Pari ” Today I’m Very happy, we are going to London ”

Veer Comes in . Pari was dancing . She’s very happy .

Veer : Bags ready ?

Pari : Yes both of us .

Veer : Wow , You did for me too .

Pari : Yes .

Veer : Let me see . .. Wow , You know what would I’d like to wear , You did an awesome job .

Pari : Okay now go and sleep , Right in morning 5 we’ve to leave .


It was 4 : am , Pari was still sleeping. Veer comes to see her .

Veer : Get up , Get up.
She didn’t responded. He brings some cool water and sprinkled over her face .

Pari ” Oh…. what’re you doing .

Veer : It’s 4 . Get ready !! .

She woke up , And both gets ready .


At the airport .

Pari : Wow I’m so excited we’re going through ‘ Singapore airlines ‘

Veer : Their flights are good . Thanks we’re on time , and Everything is done .

Pari : Now we just have to wait till boarding .

She checks her bag and gets tensed .

Pari : Veer I forgot my medicines .

Veer : Which medicines ?

Pari : You know what I am talking about . I can’t live without them a minute .

She was terrified. Veer takes her hand and spoke smoothly .

Veer : Don’t you worry , May this is God’s plan . He wants you to learn how to face men .

Pari : Nope ( with tears ) I can’t . I’ll get scared . I can’t face the world . I can’t fight with my phobia .

Veer : Pari , If you trust me then , Please don’t cry , I’ll be there with you always , You will never feel nervous . And promise me you’ll try not to take medicines from now .

The announcement for boarding is made . Passenger s were going in. Before getting in A man asked Pari for showing her , Her tickets .
She got panic .

Veer : Pari , Show him your tickets .

She was shaking , But showed him . They entered the big plane . Unfortunately their seats were sperate .

Pari : Veer I’m going back . No I can’t , I’m sorry .

Veer : No you’ve to be strong . Sit there okay .

She sat at the window seat , Veer was sitting towards her opposite side , on the other lane .

After an hour .

It was now bright outside . Pari was looking out , She was sad because a man was sitting with her .

Veer requests him to go to his seat . He comes and sits with her . Pari suddenly hugs him . She was afraid .

Pari : Thanks veer .

Veer : Nope , I came here because I don’t want to destroy your mood , I can’t see you sad . But you’ve to deal with situation , I’ll not be there with your always . okay .

Pari : Yes I’ll try my best .

Lunch arrived and now only a few hours were left for their dreadful London tour .

what’s next ?
– Evil is back
– what will happen at London
– what’s NIKHIL’S plans ……????

Sorry for short episode . I was busy whole day .

Keep reading , commenting . Need your support friends . Bye ……
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  1. Priyu

    Awesome part .. loved it ??? veer is so caring. He helps pari a lot. nice boy pari got. She’s lucky ? it’s ok dear post next one asap. Waiting eagerly. Good luck. Keep writing.

  2. Kira its cheating……… u are saying sorry and friends also……..Nope. No thank you no sorry in friendship. The episode was really good. Wow now pari will soon get out of her phobia. Her struggle of years will now get over but as it is ur ff this will not get over easily. But yet we like pari struggle, ur explanation and ur creativity. Keep it up.

    1. Kira

      Yupp … Keep on reading new twists r coming … And this time as u said no thnku but all the best for u r future . bye

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