Last day :- Another murder in city , Veer finds PARI hiding from him at crime spot .

Officer : Know sir , We’ve got to know that CBI is taking help of some welfare society , They are trying to keep everything A top secret .

Veer : A welfare organization ?

Officer : Yes Sir .

He goes away . Veer stood up ” I should go again to crime spot ”

He finds a pile of old newspapers on his table , He got irritated .

Veer orders : Remove this from my table

He threw all the Papers on the floor and His vision landed on one of them .

Veer ” R.K Pratap selected as Superintendent of CBI ” – He read the headlines form previous years papers .

Veer thinks ” Wait ! CBI is taking help from a organization , I saw R.K frequently visiting to Pari , R.K is a CBI official , PARI on crime spot ” .

Veer was confused , He couldn’t link everything together .

Pari and R.K’s POV..

R.K : Miss.Pari , This case is becoming more and more mess now

Pari : You’re right Sir , Sir could you do me a favor , I want all the records of all the murders which happened in this manner .

R.K : Yes ! I’ll give them all to you .

Pari : For now I think I should again go back to that Location , I’m damn sure that killer would have left some clues behind .

R.K : Okay ! Take this .

He gives her a little suitcase

R.K : This is a safety box , It has every thing for your safety .

Pari : Thanks Sir .

Pari Lefts for the landmark.
She reached there and starts looking into grasses .

Pari roams here and there , She found blood stains .

Pari : What ! Blood ! It’s weird , The dead body was out on the road , The knife was just at the beginning and this blood stains here in the middle of woods .

She walks where the blood stains took her .Walking a few steps she finds that woman , Sitting on the ground , The Knife in her hands , She has killed an Goat and was taking out flesh of the dead .

Pari stood nimbleness…

The woman stood up seeing Pari , She was crying , She moved towards her .

Pari : Mam what you doing here , Who are you , Why you always come in my way , Can I help you in anyways .

The lady came to her and With her hands filled with blood she hold Pari’s throat

Lady spoke with grief : No body helped me when I want them , Now you’ll help me .

Pari was afraid , She shouted .
The old lady showed her the Same knife , She raises her arms to kill PARI . But Pari hold her hands and Pushed her back .

The lady starts running , And Pari was chasing her .

Pari spoke : Is this you who is doing all this , Tell me wait !

Lady while running exclaimed ” I’ll never come into your reach , Keep care , Someone will obviously dare ”

Instantly Pari bumped with a Rock and She was just falling down , Veer came and Catch her .

Veer : PARI ! Are you okay , How come you reach here ?

Pari’s neck was filled with blood , She was huffing badly .

Pari heaves : Veer ! That lady is Killrrrr….( She stopped )

Veer : Pari ! Shhh !! Be calm , You know it’s a crime spot and no one is allowed here .

Pari : Veer just listen to me

Veer : You can’t guess how dangerous it is for you to be here , And who was that person , How did this blood came ?

Pari : Veer cool down first , Please !

Veer : Okay sorry .

He made her sit down , Relax and gave her some water .

Veer : Pari now please tell what is all this , Blood , Lady , And why are you here .

Pari was totally puzzled what to tell him , If she tells him than Her NGO is at a risk .

Pari : Actually I came here to meet someone , Then I found a injured Goat , I tried to rescue it .

Veer : what is all this nonsense , I know you’re telling a Lie , You were running behind someone .

Pari : Veer it’s true , Let’s go home first , Then we’ll discuss .

___________ AT HOME …..

Veer was holding Pari , She was walking with trouble .

Sunny : Bhabhi what’s happen ! Are you okay .

Veer : She’s okay , Get me the first aid box hurry up .

He made her sit on Sofa .Sunny brings the medicine box .

Pari : I’m alright , Please don’t take any kind of tensions .

Sunny : But Bhabhi how did it happened.

Pari : Sunny I said Na ! It’s just a little injury nothing else .

She pops up and straight away moves to her room .

Pari : Now what should I do , I again did a mistake , Now surely Veer will doubt on me , Oh lord .

Veer furiously comes in ..

Veer : Pari why are you acting so childish ! It’s not a joke going on over here .

He made her sat on bed , Plucks some cotton and cleans the blood from her neck .

Veer : Pari now be clear, tell me why were you there , Please don’t cook any stories .

Pari stood up ” Veer ! I’m a NGO owner , I’ve to take risks some times to solve some cases .

Veer : Every Time we both used to solve every case together , Why not this one ? I don’t want you to risk your life .

Pari : You need to worry , I can protect myself .

Veer holds her shoulders .And his eyes becomes red .

Veer with agony : You very well know that this time a stupid killer is killing women ruthlessly . Do you know when I saw you there with blood I thought that you’re also …. Why can’t you understand , I don’t want to loose you .

Pari keeps his hands on his face : I know veer , You love me , I’m sorry , I’ll take care of myself now , Okay !

Veer : Till now almost 3 cases have been reported , I want you to be alert Okay .

Pari to herself ( How can I explain , That I’ve found who is the killer , I saw her with my own eyes , That old lady )

Veer goes out of the room .
Pari calls R.K and narrates him the incident .

Pari : Sorry Sir , I’ll be careful next time .

R.K : What you were so near to that Killer , You couldn’t catch her . And now Veer also doubts you

Pari : No Sir , I’ll try my best , I’ll find her soon . And Veer will not get to know anything .


Veer was talking on Phone ..

Officer : Veer sir , We’ve got to know from one victim that he saw a Lady near dead body at the crime spot , That lady was holding knife .

Veer : what ! Did the man saw her face .

Officer : Yes , Sir , He helped us to make a sketch , It would be ready in some time .

Veer : Amazing , Send it to me hurry up .

After some time , He got the Picture .

Veer : So this is that Lady , And I think , PARI knows something about her .


Pari : Sir , Believe me this Plan will work .

R.K : Are you sure , She’ll come again ?

Pari : Yes, I’m sure , She’ll obviously come there , This is the Golden chance , we can catch her .

R.K : Alright then , You’ll go there tomorrow .

Pari : Bye Sir .

Veer comes in …

Pari : Veer , Tomorrow I’ve to go to Delhi for a meeting

Veer : But You know the situations right now .

Pari : No I’ll be fine , It’s urgent , I’ve to Leave .

Veer : Okay fine then

______ The night ___________

Pari was laying on bed , Reading a file . Veer comes to her .

Veer ( holding a picture ) : Pari , Do you know this woman .

Pari : No I don’t ( she knew , She lied )

Veer : I can find it out from your face that you’re hiding something .

Pari : I’m not hiding anything
She hurriedly gets down and goes to washroom .

Then , Pari’s phone rings .

Veer : Why’s R.K Pratap calling at this time of night .

Veer Pics up the call .

R.K spoke ” Agent , Pari , I’ve arranged all the files which you required , And tomorrow your meeting should be very successful , Okay bye ”

Pari comes out , And saws Veer holding her Phone .

Veer : R.K called you .

Pari : Oh what did he said .

Veer : He told you to get ready for the meeting Agent Pari .

Pari eyes grew wider .

Veer : So all the best for your meeting tomorrow .

Pari : Ya ! we’ve a meeting in Delhi tomorrow , I told you .

They both lay silently on bed , Turned opposite to each other .

Pari to herself : Veer I’m not going to Delhi for any meeting , It’s a part of my Plan .

Veer to himself : There’s something fishy , R.K called Pari a agent , Pari came across a woman in jungle , And a woman holding knife at crime spot , And yes , A girl who snatched the Knife stained with blood , The earring , Which was exactly like that of Pari .

Pari to herself : Tomorrow is a golden opportunity , I’ve find that killer .

Veer to himself : Tomorrow I’ve to find out what’s happening here !!

~~~~After some hours.

Veer woke up and sits on lounge. He opens all the files .

Veer : Why my suspicion is pointing towards this woman ; And this knife in all the pictures is same , What’s this ?

Veer saws on Table an Envelope .

Veer pics it up ” Thanks Happy uncle , You gave me a nice gift before going ”

Veer : Now this will definitely help me out , And tomorrow PARI is also going to Delhi .

All of a sudden , Something falls down from the table near Pari’s Bed . Veer stood up and Pics it up and keeps it . Pari holds Veer’s hand .

Veer sat down beside her ” How innocent you are while silent , But what is going on in this Silent Pari is known to nobody ”

Veer : How difficult is it to understand you .

Then Pari murmurs something while sleeping ” Veer I’m sorry I’m hiding for you , But I’ve to do this , If I told you then R.K will …. Please Veer forgive me ”

[ Precap :- PARI has a plan to trap the killer . Pari and Veer unknown of each other are on same bus , Pari and veer had disguised themselves ; Veer without knowing calls Pari his wife ; They both are given same seat and room ]

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