? EPISODE 82 ?

Recap : Pari tells veer that , The day when they were married , police came to their home , To arrest Veer as he was marrying Pari forcefully without being divorced from first marriage .
Nikhil came and gave her last warning , That if she didn’t kill herself then he would destroy her whole family .
She planned a fake death , And got separated from Veer , Just to take avenge from Him , She didn’t want anymore lives to be at risk .


Veer : And what about this , ( Showing a paper ) Divorce papers , From that Black file .

Pari : This is what my mission is !

Veer made a anxious face .

Pari : Did you saw that file ?

Veer : Yes , What questionable was that 8 with blood cross over it .

Pari : Yes , I made that cross with my own blood .

Veer with troubled speech ” What !! do you mean ”

Pari fiercely ” I was married to him , When I was 18 , I suffered molestation , I cried almost 8 years , I can’t live my life normal , So I decided
One day at sharp 8 Pm I myself will kill him .

Veer clutched her shoulders and spoke ” No , You will not do anything wrong ”

Pari : I will , You know how does it feels , When you are so young and getting raped , You could never understand , Because you are not a girl , Consider yourselves in my place .

He keeps his both hands on her badly crying and tensed face and looks with pity into her eyes .

Pari : Still whenever I hear news about something like this , Shivers are passed down my spine .

Veer : What about those papers ?

Pari : I will make him sign on these papers ,Just before I’ll kill him , So that I could be free from that husband – wife relationship .

Veer : Don’t worry , But promise me you will not take law in your hands . I can’t loose you now .

Pari : Then , What should I do ? Tell me ha !!! , Just ignore what happened with me , Just forget that I had to separate from you for 3 years because of him

Veer : No , You will never forget it , Make this Pain your power , This will give you strength to fight with injustice , But in a right way .


Aunt was Panic ” She hasn’t returned yet , What should I do now ”

She called police .

Aunt : Hello inspector ,, , And she told everything .

Inspector : Please repeat their names again

Aunt : Veer and Pari mehta

Inspector in his mind ” what , No it can’t happen ” And then he spoke to lady on hold – Okay , I’ll see , Don’t worry ,Miss.Rachel .

Inspector : How this can happen ? I can’t believe what I heard right now ?


Pari : That is why I don’t want anyone to know about this , I will sacrifice everything , But not injustice .

Veer : Have you gone mad , I think you had forgotten that we’ve taken 7 circumambulations ( phere ) together .

And I promised you that at every stage of I will be standing with you .

Pari : And I promised that I’ll protect you from every problem .

Veer : Shut up , We both made promises , And we both will
obey it .

Pari hugs him tightly .

Veer : Today I got my real wife back .

The minute of silence ( background music – O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara. )

Veer kissed her softly and said in a lovely tone ” Pyar kiya hai , Jeye ge to sath , Maren ge to sath ( Now I’m tied in this love , So we will live together and die together )

Pari raised her head and asked – But now who will help us in getting through this mess .

Somebody exclaimed from back ” I will help you both ”

They looked through the night filled with rain ,Who spoke this ….

I KNOW IT’S LITTLE , but truly I was busy today .


Insanely waiting friends …

=who is I here ?

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  1. Aryan Bhattacharya

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    1. Kira

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  2. Kira , Kira , Kira … Love your ffs . Really those stories and episodes are awesome , full of suspense , romance and thrill .
    Really eagerly waited for all the episodes and have waited eagerly for upcoming posts ( 83 ) .
    Though today’s episode was short but it was interesting special when aunt Rachel revealed their secret .
    Post Asap .Good night ,
    EAGERLY WAITING for tomorrow’s episode ..

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    1. Are you Zain Imam?
      The one who is currently playing the role of Neil
      Or anyone else

      1. Kira

        I’m very eager , Please tell Zain , Which actor are you ?

    2. Sir are you ZAIN IMAM

    3. Hey are u people gone crazy he is not Zain imam for sure and bye the way u even want to talk to Zain imam to tell we are your fans and your my favorite whatever blah blah blah blah and all.and do u think Zain will have that much time to read this stuff like this.he will be busy on shooting or spending time with family and friends.

      1. And sorry u guys to break all your hearts and I hope u are not angry at me.

      2. Kira

        You are absolutely right ,,, We just are crazy to know that what actor is he ,, Just this much ,, Only …

    4. Hey if u are an actor can u please do a favor on me.
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  3. And
    I think this ‘ I ‘ could be either Sameer or Sunny and maybe Dr. Amma .

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  4. Very nice episode didi
    Eagerly waiting to know that who is going to help them
    I think it may be sunny
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    1. Kira

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      1. Same to you didi

  5. Priyu

    Ooops!!!! Aunt Rachel!!! She revealed the secret!! Omgggg now what will happen!! Nikhil will come to know that pari isn’t dead and that they r together again!!! O god their troubles will start again ?
    They shouldn’t have told his to Aunt. And why does she suddenly called police ? she should have at least searched the outside. She destroyed the plan!! Anyway, who is that I??! Sameer? it will be good if it is Sameer!! Because he is a police officer ?
    Anyway, the songs are perfect!! Pari and veer’s conversation is great.
    I hope that pari will kill Nikhil ? but then she will be arrested ? what will she do? ??
    Post next one ASAP. eagerly waiting for the next part. ?? Nice Episode ???

    1. Kira

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  6. Aryan Bhattacharya

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    All the Best Kira….

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