SAMEER : I’ve a plan .

He dictates his plan , After a little Yes or No , Three said yes .

Veer : Okay , Call Nikhil Now .

Pari calls him.

Nikhil : Owow , It’s impressive , You yourself, calling me !!

PARI : I’m ready to surrender myself.

Nikhil : What ! what ! Your lover didn’t stopped you , Oh I see That’s really surprising .

veer tries to speak but Sameer stopped him .

Pari : Where I’ve to come now .

Nikhil : Oh you are so eager to die , It’s Just like You’re digging your own grave .

Pari : Stop talking , Come to the point .

Nikhil : Okay come 3 km ahead , you will see a tree with a black colored cobra .

He cuts the phone .

Veer : Pari , Are you ready for this ?

Sameer : Don’t worry Veer I’ll not let my sister in any trouble .

She alone goes there , Where She was called . While both boys follows her secretly.

After an hour

Pari : I’m here , Come and Kill me .

She was standing facing north And he comes From opposite direction and ties her with rope .

Nikhil : Now your game is over , We’ve played a lot Cat and mouse games since years .

She was tied to a tree .

Pari : Today I also want to End this Big game .

Nikhil : I know you’re not here alone , Those two have accompanied you .

Pari : Yes , Are you afraid .

Nikhil : Afraid me Hahahaha! , Previously Sophia came to rescue you she lost her life and today those two men will.

Nikhil : Hey you two nincompoops( silly person ) come out here .

They both come into the ground .

Nikhil : So today Not one three will die and my dream would be fulfilled.

Sameer : You know I’m searching for you since 3 years and today you’re in front of my eyes .

Nikhil comes and keeps a hand on Veers’ Shoulder .

Nikhil : Veer , My brother , Why don’t you choose another girl , This PARI is going to die today .

Veer ( Filled with agony ) – You better keep quiet , or else I’ll loose my temper .

Nikhil : Hohwow , wait let me show you something .
Come on boys .

Around 8 man comes and Encircled them .

Mean while Nikhil goes Held pari at gunpoint .

Veer and Sameer fights with the troop of men .

As The number of attackers were many and both were weaponless , They both fall down on ground.

Nikhil : Okay now count 1-2-3 and then say goodbye to her .

He counts 1 :::::::2::::::: He was going to speak further someone from Behind the trees Throws a big rock on NIKHIL’S hand . He drops the gun .

Thanks to a little Knife with Pari she freed herself . Veer and Sameer got up .

Sameer throws a gun to Pari , And She completely grasped Nikhil and Then Puts Him on gunpoint .

Pari : I told you that today I want to end this Game .

Meanwhile a group of police officials comes and arrests all the attackers .

Veer : PARI , Are you okay , I must say you are very brave .

Pari : When my friend and Brother are with me then I don’t need to worry .

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    This is episode 44

  2. Priyu

    Niceeee thank God!!! Everything is fine now!! I’m relieved!!! Pari has a brother and a friend now ???? so sweet! ??? I hope pari starts liking veer soon. Veer really care for pari ?? So awesome and beautiful episode friend. This is best. Waiting eagerly for the next part. Post asap. ??

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