Pari : Oh my god it’s too big .

Veer : Let’s step in .

Pari : Okay let’s go

Pari : Hey Dr. Amma is calling .
She picks up the phone and starts Chatting .

Veer : Pari hurry up now .

She was still talking .

Veer : Oh oh Let her talk I go and get something to eat .

He goes . After some time her call ends .

Pari : Veer , Veer , Where are you let’s go in .

She can’t see him neither left or right nor back or front .

Pari ( eyes full of tears ) : Veer where are you , It’s not a joke .

Place was hugely populated and she was getting tensed . He comes .

Veer : Hey why are your eyes so watery

Pari : where were you ?

Veer : I got something to eat for you .

Pari : Please don’t go like this again , I’m terrified .

Veer : Okay sorry G.F

Pari : G.f ( shockingly)

Veer : what , Good friend . Come on let’s go .

He puts his hand on her shoulders and they both goes in .

Pari : There’s the ticket counter .

Veer : For what , This giant wheel ?

Pari : That’s for what we’re here .

Veer : I’m afraid of Heights .

Pari : If you can made me fight my phobia then I can also make you fight with your fear of heights . Come on now .

She hold his hand and took her to the ride . They showed the tickets and gets in . 

The wheel began moving . They were with two more couples . One of them was looking out . Another couple was kissing hard . Veer was constantly looking at them .

Pari : Veer see out there , it’s huge . Veer !!! what are you looking at .

Veer : Nothing , What were you saying .

Pari : Aren’t you getting afraid now .

Veer : I’m little bit .

Pari : You know its a 30 minutes ride . Its fun .

They were going up . Pari and Veer were sitting , Seeing outside the beautiful view of London as now they’ve reached the top …

Pari holds Veers hand and looks into his eyes .
( Background music plays –
I lose my breath whenever I see you
You stole my heart, what is it that you do?
My life was grey, till you added colors
Like the moon needs the sun, we don’t care ’bout the others
You set my world on fire
You’re my heart’s desire
I just wanna love you
Just wanna hold you
Just wanna be with you till we grow old
Just tell me you’ll stay or take me away
I want you for myself every single day
You set my world on fire
You set my world on fire )

The ride slowly comes down . Pari had put her head on his shoulders .

They landed on the floor and came out .

Veer : It was such a amazing experience .

Pari : But you were looking somewhere else .

Veer : what !! what you want to say , I’m that types .

Pari : Yes you are .

Veer : what types . Tell me ??

She walks away from there . Veer behind her .

Veer hold her arms and twists her around , He was holding her with his both arms .

Veer : Now tell me what type I’m of ?

Pari : Hmm….. You are !!

Veer : I’mmm…

Pari : ‘Isq mein sarfira ‘ types ‘
( mad in ones love ) .

Veer : Oh really am I .

She pushed him back and walks forward , Through the edges of beautiful River Thames .

Veer : Now what to do next .

Pari : A challenge .

Veer : what ?

Pari : A indian restaurant is here nearby , They serve Pani Puri .

Veer : My mouth is going watery .

Pari : So I challenge you , You can’t eat more Pani puris than me .

Veer : Oh oh don’t fly so high. I can eat more than 20.

Pari : And I can eat 40.

Veer : Don’t joke .

Pari : So will you accept my challenge .

Veer : For sure .


They reached the hotel .
The table is all set , Both contestants are ready .

Veer : I know that I will win , But what will the winner get .

Pari : Whatever winner will say other has to do for 1 hour .

Veer : Fine , Let’s go .

The pani puris are served . They started eating it .

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