The old man sitting on raised bench spoke : So you are finally here , Show us your face

She twisted back to audience , Moved , Raised her hands towards her face to open the bandage .

Her eyes which were visible were crying , Red , And the tears looked liked molten wax , Drooping down from
burning candle ….

Pari was removing the bandage , All were glaring at her .

She dropped the white cloth on the ground and Now her face was visible .

The whole group of audience stood up .

In front of them was a girl , Wearing a hospitalized uniform , Her face burnt , Ugly , rotten , black , Swollen .

The girl spoke : Yes ! I Im the one who reported against Khan , And I am the only one who shared that video .

The lawyer spoke : Where is your appointed lawyer .

Angel : When I asked advocates , They got afraid , They don’t want to raise their voice against reputed minister , And that left me with no choice , Rather to fight my own selves .

Judge : Okay ! Now we shall proceed .

Lawyer : Hi , I’m your opponent , Mr.Kailash .

Pari : Nice to meet you Sir , It’s really surprising to see that you are standing for Mr. sahid khan .

Kailash : Ya ! I always fight for truth , And this time , My client is a honest man .

Pari : ya ! You are right he’s very honest , He’s the one who made my life miserable by attacking me with acid , To keep my mouth shut .

Khan : What the shit ! are you saying , This girl is a lier , I don’t know her , Moreover I’ve seen her for the very first time .

Pari : Yes ! How’ll you identify me , You’d destroyed my face , So much .

Lawyer : But , Who are you ?

Pari : I’m Angel , I worked a few weeks ago at Khan’s home as a caretaker , And one day I saw that he was completely drunk and he moved into a secret room , And left it open .

I was growing suspicious , And finally checked that out .

Khan ( Interrupted ) : Shut up ! Don’t utter a word .

Justice banged the table .

She continued ” I saw there many girls , Who told me that they were abducted in this house , And were raped , I helped them , And when he got to know that I did it , He tried to shut my mouth ”

Lawyer : One minute , How can you be so sure that , He’d only raped those girls , Because in that video only girls were shown , And nothing else .

Pari : Thanks a lot , Sir , I’d like to call someone here , .

Judge : Yes ! You can

A man holding some paper’s came in .

Pari hold those and gave it to justice .

Pari : Each and everything is clear here , You can see the forensic reports clearly showing that khan only is the culprit .

And my lord I also have my hospital reports showing that my treatment is still going on ..

The senior read all the things clearly ” Mr. Kailash do you have something to say ”

Lawyer : Miss. Angel , You said it happened a few weeks ago , Where were you these days , And why didn’t you came up to police .

Pari : Society , I was afraid , But don’t that shameless that I won’t fight for innocents . And Mr.Sameer ,IPS BANGALURU helped me a lot here .

Lawyer : I also have something to show to you , These are last months hotel receipts , Showing My client was not there in BANGALURU , He was in America .

Sameer loudly exclaimed ” Sorry to disappoint you Mr.Kailash , But these phone records shows that call the calls made by Khan’s phone were from India not America ”

Pari : Thanks a lot inspector .

The crowd started gossiping within themselves .

Judge : Silence please , All the clues shown by Angel are pure , So court proves khan to be guilty , But the real statement would be announced after a break of a few minutes .

Khan loose his control , He pushed the guards surrounding him and came to Pari and hold her neck harshly and tired to squeeze it .

Khan : I won’t leave you , You the insane girl destroyed my whole business , My life time collections , I was king , You are a shit ! , I’ll kill you .

She was still , Because she knows what she’s doing , She said to herself ” See , Khan , You love to play games , Today I made you a loser in your own game ”

He raised his hand to hit her on her cheeks , Suddenly veer came and hold his hand and same in front of Pari.

Veer : No ! No Mr.Khan .

Judge : Who are you ?

Veer : I’d like to introduce myself , I’m Veer , I lived with Angel in a P.G , Here’s the proof , And that night I was there , I saw Angel attacked by Khan .

Sameer came and hold khan ” Khan , Now , Forget the luxury and be ready to get in turn what you did .

Pari was left breathless , She was choking . Veer ordered a glass of water .

Veer : Are you okay !

She spoke ” You were right Mr.Kailash , Your client is very honest , See he told his plans ”

Judge : The court announces , Sahid khan a culprit , Court is adjourned now .

All the officials went away , People ran out . Pari and Veer were now left alone the hall .

Pari was now little panic , She
hugged him as if she has little terrified .
She spoke in a feeble tone ” Thanks veer you were with me , All alone I couldn’t summoned all my courage ”

Veer : I am so happy today for you , We won our battle , But how’d you did all this .

Pari removed the outer skin from her face , The mask which looked real on her appearance.


Mahesh informed Nikhil that he’s found guilty . He got very angry and broke all the glassware , Showpieces around him .

Nikhil : Angel , Be aware now !


The session began , And the Judge announced five years ban on Khan’s Party , 20 years of life imprisonment , In one of the most horrible jails of India ‘ Tihar jail ‘ .


Pari and Veer came out happily , A group of girls thanked Pari a lot of showing audacity .

Then , Two constables were taking khan to the transport car . He stopped in front of Angel ” Tumne yeh theek nahi kiya , Nikhil tumhe nahi chodega ” ( You didn’t did anything good , Nikhil wouldn’t spare you )

Veer gave Khan a tight slap ” You love to play challenges , Games , Politics , Today this girl defeated you in your game , Get this in your shit head ”

He grasped his collars ” Remember me khan , If that Nikhil did anything to her , I won’t leave him , I’ll kill him with my own hands ”

Then he spoke with wrath ” Take this stupid Man to his right place ”

Pari : Kasa laga khan , Aj mane ek judha khel khela aur tum fas gye , Abh maje karo ( How are you felling , Today I played a trick with you like a wizard , And you are trapped , Now enjoy )

Sameer came out , He hugged both ” Congratulations , Victory is ours ”

Pari : No , The real master mind is still out , The day when I’ll see him in jail , My heart would be pacified .

Sameer : Forget about future , Be in present , Veer , I’ve a surprise for you .

He hands him over a envelope .

Veer : What is this ?

Sameer : Just run away you both love birds , Today the song of victory should be audible to whole city .

Veer opened it ” Wow , Passes for garden resort ”

Pari : Thanks bhai !!

Sameer : Run now !



A dining place near a lake , Luckily there was no one at that time .

Pari : wow it’s beautiful .

A service man came and hand them over a bag ” Sir , Please go and change this is your dress , sir gave us ”

After a few instant’s .

Pari came out and was wearing a long white , Sparkling gown .

Pari : Where’s Veer , He took more time to get ready than a girl .

Veer came on tiptoes and yelled from back ” Boo! ”

She twisted back and got afraid , She was to fall down completely , He held her in her arms .

Pari : Have you got no shame , I got a heart attack .

Veer : Oh ! really but your looks made my heart failed .

Pari : Hmm , Today you also are looking good in this white blazer and trousers .

Veer : It means I don’t look good everyday .

Pari : Sorry , I shouldn’t say but , Sameers choice is far better than yours . ( jokingly )

he moves and knocked from back on her shoulders ” Sorry I’m saying this but is this gown of your size , I think it’s little small for you .

Pari : You think I’m fat ( She got little annoyed )

Veer : Oh sorry my ‘ Lady Singham ‘ I was joking .

Pari turned her face to him and chuckles ” I was also joking , For me my man looks like hero everyday ”

Veer : And my Queen looks like princess each moment

The waiter came ” Sir any orders ”

Veer : No just go away .

He wents on…

Veer : Pari I’ve a little gift for you .

Pari : Okay , Now in filmy style you’ll say close your eyes , Then you’ll bow down and give me a ring .

Veer : Wah ! You are very good at making predictions , But you’re wrong this time .

Pari : Okay , Prove me wrong ..

Veer : Since it’s a surprise , Close you eyes .

She closed then , He took out a brand new diamond studded ‘ Mangla sutra ‘ , Goes to her back and puts it around her Neck .

Then he kissed her softly on her soft cheeks .

Pari : Veer ! what are you doing !

Veer : Open your eyes .

She opens up and saws a beautiful necklace over her neck , She then hugged him ” Thanks , This is the world’s best gift ever ”

And then , The song is played .

( Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake )

He keeps his hands over her waist , They both hold their hands , And danced together , Looking lovingly in each others eyes …



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