EPISODE 59


Pari : Wow breakfast is good over here .

Veer : Yah , So when are we leaving for London eye .

Pari : It opens at 11 , So till then we can do a little shopping okay .

Veer : Did you brought your Credit or debit card .

Pari : Nope I didn’t , I know you might have bought yours .

Veer : Okay then , Instead of shopping , Let’s go and do sight seeing .

Pari : How mean are you !!

Veer : You know I just read a joke . A person was asking someone to give him 20 rs/- for coffee .

Pari : okay then .

Veer : The person told him that coffee is of rs- 10, Why you need double  , He replied that his girlfriend was also with him . The man shouted you are so poor and you had a girlfriend. The begged replied , No sir , My girlfriend has made me Poor .

Pari : I was just joking , You took it so seriously , Go I don’t want to buy anything with you , I’ll go alone . Bye .

She stood up and goes out .

Veer : Pari , Pari , Wait , Was just breaking a joke . Pari !!!!

She sat inside the Taxi , With her Veer comes and sits .

Veer : Pari , Listen , It was just a prank .
Pari : You men know pranks only on women , Girlfriend and wives .

The driver was driving the car .

Driver : Sir my Wife also disturbs a lot , What should I do .

Veer : Please drive the car silently .

Pari : see every man is the same .

She was angry .They reached the shopping complex .

Veer : Paru , sweetu .

She goes and sits inside a ice cream parlour .

Veer bought her 20 flavors of ice cream .

He picked up and and she nod her head in NO . Then he sings a song (
Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon,, Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon ,,Agar Tum Kaho Main Koi,, Aisa Geet Gaoon Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon,, Agar Tum Kaho Tum Kaho

Then he picks the last flavor , Peach , It was her favorite . She smiles and takes it .

Veer : Thank God , Now you smiled

Pari : So let’s go for shopping .

Veer : And what about the bill of these ice creams .

Pari : I don’t know .

They laughs and moves to shopping area .

Pari : Wow so many cute dresses here .

Veer : Look at shirts , I’ll look so dashing .

They were buying stuff .

Pari : Veer your choice of shirt is good , What about this dress .

Veer : Not that good . Try this one .

After a lot of shopping . They took a cab to London eye . They reached there and submitted their bags in lockers .

Pari : Oh my my see the biiiggg Ferris wheel .

Veer : You know it’s 443 feet tall .

Stay tuned , like & comment. coming soon crazy , romantic , thrilling episodes .

Hi friends I’m not getting a good response these days so I may may may close this Ff and start with new after a few weeks , I think so . But that’s just a prediction , I may or I may not . Soo byee….


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  1. Priyu

    This one is great! They are in London eye!! Great! And veer doesn’t like shopping ??? men are such. But it’s fun na. Yet it costs a lot of money of boys ? I accept. And veer was so lovely when he tried to be friend with pari again. And veer sang a song! Wow! Really lovely one .
    And what!!!!! You are going to close this ff ??????????????????????????????????????????? don’t.
    If you feel you aren’t getting a good response, it’s ok ? even I don’t like to continue my ffs without good response. Your choice. I will always remember your FF no matter what. I enjoyed every bit of your FF. ☺☺☺ you are a good talented writer and super genious in writing. ?????? good luck. Love you ???????

    1. Kira

      Actually what is !!! That I want to continue , But whenever I see dislikes and few likes then I get demotivated . But later I tell my heart that no don’t get demotivated , Keep on trying , never give up , I. Trying my best all the time . And now I think I should change my mindset I’m going to end story even if there is few likes and many dislikes . I know I have friends like you , Who encourage me . So I am not going to give up .

      Well thanks Pari and all my gr8 dosto …

      1. Kira

        Will end when its completed

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