked her forehead lovingly..,while Ragini hugged him tightly..!!

It started raining and Ragini was shivering due to cold.laksh then neared Ragini and covered her with her saree pallu(note:you may found it silly..,but laksh was in night dress so he doesn’t have any other option other than covering her with pallu).he rubbed her palms and balanced her body temperature..!!
“we will now..,orelse you will catch cold..”said laksh and starts the car..

Ragini nods sadly and side hugged him.,she then placed her head on his shoulder and enjoys reminiscing their happy moments..!!
“laksh..!!I can’t forget this day..,this day is such a beautiful one ..,I love you Mr.Maheshwari..”said Ragini and she jerked a little to kiss his cheek..!!
Laksh:yes Ragini..!!i too loved this day and was my best birthday ever..!!thank you for coming in my life Ragu…!! I love you too…
They drove off towards maheshwari mansion and it was early morning 5:20..,they sneaked inside slowly and ascended the stairs and took a sigh..!!

“thank god..”said laksh and a curve spread across his lips.
Lights gets on..
Raglak gets shocked seeing swara awake at this time..!!
“So how was your date laksh..did you enjoyed..??”swara asked
Laksh (anger increased):swara..!!
Swara:raising your voice won’t hid your mistakes laksh…!!

Ragini (interrupted):swara..just listen to me..!!
Swara (to Ragini):just shut up..ok and hell with your affection..,I didn’t expected this from you Ragini…!!
Hearing them trio.., sanskar came still not awake says “at this early..,what you guys are doing here”
Swara:ask your brother itself sanskar..!!
“what’s this laksh..!!why you are waking everyone at this early..”sanskar says yawning..!!
Laksh shooted him with back to back glares..!!
Swara:he won’t say anything sanskar because he feels guilty about his behaviour…!!
Sanskar simply blinks without understanding the situation..

Swara(continues): he went outside with his saali…!!
“what’s the big deal in that swara…”sanskar said casually..!!
Swara:you found nothing big in that..!!fine..,if your wife went outside with someone else during night will you able to bear that…
“swara..!!”sanskar roared…

Swara:by hearing itself you got hurt na..,but laksh went outside with Ragini and they were missing from yesterday’s night itself..
Sanskar (enquired):but how did you know they went yesterday night itself..!!
Swara:I didn’t ate those sleeping dawaai yesterday bcz I want to wish laksh first on his birthday but he wasn’t here when I woked up and I was waiting for him till now and when I heard the car sound..,laksh and Ragini entered holding hands and this clearly shows that they were together yesterday night..

Sanskar gets saddened when swara said that she was awaken to wish laksh first on his birthday..!!
Swara:my sister itself cheated on me..!!
“swara..!!”laksh slapped her and Ragini comes in between and tried to rescue swara but swara pushed her aside and she slipped and was about to fall on the stairs but laksh caught her left hand and pulled her towards him..!!
Laksh (cupping ragini’s face):Ragu tum teek hona ..!!

Ragini lost in her thoughts and her eyes turned moist..!!she was holding her tummy and fear occupied her mind about the baby..!!
Swara:I didn’t do intentionally…!!(to Ragini)am sorry Ragini…
Ragini didn’t reacted since she was in her trance ..laksh walks past swara and makes Ragini sit on the sofa…
Laksh (anger level increased):don’t dare near her…if anything happens to her..,I won’t leave you swara.

Sanskar (consoles):lucky…just calm down man..!!
Laksh:enough with your concern sanskar..,you are still convincing me for your sake..
Swara ran to her room holding her mouth with her palms and cries bitterly..!!
“swara…!!”sanskar goes behind her…
Laksh offers water to Ragini and he shooks her slightly.she hugged him tightly and started crying bitterly…

“Ragu..don’t worry nothing will happen to you whenever I am around you..first drink this…”laksh made her drink water…
Ragini:our baby will be fine na..!!
Laksh hugged her and says”nothing will happen to you and our baby..,am there na..,trust me..”
Ragini:swara kaha hai..??
Laksh:Ragini…,please atleast for god’s sake don’t take her name..!!i can’t bear anymore Ragini..please..
Ragini:she is my sister Laksh..!!
Laksh:because of the same sister only..,we might have lost our baby but thank god our goodness..,i grabbed your hand..!!

“nothing will happen to me when you are with me..and she didn’t do with any intention na..!!understand her laksh..!!”Ragini goes to swara’s room and found sanskar consoling swara..!!
Laksh too followed her..!!
“please Ragini..,just leave from here and I don’t want to hear anything from you and I didn’t pushed you with any intentions….and now please leave from here…”swara screams sobbing continuously..
Ragini(tries to explain):but swara..!!

Sanskar came towards her and holds her shoulders and pushed her outside…
“just leave her alone Ragini..and thank you so much for your concern..”sanskar sounds rude…!!
Laksh :dekh..i said you na Ragini..,see his wife pushed you and you was about to fall but still he is taking her side only…
“she haven’t fall na..!! Don’t forget that once your wife pushed my swara on nadhi for real ..”sanskar said harshly without thinking..!!
Ragini’s eyes welled up and she ran away sobbing…,
Laksh:you will deserve for talking against Ragini..,sanskar
Laksh ran behind her calling out her name…

To be continued •••
Parth explained the situation and swara feels guilty..!!
Sanskar gets saddened and felt bad about the way he blurted with RagLak..

So guys am done with this chappy and do comment about your views??am sorry for very short and boring update…if you wanna give any suggestions..,you can share your views too..

Thank you for reading and take care dears

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