Inside the Central jail .

Police constable : Sir It’s Mr.Kumar he wants to talk to you .

He hands over the phone to a person sleeping inside a cell ( jail ) on a bench .

Nikhil : Hello Mr.Kumar

M. Kumar : Oh Nikhil Ji Are you enjoying inside the jail .

Nikhil : Yes , Just because of you . Thanks that you’re the head of the government of state , I’m like feeling at home .

M.Kumar : Oh oh Nikhil Ji , This is nothing , You’ve helped me a lot , By sending beautiful  ‘mirchis’ to my home .

Nikhil : oh you liked those ‘ Mirchis’ , I’m glad . Should I send some more , We’ve just caught some new , They’re very spicy .

M.Kumar : Oh oh oh. Well I’ve a good news for you too .

Nikhil : What ?

M.Kumar : The thing you ordered is ready just will arrive in few days .

Nikhil : Thanks a lot . I’ll always remember you . Bye .

Nikhil ” Just once I got that thing , I’ll be freed from here . Just waiting for my lucky charm to come . Then I’ve to take revenge from some special people ”


” Good morning mam how can I help you ” – Receptionist

” Hi, I’m Pari , Where’s Mr.Veer ”

” Oh You are Miss. Pari His friend ”

” Ya ”

” He’s right there , Just a left from the corner , Well mam welcome you to RV group of companies ”

” Thank you so much ” – Pari .

She goes towards the cabin whose Glass door she knocked .

Pari : May I come in sir .

Veer : Yes please .

He was sitting on the chair very busy in his laptop that he didn’t looked up .

Veer : Miss. Pooja where are those files , Did you got them .

Pari : Yes here are they sir .

Veer : Okay go and get me a coffee please .

Pari : I’m already having it sir .

He looks up , His eyes were wide .

Veer : Pari , I’m my office ,Welcome .

Pari : I was already welcomed my your receptionist.

Veer : wow . wait .
” Sunny , Come in with some snacks , A very special guest is here ” He ordered from phone .

Pari : I’m here to deliver a good news .

Veer : what , Another cricket match .

Pari : Nope , It’s something more than that.

Sunny comes in with a big platter of juice , Samosa , Gulab jamun .

Pari : Oh my god sunny , You are doing a lot of work here .

Veer : Yes he can do anything for his sister .

Sunny : Hmmmmm… having a business partner like Veer is awful .

Veer : Sunny , Pari has a good news .

Pari : Okay listen , I took part in an online quiz , I won and I’ve got a free tour to London .

Veer : What !!! Are you sure you’re not being betrayed .

Pari : Nope , They called me and also mailed me all the details .

Sunny : Wow when is it and are you going alone .

Pari : Unfortunately I got a couple tickets , And now I’m thinking whom to take along.

Sunny : Di take me , I can also speak good English and Veer s English is pathetic .

Pari ( jokingly ) : Okah then I will register your name .

Veer : Okay fine with me . Me and mine manager Miss.Rupa is going on a business trip to worlds most romantic place
itlay .

Pari : I was joking Veer .

Veer : Nope that’s final .

They both were arguing .

Sunny : Okay guys , Listen , I’m not going , I don’t want to be ‘ Kebab mein haddi ‘

Pari : Alright then Sunny tell your friend to come home as soon as possible , We’re leaving the day after tomorrow to London …..

Bye .

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  1. Actually I opened ur gift boxes it had very beautiful gift full with love. If u don’t mind can u share ur birthdate and from where are you. Now to the point. It was superb episode. Awww veer got little embrassed due to poor English. I think he will join pari by saying he is going to tour. Let’s see what happen next. Will eagerly wait for next post

    1. Kira

      Thanks my b’day is on August 13 , I’m from Punjab .

  2. Priyu

    What’s this Nikhik up to now? Why isn’t he letting pari stay peacefully ? anyway sunny is funny as always ?? im sure pari and veer will enjoy their tour.? so lovely they are. Nice episode ? keep writing. Sorry for late comment.

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