” All the passengers are informed that within next hour we are going to land in London ” – The announcement was made .

Pari – Yehhhh , we’re going to reach London .

Veer : Is it your first time in any foreign country?

Pari : Yes , Honestly after I got my phobia I never moved out of my city . I just remained in my home and NGO .

Veer : Don’t worry we will enjoy very much .

Pari : Oh you know I’m afraid when Plane lands . I remember when I was little , Around 8 , I was with my uncle , We were going to meet some relatives .

Veer : Okay

Pari : And when Plan landed I hold my uncles hand so tightly that his hand pained for whole day .

Veer : Oh my lord , I need to hide my sensitive hands from my Lady Singham .

Pari : I was joking .

Veer : Me too . But Are you really afraid of Landings .

Pari : Well that’s true .

Now the plane was landing down , Everyone was ordered to fasten their seat belts .

Veer : Pari close your eyes and hold my hand .

Pari : Good Idea . Look outside its so cool .

veer : Its astonishing .

It took couple of minutes for the plane to safely land on The London floor .

Veer : Pari we’re here , Open your eyes now .

Pari ( Shouts ) : What we’re in London , Yehhhhhhh…..

They got out of the Plane and comes to the Arrival stations .

Pari : Look at the Airport its so huge .

Veer : Wow , Its beautiful .

Pari : Let’s eat something .

They were at the dinners.

Veer : Is there any arrangements for cab and transportation .

Pari : You just eat , Cab will after sometimes when I’ll call on this number .

Veer : Where we’re are staying ?

Pari : It’s a huge hotel , And a surprise for you too .

Veer : Oh sounds fun . What we are going to do today , Its just 5: Pm now .

Pari : I know we’ll go have some rest , Lunch, and then little Shopping .

Veer : First day shopping !!! Girls and shopping are like two best friends .

Pari : Yehhh, You’re saying as if you will not buy anything .

Veet: Eat this sandwich ! .. you’ll love it . ( He tries not to take the topic forward)

Pari : You know tomorrow we’re going to the London eye .

veer : what !! I’ve heard a lot about this . Ahhh Just I want to be there as soon as possible .

what’s next?
– Pari fighting her phobia
– Nikhil is back
– Wants to destroy both …..

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  1. Priyu

    ?????? that’s true. Girls like shopping ?finally they are in London. ??? veer is so caring ? they will surely enjoy alot.nice episode. Keep writing.

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