A wobble in the plane dropped her mirror down on the floor , Just near the feet of the man .

Pari spoke : Oh Lord please don’t wake him up

She bowed down to pick it up and got shocked seeing the reflection of his face ,

She spoke in terror – Ni ….kh…Ill

Sweat could be seen on her forehead .

She looked back and finds out Veer busy in playing games on his smartphone .

She exclaimed : Gosh ! Before he opens his eyes, I’ve to do something .

She could very well see the plane was fully packed .

Suddenly Nikhil shakes and He woke up .

Pari got troubled and she jumped up .

Lady on service asks – Mam , Can I help you .

Pari : Yah! I want to go to washroom .

Lady : Sorry , Mam it’s occupied , Please wait .

She sat down , And quickly covered her face with a veil .

Nikhil was stretching himself , Then he played some music * Laila main laila aisi hoon laila
Har koi chahe mujhse milna akela
Jisko bhi dekhu duniya bhula doon
Majnu bana du aisi main
laila *

Pari got very angry and uneasy ” My mind is saying to just give him a tight slap , But I can’t , what to do ” – She realized .

Seeing white girl’s hand on her lap , He touched them .

Pari shouts ” What are you doing ?”

Nikhil spoke : Oh sorry / In his mind he thought ” Wah ! Kya tikhi mirchi ha ” ( wow what a hot girl )

He started whistling .

Pari tried to console herself : Be calm, Pari , You can protect yourselves ”

The lady on flight came and told ” Mam now you can use WC ”

Pari hurriedly got up ” Thanks mam ” .

She ran away , And goes to Veer ,

Pari dragged him to the food section .

Veer : What happened , You look worried .

She got low and Moved near him and hugged him . She could feel herself warm and secure .

Pari spoke with wail ” When I was Angel then I could deal with any problem , But Now I’m Pari , I’m alone and I can’t handle this situation ”

Veer hold her shoulders and said softly ” What has happened ? ”

Pari : I want to be with you

Veer : We are always together , Never think you are alone , I’m with you , And you are not weak ”

Pari : The passenger sitting with me is , My enemy , NIKHIL .

VEER : What are you sure ?

Pari : Yes , I am , And , If he saw you , Then he would … We both have to hide .

Veer : Yes ! Only 30 minutes are left , We can bear this .

Pari : Just keep yourselves out of his sight

Veer : Would you be able to deal with it .

Pari : I’ll try my best .

Veer : Okay !!

They both came out and could hear A girl announcing ” Its a request to Mr.Veer and Ms.Pari meh…”

Before she could speak their full name , Pari interrupted ” Yes ! Mam ”

Lady : Mam please be on your seat , We’re going to land

She sat . Nikhil was glaring at the girl , Sitting with him , Covering her face with a scarf .

Nikhil was thinking ” Pari and Veer M !!! M what ! Who is this girl ”

Finally they landed .
All came out .

______________________________ Everyone took taxis and cabs …

Nikhil was sitting on soft seat of a large car .

Mahesh ( on phone ) : Sir , Welcome to Mumbai your homeland

Nikhil: What task I gave you is done ?

Mahesh : Yes don’t worry sir , Everything is on right platform

Nikhil : Very good see you soon , Bye .


Veer and Pari were in Taxi . Instantaneously a mob of people , Shouting , Yelling stopped their way .

Veer : What is going on here ?

Pari : I think we should check it out .

The large group consists of men , Both young and elderly , Fierce , Angry crowd , Holding placards and boards .

Veer : Be careful , Media would be there .

Pari : Yes !

They both sneak out to see what’s the matter .

One of the Man from the crowd said ” We want our minister back , We want khan back ”

” Who the hell made that video , It’s fake ” – Someone shouts .

Another big and heavy men yelled ” That video was fake , We’ll kill the person who made it , Our khan is pure ”

Pari and veer moved to a corner of road to talk as the place was chaotic .

Veer : Pari , what’s this ,

Pari : They want their minister back , They don’t know it was only he , Who raped their daughters .

Veer : They are saying the video was fake , And what about those girls statement , They were also speaking false .

Pari : These all people are stuffed with money , To create sensitive situation in city , Put pressure and to save khan .

Veer : We should go home now , It could be dangerous to do anything right now .

Pari : Yes ! Let’s go .


NIKHIL’S POV ( point of view )

He tuned on television .

* Breaking news , Around thousands of men gathered on the roads , Saying that Mr.Khan is innocent and the video shared was a fake one , People want their Leader back into power ”

Nikhil : Wow how great I’m , My plan worked .

He called Inspector ” Eh! Man you are doing right , Just increase , Bring more people , Order them to break glasses , Killing , Riots , I want Khan back ”

He was now thinking about The names spoken in flight Pari and Veer M.. , ,,, Unexpectedly he saw in the live news Veer with some girl covering her face .

Nikhil was now looking strangely into the screen ” What ! He’s Veer , But who’s this girl with him , She looks so similar to girl I was sitting with ”

Nikhil spoke in suspicion – Something is dark here , Something which I don’t know .


Veer and Pari reached Veer’s house .

Veer held Pari at threshold .

Veer : Wait ! You are coming to your husband’s home for first time after marriage , Let me do what everybody do .

Pari : what !

He quickly opens his kitchen bought a vessel containing rice and a platter fixed with ‘ Kumkum ‘ and ‘ jyoti ‘

, Pari entered house by kicking the vessel .

Veer : Welcome my bahu .

Pari smiles ” Thanks Sasu ma ( mother in law )

Veer : Now this is your house , Okay , Never leave it and me too .


Veer was talking to Sameer about riots , While Pari was in Veer’s room .

She opens the door and saws

A beautiful big room , Only her photographs pasted on all the four corners .

A wall on which a board was hung , On which little hearts were swinging , ” I miss you ” ” I love you ” ” Come to me ” ” I can’t live ” written over it .

Her eyes got watery . She moves down .

Pari : Veer it’s our first day after our marriage together , Just forget all about Nikhil

Veer : Okay ! So what’s the next plan .

Pari : Let’s cook something to eat .

Veer : I don’t think we have anything in kitchen .

Pari : Don’t worry , I got some grocery items from airport , While you were busy on your phone .

Veer : Hmm !! You’re very smart .

Pari : Shall I cook a cake .

Veer : No please , you’ll convert it into a masala pie .

Pari : If I’ll don’t try , then how’ll I learn .

Veer : Okay , We both will make

Pari : You know cooking

Veer : I’m a master chef

She took out the ingredients .

Veer : Okay ! First take out flour and add some butter and sugar .

She adds

They both were preparing cake .

( Background music – O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara )

Pari : what to do with coca powder , Where to use it .

Veer : I tell you .

He takes up a handful of powder and stood behind Pari .

Pari : Veer , What are you doing at back of mine ?

Veer : Just making you learn the recipe .

He colored her face brown .

Pari : what it is ?

She looks into mirror .

Veer : You colored me first in the Holi so I took revenge .

Pari : wait ! I tell you , How to take avenge .

She grabs a bowl of white flour .

He ran away . She was chasing him .

Pari : Where are you going ha ! wait !

Veer : Black bunny , Come come .

Pari : I’m just there.

They were running here and there .

Suddenly the electricity cuts .

They were now at different corners of house .

Pari : Veer ! I will not leave you uncolored today .

Veer hiding behind the big sofa : Try ,Try , but don’t cry dear Pari , This time I’ll win .

Pari saws a head , Black colored , From back of sofa ” Hmm ! So here you are ha ! ”

She goes and silently stood behind him .

She knocked on his shoulders .

Veer looks back slowly and the moment he looks back she threw the whole flour on his face .

The light glows now .

Pari laughs loudly seeing white face .

Veer laughs seeing her brown .

Pari speaks into her mind watching her boy smile ” This mess will go on , But we’ll never destroy our love story because of others”

Then Veer thinks on observing beautiful smile on her face ” This smile of yours blew my mind , I promise you I’ll never let this curve on your mouth fade away ”

Pari comes near him , Puts her arms over his shoulders and says happily ” I LOVE YOU ”

VEER looks into her eyes , He bought his mouth near hers and says ” I LOVE YOU TOO ”

( Background music – Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le… )


(( background music continues – Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Ye jaan le )))

Veer : Did you remember once when you were crying , Then what I told you

Pari : Yes I do .

They together spoke * Aasman mein jabtak
sitare rahenge
Ek duje ka
ham sath nibhaege
Kuki yeh hai
dil ka rishta *

( Until the stars
will remain in the sky
we both will
be there for each other
this is
heart to heart love )


Love guys

And do you have one in your life for whom you can even die , I know your parents must be , Someone else ?????????

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  1. Amazing episode Kira…..
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    2. Sorry I didn’t answer about the question, u asked yesterday Kira. but I learned from Spiderman and naamkaran neil(it may sound funny that I am taking fictional characters name but I learned something from them too that is why I am taking their name’s) and many other freedom fighters etc ,that u should help other people even by risking your own life ,as everyone know sons and daughters risk their life’s for their family, like in the same we should also do the same thing to other people even if risking our own life.that is called humanity. we all should learn that. It’s not about a single particular person when a person can be selfless to anyone.

      1. Kira

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