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Next morning .

Veer was getting ready for the coffee meet with Pari .

Sameer : Veer take this perfume , your date would be romantic .

Veer : It’s not a date , Nothing like that okay , Just a coffee meet .

Sunny : Veer don’t lie ha !! I heard you singing song ‘ Pehla Nasha , Pehla Khumaar ‘ while bathing .

Veer : So you’re saying this to me and day before yesterday what you were singing ‘ Shella ki…..’

Sunny : Sorry sorry I am putting my hand inside lions mouth .

Veer : Thanks bro .

Sunny : Oh ya forgot to tell you that I got this purse from guest room .

Veer : May Pari had left it during her stay .

Sunny : Yes . And I saw these medicines In it .

Veer : Could you please tell me what were you searching in her bag .

Sunny : Wow , My friend thinks I’m stealing , No bro it falls down from the bag .

Veer saws the Medicines and something Ener,,,,antro,,,,,pow,,, something like that was written .

Veer : What would be these medicines for .

Sunny : I don’t know , I’m a business man .

Veer : I know , Check it on internet .

Sunny : It’s something related to Anti fear drugs .

Veer : What !!!! give it to me , Your English is so poor .

Sunny : I’m going , Bye .

He got curious about , He thought he should go first to doctor Amma .


Veer : Aunt what are these medicines for ?

Amma : It’s my oath that I would not tell you anything .

Veer : Aunt , Is it something serious .

Amma : Pari ordered me that I should not tell you anything , I explain her a lot but she didn’t listened .

Veer : Please tell me everything .

Amma : As a doctor , I care about my patients and Not whole but some truth I can speak .

Veer : What truth ?

Amma : Pari has Androphobia .

Veer : what is it .

Amma : I explain you in brief .

Veer : It’s fear of men . Mostly seen in younger women . Maybe due to s*xual assault or molestation . In this phobia , Sufferers have fear of left alone with a men , Or seeing a man they may think something is going to happen .

Veer : Oh my god . But how did it happen to Pari . How ? Please tell .

Amma : Really sorry Veer I promised to her . Now only you can ask her .

Veer : But I saw her fighting all alone with men , Even With me she wasn’t afraid at all .

Amma : This is what I want to explain . Listen . Every single she has to take some drugs which releases some chemicals in her body . These provides not only the power to face world but also stamina , Anger .

Veer : What !!! Since how long she’s taking medicines , Isn’t it harmful for health .

Amma : It is , I advised her many times, but if she doesn’t have them she would scream , Shout , Or sometimes cry a lot or even faint of fear .

Veer ( His eyes were red ) : How can we stop all this , How can I help her ?

Amma : It’s only you who can help , Only drugs aren’t a solution , If her fear , That is a man ,  tries to make comfortable, Makes her understand that she is safe . Then may be , Slowly her fear can be reduced .

Veer : I’m ready to take up this challenge . Give me your blessings aunt .

Amma : Now only you can save my daughter. Go and ask her about her past life and heal her pain .

Veer : I will .

Amma : She’s living with this sorrow , Heartache since many years .

Veer touches her feet and goes out with red eyes and a constant lust to  know her past .


At coffee station . Pari was standing outside , Waiting .

Veer : You’ve Androphobia . You didn’t told me .

Pari : what are you saying , Who told you this ?

Veer : That doesn’t matters to me . First tell me about you past .

Pari was silent .

Veer holds her shoulders , He tries to know.

Veer : For how long you will live with this Pain . Throw it out .

Pari : I don’t know . I can’t tell that to you because I’m afraid .

Veer : Of what !!! Tell me what are you afraid of !!!!! Don’t you trust me.

Pari : I’m afraid that if I told you I could lose you , I may lose a friend .

Veer : Aunt told me about your fear . Only I can help you please …

Pari : sorry Veer I can’t bring that incident to my lips .

Veer : Trust me , I can ease your ache .

Pari : Veer Sorry , Please … I do trust you but …

Veer : okay fine then when your heart will tell you , Then only I’ll talk to you .

He goes from there in anger .

Pari : How !!!!!!( crying hard)


She goes to her home and writes a letter . She goes and drops that letter in Veers’ house .


Afternoon ….

Veer was in his office thinking that Pari hadn’t called him.

Veer : I think I didn’t behaved well today . I should call her once .

He calls her 4 times .

Veer : Why’s she not answering .

He leaves all work and comes to Pari’s house . She wasn’t there . He asked Aunt but she wasn’t there too , Confirmed NGO , But neither there .

He goes to his house and Saws his letter box opened . He goes and picks the letter in there .

It letter was from Pari . He opens it slowly and reads it .

” I know that you love me and today I want to confess that I love you too . I can’t tell you about my past right in front of you . So I’m writing this letter . It all happened when I was 18 . My family was very traditional , I was married to a man in his 20s . For some time he loved me a lot , cared for me , But one day I found that all that was a trick . He was trying to trap me in his net . When I asked him and argued with him , I was raped . That day was 12 October . My whole life was destroyed . As he did with other girls , He wanted to burn me alive . But before that I ran away . And he used to keep all his information , when he kidnapped , Molested , Abducted , Married girls , Everything in a laptop . I stole that and ran from there ”

His eyes were completely moist . Filled with tears.
He reads further .

” I came here , In this city , My whole childhood passed in my NGO. I came here , He got to know that I’ve stolen his laptop and to get it back he killed my parents . Hearing this incident I was broken , I developed fear of men . But Dr.Amma helped me and prepared me for fighting my own battles . She made me the owner of this NGO . And Now you would wish to know who was that man . He was non other than NIKHIL .”

” And if you are curious why didn’t I told you , Then I was afraid that I will lose a friend . But now its your choice to continue or break up .
Bye waiting for you in the seat of nature ”

” Pari ” .




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