EPISODE 62


Veer : Wow how cool is it to walk in London streets.

Pari : Yes

Veer : Tomorrow is Christmas , The 25 December and that so in London .

Pari : Yes it’s gonna be amazing ( Slowly )

Veer : What happened why you look so sad , Am I boring

Pari : No it’s no like that , But I don’t know since morning I’m having little uneasiness ,  like something is going to happen .

Veer : Oh be happy , See it’s London . Smile …

She wasn’t , He started tickling her .

Pari : Hahha , Please , Don’t do so , See I’m smiling .

Veer : That’s like my GF .

Pari : Thanks G.F , Good friend.

Veer : Come let’s have A hot hot dog .

They were standing near a fast food vendor.

Pari : Veer see there some men are teasing that girl .

Veer : Yes you’re right .

Pari : why are you standing here , Let’s go and help her out .

Veer : No

Pari : what ! why ? If I were at her place then what would you do .

Veer : Then I would do the same . See .

He goes a little forward and shouts loudly ” Hey girl , Don’t worry , Don’t think that you’re weak give them a tight slap ”

Everyone was looking at him . Later they also joined him and She showed her hidden power .She comes and thanked them all .

Pari : wow Veer your words moved her . Thank you .

Veer : You know what we all have hidden powers in us , But we don’t use them to the fullest , Once we knew them , We can conquer the world .

Pari : You’re amazing . Pk .

Veer : I’ve a surprise for you .

Pari : what ?

Veer : Come let’s go that Park .

Pari : what is it , Tell me .Now don’t say like  old serials close your eyes .

Veer : Okay then wait .

He takes out a necklace and put’s it around her neck .

Pari : It’s so cute .

Veer : Thanks , Now listen what are it’s speciality .

Pari : Hurry up tell , I’m curious .

Veer : Listen , It glows at night and can you see that red light , It denotes that we both are within 2 km reach , And it has a microphone in it . we can talk through it .

Pari : I’m impressed , It’s soo good .

Veer : Okay let’s go to hotel now , I’m Hungary .

After having luch .

Veer : okay where are we going now .

Pari : At the tour list it was written ‘ Hogwarts of snow ‘

Veer : What really .

Pari : What is it .

Veer : It’s a Harry potter based Studio , Specially visited during Christmas .

Pari : Wow let’s go hurry up .

Welcome to ‘ HOGWARTS OF SNOW ‘

Pari : Oh god its so beautiful , Charming .

Veer : See that harry Potter clothes .

Pari : Hey there’s a beautiful castle .

Veer : I’m enjoying it .

After their visit they came back . It was 11: pm already .

Veer : Good night Pari , And merry Christmas .

Pari : Mary Christmas to you too.

Around 1Pm .

Veer woke up and silently goes out .
Veer : Tomorrow is Christmas and the best day I can express my love , Tomorrow I’ll tell Pari what are my feelings for her .

He was walking on the street and Goes inside a diamond jewelry shop .


At 6: am .

Pari was sleeping on the bed . Her body was badly sweating . It seems like she is dreaming something very awful and terrible . She suddenly woke up .

Pari : Affff affff ( huffing ) , Oh lord what a dreadful nightmare it was .

Pari – I saw ( her face was badly wet , Hairs tangled ) I saw Him , I saw him coming back ….

Pari looks here and there , Veer wasn’t there , His phone was there on the table .


Don’t you think –
-Where is Veer
-Who is coming back

Stay tuned coming up a big twist .

Want a full tour to The studio visit here –

With love ending
Kira .
Bye . Do like & comment.

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    The harry potter studio is so beautiful . Check out link to see it above in ff . Please share your thoughts and views, Don’t forget to ??

  2. The studio is really amazing. Have u ever visited London. Or its ur research. Really ur episode is super. Please tell me what happened around 1 pm. Its little bit confusing for me. The necklace was with new idea. I liked it.

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      Keep on reading girl ur confusions would be vanished

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