Episode 49


VEER : I was curious whole night what you want me to tell .

Dr: I want to talk to you about Your and Pari’s friendship .

Veer : What I can’t understand .

Dr: Aren’t you confused , Don’t you think that Why’d Pari always seems like Panic or especially when she saw you firstly .

Veer : Doc. Please be clear

Dr: Son , Listen Pari and I made a promise that I’ll never till this to you but I’ve to break this .

Amma was very worried about Pari . She thought he’s the only who can solve her problem .

Veers’ Phone rings . After a few minutes .

Veer : Sorry Aunt , I can’t talk to you now , I’ve to reach office urgently .

Unfortunately Pari was standing out she heard the whole conversation .

Veer lefts and Pari comes in

Pari : I told you not to tell Him anything about it .

Dr.Amma : But why , It’s really necessary .

Pari : I’ll tell him when my mind and heart will allow me .

Dr.Amma : But Pari , Listen my child …

Pari : Please Mom if you try to tell him anything , I shall do something to me . I’m not black mailing you but Please try to understand .

Dr.Amma : I think you’re doing
wrong .

Pari hugs her( She was sobbing) ” I know I’m , I can’t speak this to him , I’m afraid I’ll loose him . Because I love him ”

Dr. Amma : Don’t worry one day everything would be all fine .

Pari was crying hard ” I can’t explain even myself that why I can’t go and just straight away tell him that I was married , My heart beats with Pain whenever I think about my Past ”


Dr: My blessings are always with you , Don’t worry , Lord has some good Plans for you . By the way are you having your medicines ?

Pari : Yes I’m , I can’t live without them , I don’t know until how Much long My medicines are going to keep me alive in this world .

Dr. Amma : My daughter

She blessed her .

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  1. Priyu

    Ohh ??? veer missed the chance . He was so curious to find out about pari in the beginning, but now he didn’t even understand a word ? he should have understood her more than this. ? Pari is also hesitating to tell him ? if she tell it would have been fine ??????????? now I’m curious to know what’s going to happen next ???? poor pari . Sad for them ??post next one asap. Im eagerly waiting for next part ?

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