It was afternoon and Pari was sitting with her mom, Veer visits her to meet Dr. Amma .

Veer : Aunt how are you now .

Dr: I’m very good . What about you ?

Veer : fine .

Dr. – Son you’re very good .

Veer : Thanks .

Dr. – Pari just go and prepare some tea .

She goes .

Veer : wait I turn on the television for you .

He gets up but Amma holds his hands .

Amma : Veer , Do you love Pari ?

Veer : Aunt . What are you saying , I can’t understand .

Amma : Do you love Pari , Just answer me in Yes or No .

Veer : Yes I do, but for now we’re Just friends . I’d like to know her more and make her feel comfortable with me .

Amma : I want to talk to you , About Pari .

Veer : What you want to talk about her .

She was going to speak but Pari comes in …

Pari : Here’s the tea .

Veer ( takes cup and gives a sip ) : Well Dr. Amma , This is not that good tea .

Amma : Hmmmm…

Pari : Oh really .

She bangs him.

Veer : Oh oh I was joking . Your daughter is lady singham.

They both were arguing.

Dr. Amma in her mind ( Pari is so happy for first time , And she’s so comfortable with a boy , Veers is changing her )

What’s coming up ?

: what has happened in her past

: When and how it would be disclosed to Veer .



At night

Veer was in his room .

Veer : What was Aunt trying to say .

Sunny comes in .

Sunny : Veer you know I took a nap in afternoon and I saw a weird dream .

Veer : What , Did you saw .

Sunny : I saw your marriage .

Veer : My wedding …

Sunny : Yes you were surrounded by 100 children that came from Pari’s NGO.

Veer : Okay okay , I don’t want to hear it more , Nice dream , Could we sleep now .

Sunny : Yah we can but .

Veer : Good night sunny .


Next morning .

Veer visits Dr.Amma . Now she was in her clinic .

Veer : Hi may I come in .

Dr: come ,,come .

Veer : I was curious whole night what you wanted me to tell


Dr: Well I want to talk about you and Pari’s friendship.


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  1. Priyu

    This one is so sweet ! Sunny and veer are so funny ??their dialogues are awesome! Pari is really happy with veer! Their love story is superb! I hope pari’s mom will tell about pari soon so even I can know ?? waiting eagerly for the next part! Post asap! Good luck!

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