Episode 68

Amma points towards bed . Veer sees there . His jaw dropped . He saws that Pari has eaten poison and White foamy Milky substance rushing out of her mouth .

Veer ran towards her , Amma lost her mind .

Amma : Pari , what had you done to yourself . ( sharp cry )

Veer : Pari , No you can’t be a loser . ( loud with pain )

Amma : wait I go and call Ambulance . Till then Put a spoon in her mouth and make her sit .

Veer was holding her hands , Her head was on his lap , His eyes moist . He saws a slip beside her .
” I’m not going anywhere , I’m always in your heart , Promise me you will never cry , I love you more than myself “

He was crying hardly , Amma comes and gives her aid.

Amma : Veer , Don’t worry , Her heart is beating , She. needs immediate medical aid .

Ambulance arrives . They left .

Nikhil was in his car in front of the house . He saws Pari being taken to Hospital .

Nikhil : Oh lord , Today is the happiest day of my life , Today my rival is dead , This is what happens to one who tries to cheat me , Hahahahha, And the conclusion ” Villain wins , Victory is of Evil ”

He leaves .

Veer and Amma were sitting outside the operation theatre .

Veer ( eyes flooded with tears ) : Ma she did this because of me .

Amma : No son , She’s very gentle hearted , She can’t bear that anyone gets hurts because of her .

Veer : Ma , She would be okay Na .

Amma : Yes , Dear , Just in few minutes , Doctor will come and say , She’s fine .

Veer goes and See’s her through the window .

Amma : Veer please go and sit sometime .

Veer : Ma Pari , See , She’s in pathetic condition .

Amma : She’ll be fine . Come .

She makes him sit on the
chair .

Veer : Maa , see this slip , what she wrote .

Amma : Pari is foolish , Don’t worry , We both will Make her understand , Don’t cry Ha !!!
( she couldn’t speak clearly , Her chest was paining with Pain )

After one hour , Doctor comes .

Doctor : I don’t know should I say this .

Amma : What

Veer : Doctor , She is okay , Right ???

Doctor : Sorry Mr.Veer we can’t save your wife .

Veer ( with agony &Surprise ) : Are you serious sir , What are you saying ?

Amma : Doctor can I see her .

Doctor : See I’ve already consulted my seniors , She ate almost whole bottle of poison .

Veer : I’ll kill you , You Didn’t tired your best . ( He hold his collars , His eyes were red with sorrow )

Amma : Let me see her once

Doctor : Listen , I know my duties , I did what I could . Please try to understand .

Veer : No you are lying .

He rushed towards the room , Bangs the door open , Saws her Pale yellow feet , Her body covered with a white cloth

Nurse : Please don’t touch her .

Veer goes to her and holds her hand , His face was badly wet because of tears , Eyes red hot .

Doctor comes ,

Doctor : Please take them out , We have to take out the dead body .

They were not ready to come out of the room .

Ward boy comes and was dragging the Stretcher . Veer was running behind . He was holding her . He felt that Her hand is different , It was dry and not similar with Pari’s hand .

Ward boy took the body away .

Nurse : Sir please fill this form , And then You can take body for funeral .

Veer and Amma sat beside Temple .

Veer : Maa , Pari is not dead .

Amma : Veer , Listen , Please be calm .

Veer : No, when I hold her hand , I didn’t felt what I feel after touching Pari’s hands .

Amma : son , Come her .

He puts her head on her shoulders .


At the Funeral .

Priest : Son , We should begin the ceremony now , Sacred time is going to end .

Sunny also arrived there .

Amma was quiet . Veer was still and motionless .

Sunny : Yes , Pandit ji , Come .

Priest : Who will do the last rites .

Sunny : Wait Sir .

He goes to Him .

Sunny : Veer , Pandit jee , Is asking for you , Come let’s do the last rites .

Veer : Sunny , Pari is not dead , This is not Pari .

Amma : Veer , So , Balance your emotions .

Veer : Why are you both not understanding , It’s not Pari’s body , I can’t feel her , When I touched her hands .

Priest : Please come .

With many requests , Veer finally stood up , His feet couldn’t move , But He has to do the last rites .

After some time .

Nikhil comes there , He was clapping his hands .

Nikhil : Ha!!! what a sigh of relief , Seeing this fire , My heart is cooled down .

Veer was silent , He couldn’t feel his surroundings .

Sunny : Please Mr. Go out .

Nikhil : Oh poor , Veer , I tried a lot to make her understand , Not to cheat me , But she didn’t listen .

Veer got angry and Comes to him . Gave him a tight slap .

Veer : Listen , You , Pari hasn’t died , She is alive .

Sunny : Yes , She is alive in our hearts .

Nikhil : You will have to Pay , whatever you say , I really don’t care , Truth is I won and She is dead .

He goes from there .

Dont be upset , New twist is coming soon . Waiting eagerly for your comments . please ???

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  1. ChandanaSSV

    Osm story ??? eagerly waiting for nxt update

  2. The episode was amazing. Really love has feeling and emotions which veer felt. This track was little similar to that of naamkaran serial. But as u said there will be some new twist. Veer slapped nikhil made me fell relax. Hos utter pater always made some what sad and anger. If nikhil had not changed pari bady with another then what might have happened. Can’t guess also. Eagerly awaited next episode. Please post as soon as possible.

    1. Kira

      Thanks for comment …

    2. Kira

      Shruti , Honestly I’m right now not watching NAAMKARAN , can you plz tell me little summary of what’s happening there .

  3. No no she can’t die ??? stupid Nikhil ? Eagerly waiting for next part. Post asap ASAPP

    1. Kira

      Thanks for commenting , Next coming soon dear

      1. When will it be published??

  4. It’s similar to NAAMKARAN but waiting for some new and totally different twist {( I hope u don’t show them separated )} .
    I think it’s PARIVEER plan .

  5. Ya off course. Its shown that avni and mishti are died at vidyut house when vidyut pushes avni and due to which havan falls down and the house catches fire. But actually they have replaced the dead bodies. Now its 10 years leap. Avni as disguise herself as nielanjana and mishti as sisha. Neil as left police service and has joined jockey and is now rj neil khanna. Neil feels that avni is alive and is in search of her.

    1. Kira

      What should I do ??this is what I thought just little different , Help me friends ….??????

      1. I think you can add a twist
        At London
        Pari is waiting for someone .suddenly doorbell rings and some comes in .
        He’s none other than Veer .
        It’s like their Goa plan .

  6. The story was osm ,,,,, but sad . Though eagerly waiting for next episode .

  7. Awesome story ..??
    I think it’s PARIVEER’s plan to exact revenge from Mikhail .
    Waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode .

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