–    EPISODE 71 – 

Angel: Mr.Khan I’ve done my work , Shall I go now .

Khan : Oh yes , From tomorrow , You may have to work till 10 .

Angel : Okay , I’ll see , Bye .


Good morning . It was 8: Am .

His train reached BANGALURU . Veer comes out of the train .

He sees his surroundings.

Veer : I don’t know why , But There’s something Magnetic about this city , I am having something crazy in my body .

He saws his driver .

Veer : Hi

Driver: Hello Sir , I received your call , Let’s go to Hostel.

Veer : Ya , I’m pretty new here , How’s the hostel.

Driver : It’s good , The landlady is little strict but good .

Veer : Okay .

Driver : You know , That a girl is living with her as a P.G , She’s horrible , Very audacious. Just like a ‘Lady Singham’

Veer smiles ” Lady Singham ha!!!”

Veer : For how much time you are working for them .

Driver : I know about the Landlady a lot , I’m her personal driver since 2 years .

Talking ,Talking , Their time passed , They reached .
‘ Rachel’s Hostel ‘ .

Driver : Oh we are here , I’ll drop you , I’ve to go , Refuelling the car .

The car leaves him .

Veer : Wow the hostel looks pretty good , Come let’s go in .

He goes to the door and knocked it . Veer ” Hello , Miss.Rachel ”

Angel was sleeping , Due to disturbance she woke up .

Angel : Oh my lord , Who’s there , It’s just 8.

She goes down , Brings a Big Silver Vessel .

Angel : I think it’s The milk man , Aunt Rachael would be out for walk .

Angel shouts ” Coming Bhaiya ( brother) ”

She hasn’t woke up nicely , Walking as if Still sleeping , She was rubbing her eyes .

She opened the door and moves the Vessel outside towards the man .

Veer was wearing a cap, Cap covered this eyes , He was in opposite direction , Talking on phone .

He twists back and The Vessel dropped on his Feet .

Veer : Oh !!! Ouchhh.

Angel now came into life ,

Angel : Oh sorry , Sorry .

And finally they both saw each other .

Veer and Angel were staring .

Veer saws the girl, Her eyes were bluish ,Hair covering forehead , She looks like Pari , His heart beats fast , He knows that Pari is not dead .

He hugged her .

(((Background music song –
Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein
Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake )))

For a moment she also became silent , Tears came out of her eyes .

Angel in her mind – Sorry , But I’ve to accomplish my goal , So I’m doing it , I love you , I can’t be your Pari now .

She dragged him back .

Angel ( Speaking in a British accent ) – Hey , Hey Hey , Whosoever you are , How dare you hug me ?

Veer : Pari , Pari I knew you had not died .

Angel : Who Pari , I’m Angel okay . Why are you here ???

Aunt Rachael comes .

Aunt : who are you ?

Veer : I’m your new P.G

Aunt : But it was a girl , Named Vameer , From Mumbai .

Veer : I think its some confusion , Actually my Receptionist called you to book , So it might have happen . Im Veer Mehta

Aunt : Oh sorry , Come in . Well you know each other .

Veer : Yes , She’s ( She interrupts)

Angel : No I don’t know him , I’m seeing him for the first time .

Veer : But aren’t you My Pari .

Aunt : No she’s My P.G ‘Angel’ She’s living with me past three years .

Angel : Okay just leave this topic here , Let’s go in .

Aunt : See , I don’t have a big home , So you both have to share , A living room , Bathroom and fortunately we’ve two bedrooms .

Angel : what !!! No I can’t , Sorry .

Veer : It’s fine with me .

Aunt : I don’t know , You have to .

And finally the dispute settled .

It was now 4 , Angel’s job time , Veer also left for his work .

Angel reached Khan’s house .

Kahn : Ha , You are here , I was missing you .

Angel : Really sir …

Khan goes from there , Angel tracks  ,where was he going .

She was hiding behind A wall

She saws Khan opening a door , Going in and Coming after couple of minutes .

Angel : what is there , I’ve to check , But how .

It was now 10 Pm .

Khan was in his room , He was drinking .

Angel got a brilliant chance to go to that room . She goes there , But The room door needs a password .

She goes back to Him , Finds out that He’s completely Drunk .

She goes to him .

Khan : Hey , Sweetheart , Come , Come to me .

Angel : Hi Boss .
She puts her hands on his face . And smoothly asks .

Angel : Sir , You are very handsome , Would you like to spend a night with me .

Khan stood up , He grasped her and pushed her to the wall.

Khan : If you , Yourself is asking , How can I say No .

Angel : But for that , You need to tell me something .

Khan : Ask me anything , I’ll tell you .

He pressed her to the wall and was over her .

Angel : What is the password of the secret room .

Khan : Secret room ????

Angel : No that door , How many passwords you have .

Khan : I just have one password , ‘Black Gang’ .

He was trying to kiss her in neck , She gave her a tight slap .
He falls down on bed .

She runs there , The door opened . She entered in .
And saws around 10 girls , Their mouths were sealed , They were brutally beaten , Maybe molested .

Angel started crying , Her heart filled with Pain .

Angel : How cruel this Minister is , I don’t know how many girls are suffering because of him .


It was now 12 pm .

Aunt : Veer, Angel hasn’t come back till now .

Veer : Where has she gone ?

Aunt : She goes for Her part time job .

Veer : Job , where ?

Aunt : To Minister Khan’s house but till 10.

Veer : Don’t worry aunt , Call her .

Aunt : She isn’t answering .

Veer : Relax , I go out and look for her . Give me the address .


Angel recognises that Khan is coming here , She hurriedly Took all girls .

Angel : See girls , This is a address , All of you go from here and reach here , Okay fast run . I’m just coming .

They all ran away .

Veer reached there .
He saws that many girls were running out from his home .

Veer : Hey , who are you all , Why are you in this Pathetic condition .

A girl : This Minister is fraud , He has kidnapped us .

Veer : what ? But how’d you came out .

Angel : A very brave girl saved us , She told us to reach this address .

Veer : Come let me take you there .

Girl : But who are you .

Veer : I run a NGo , Come , Don’t worry .


Angel again Locked the door , Did everything as it was . And leaves from there .

Veer dropped the girls there , It was welfare society . Angel reached Hostel .

Veer comes back .

Aunt was sleeping . Angel was in her room .She was crying .

veer : Who were those girls?

Angel : Which girls

Veer : Those were kidnapped in the ministers house .

Angel : How did you know , I didn’t knew .

Veer : I know everything , .

Angel : Get out of my room (shouts)

He goes .

It was around 2 pm .

Veer was sleeping .

Angel goes and Puts her hands on his face

Angel says ” Sorry Veer , For this world Pari had died and now this Angel has to kill all the evil , I can’t put  life in risk , But my heart will always love you , Now I will live as Angel ” .


Love u all


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  9. Firstly Happy Marathi Language Day to all Maharastrian and Marathas. The episode was amazing. The new pic of pari is also good. Now pari got prove against that minister I.e. those kidnapped girls. Now veer and pari can make minister arrest. you know what I wish to comment all ur episodes but I am very busy through out the day and at night I get too tried. So sorry for that. Dont get sad when u get few less comments but yet I am unable to motivate u.

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