After some years , In the city of Mumbai ….

It was now a fresh morning , The sky was yellow , It was warm and windy .

Pari was walking on the footpath , She was carrying a shopping bag full of vegetables and fruits .

Pari while walking was uttering : I’m damn sure , It’s to late and he would be still Sleeping on the beg and snoring .., No , He dosen’t care that he’s a IPS officer , He has to take complete sleep .

She reached her home , Before entering in , She sees the board which was hung outside , On the Gate .

Pari puts her hand on that Board ” Pari & Veer’s sweet house ” – she spelled it .

Then she again picked the large packet and moved in.

She placed it on the slab in the kitchen and moves upstairs to the bedroom .

Pari ( while climbing up ) : If he hasn’t woke up now , I’m gonna throw a large amount of chilled water onto him .

She reached the room . And as usual she saw on the bed , The quilt was puffed as if someone is sleeping inside it .

Pari spoke : Hmm.. I knew it , Wait Mr.IPS officer , Your boss is here now .

She brings form bathroom a jug full of water and goes near the bed and raised her arms to throw it . Suddenly someone pulled her from back .

Resultantly the whole water made her wet .

Pari screams : Ahhhh !!!! Veer !!! .

He holds her in his arms .

Veer : So Miss. Wiffy , I’m a police officer , I know how to handle any attack .

Pari : Veer you made me wet , It’s too cool in the morning

Veer : Oho poor baby , What if you would have made me like that .

Pari : Whatever , But from where the sun has risen today , You are not on bed still now .

Veer : Today I want to give you a surprise .

Pari : And I also want to give you a surprise .

( She picks up the bottle of ketchup which was just near her on the table )

Veer : Pari !!! No . no

They both came down .

A guy spoke : What , Why you both always fight like little kids ha !!

Veer : Oh ! Sunny ! Good morning

Pari : What can I do Sunny your friend looks like a IPS officer but from inside he’s a little kid .

Sunny : Bhabhi I’m really Hungary , Let’s have breakfast now .


Veer and sunny were comfortable at the table .

Pari brings breakfast .

They start munching .

Sunny opens up the newspaper and reads the headlines ” A minor girl thrashed a old man who tired to molest her , She said it was all the magic of ‘ God’s grace NGO’s owner Pari , Who gave her confidence ”

Sunny : wow bhanhi you did a miracle .

A cold shiver ran down her spine , After so many years someone made her think about Nikhil .

Veer keeps his hands on hers

Veer : Pari are you okay ?

Sunny : Sorry , Bhabhi , I want to say sorry because at that time when you need me most I wasn’t there

Pari : It’s okay , Sunny , That time Veer’s business was totally down , You ought to be there

Veer : Okay ! I’m going now , And Pari come let me drop you to NGO .

Sunny : I’ll go office after some time okay bye , Have a nice day to two .

They both left for their works .

Pari was driving the car and Veer was sitting beside .

Pari : Veer , Yesterday Sanha called , She said Sameer’s treatment is going on very well

Veer : That’s so good , I just hope he comes back soon .

Pari : Yah ! by the way how’s everything going on

Veer : It’s so normal , Everyday same type of cases .

They reached the NGO . They both came out of the car and moves in .

Veer : Hi , How’s all of you

Kids : We’re good , Had you bought for us chocolates

Veer : Eh ! how can I forget that .

He distributes sweets .

Pari : Don’t forget to brush your teeth after that okay !

Veer : Okay bye ! Have a nice bye , Bye Pari .

Pari holds his arms ” Don’t go Veer ”

Veer : Pari , It’s about everyday , You always hold my hands and then don’t let me go

Pari : I don’t know I’m still afraid

Veer : All that happened years go , Now we’ve to move on okay .

Pari : Yah ! Okay bye ,,,

Pari goes to her cabin and sits on the chair . She cleans the frame which had a family photo in it .

Pari to herself ” Today many years have passed , But still there’s a constant terror in my mind that he will return back ”

Then her phone rings . She swipes her phone .

Pari : Hello

Veer : So you’re crying thinking about he’ll come back again right !

Pari softly : How do you know

Veer : I told you I understand you very well

Pari : No I wasn’t crying , I’m okay

Veer : And if again you thought about Him , I’m gonna make you a lady constable and will make you sit right in my office

Pari : Okay Sir ! Now can I work .

Pari sees Veer’s picture and thinks ” Thanks Veer , That you came Into my life ”

[ Background music –
Meri nazar ka safar ,,
Tujhpe hi aake ruke ,,
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya ,,
Kehna tha jo keh chuke ,,Meri nigaahein hainTeri nigahon pe,,Tujhe khabar kya be-khabarM,,ain tujhse hi chhup chhup kar ….]


Veer was in his cabin , Sitting lost in thoughts . A man comes and calls him .

Man : Sir , Veer sir !

Veer : Oh ! Yes !

Man : Sir , I need your signatures here .

Veer : Ya ! Sure , Listen after 1 cancel my meetings if they aren’t that important

Man : Okay sir .

_____________ It was lunch time now _________.

Pari was distributing food to children .

Then she sat down on the bench in the garden , It was quite windy at this time .

A girl : Pari mam , Have lunch

Pari : No not now , I’ll have it after sometime .

Then Veer reached there and spoke : Okay if you don’t want to eat then don’t eat , Well , I’m so Hungary , Gimme

Girl : Thanks sir , You came here , Everyday until and unless you come here , She never eats .

She gives the platter to Veer ” Sir , Now you have to make her eat ”

He comes in sat with her .

Veer : Today you made the lunch right !

Pari : How did you knew

Veer : I can identity this peculiar smell Every time form your food .

Pari bangs him on his arms .

Veer : I’ll put in prison you are beating a police officer .

Pari shows her hands ” Take me away into your jail , Lock me inside the cage which is there in your heart ”

Veer smiles ” I don’t need that , You’re already there , Locked in my heart ”

Veer took a spoon full of rice and puts it into her mouth .

Pari : Did you know Veer , Toady in the morning when I went for walk and you were sleeping , I saw a boy teasing girl , I just gave him a tight slap .

She doing actions , Making gestures how she beat him .
Veer was constantly looking at her innocent face .

[ Background music male – Phir dil ke raasto pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashn mein hai
Yeh inayat jo hui ]

Pari : Eh ! why are you looking at me like this

Veer keeps the try aside and come closed to her ” I was thinking what would had happen to that guy ”

Pari : Ohh Veer , You don’t know me I can do anything to bad people .

Veer : I know you very , I don’t think there would be anyone , Who knows you that much .

The strong stroke wind blew her hairs and it covered her face .

Veer clears them with his fingers . Pari looks into his eyes and he looks into hers ..

Pari hugs him …She lay silently , Enveloped into his arms .

[ Background music female – Jis pal tu saath mere
Uss pal mein zindagi hai
Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch
Koi khwaahish ab nahi hai …]


Sunny’s POV

Inside office , He was talking on phone .

Sunny : Oh Veer is not answering the calls , He might be busy , You know he’s a IPS .

Man on phone : I don’t know tell him I’m coming to meet him .

Sunny : What ( silently ) But why

Man : What ! why ? I want to meet my billu ! my tillu !

He shuts the phone . Sunny bangs his head

Sunny : Oh God , He’s coming
Chachu ( father’s brother )

He ran away and reached NGO .


Veer and Pari were sitting on the bench in the garden and Sunny roared ” Veer ”

Veer : Hey , Bro … what’s up

Sunny : Can I take my friend for a minute please .

Pari : Ya ! you can .

They both stood at a corner of a room .

Sunny : Veer Chachu is coming tomorrow .

Veer : which Chachu

Sunny : Happy Chachu form Punjab .

Veer : What Happy uncle is coming to meet us

Sameer : My friend don’t you know what lie we told him once , I mean last week .

Veer : Oh shit !! Yes ! I remember , Now what we’ll do man .

Sunny : It’s all up to you both now .

Veer : For me , I’ll handle , But what about Pari ?

Sunny : Mere bhai ( friend ) now you have make Bhabhi ready for this .

Veer : That is what difficult part is !!!!

[ PRECAP :- Veer’s uncle would be visiting him ; What’s the Lie which sunny told him ; how’ll veer tell about that to Pari ]

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( little account on what happened in previous years : Nikhil is jailed for life time , Sanha and Sameer is in Toronto for his cancer treatment , Amma goes back to America to her brother , Sunny ( DD ) came back and now they three lives together …

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