EPISODE 40( Again ) 

She moved in the little house .

” Dr.Amma , Mom where are you ”

Veer : Why everything is messed up here .

Pari : Veer go and search in that corner , I’ll go there .

Books were dropped down , lamps broken , Chairs tangled.

Veer founds Dr. Amma behind the sofa , She was brutally beaten and her arms and legs tied with ropes.

Veer : Doctor ,, ( shouts )

Pari comes and both helped her .

Pari : Mom ( not real ) are you okay , How it happened ?

Veer : Go and get a glass of water .

Pari goes .

Dr.Amma holds Veers’ hand and says ” Son , she needs you , Save her from him ” .

Veer : Who , Aunt tell me ?

Pari comes and gives her water .

Veer calls ambulance and After half and hour after admitting her , They both comes back .

Sameer: See , one more attack , Why don’t you tell us .

Pari : I can’t help myself .

She goes to room and looked herself .

Veer : I don’t know , I can’t understand what’s happening .


Veer goes to hospital with Sameer to ask Doctor .

Sameer : Aunt , Please tell what happened .

She explains that a bunch of men comes to her home and beat her ….

Veer : Did they rob !

Sameer : No they didn’t came to rob , Its something else .


Inside room

PARI was sitting on the floor

” What should I do now , Should I go and tell everything to Police , But what if they kill others , Like now they did to Sophia and Mom . ”

” Or should I , Myself surrender to Nikhil , So that everyone’s life is secured ”

” Oh god what should I do now ”

” Help me or call me to heaven ”





The next day …


Person 1 : My lord , That IPS officer is trying his hard to open Paris’ mouth , Do something .

Nikhil : Shut up , You need not tell me what I’ve to do .


Pari was sitting beside A little temple in the Guest room .

A notification Is heard on her phone . It was an Email from An unknown source .

She opened that email under which a warning saying ‘it only belongs to pari ‘ was written . The email was highly secured could only be opened if Pari’s image was Shown to it .

She opened the Email . After watching that 20 minutes long Email , Her phone slipped out of her hand . She moved and strikes with wall .

Nikhil sent her a voice message . It said – ” Till now you might have watched the video , I can’t take risk more now , Either surrender yourselves to me or I’ll press the button , Hurry up you only have 3 hours with you , Tick-tock ,Tick-tock , Tick-tock ..”

Pari to herself ” What should I do now , What !!! ( she hold her head , Crying )

It was 3:00 pm .

” I’m defeated , Now I can’t win , I’m tired , Waiting since I was 18 , I loose , Now I don’t have any hope …” – Pari

Veer and Sameer were in the Study room , Pari stealthily moved out of the house .

Later , After 30 minutes.
Sameer goes to Pari’s room .

Sameer: Pari , Pari , where are you ?

He didn’t found her .

Sameer: Veer ( shouts) , Pari is not in her room .
Veer : Did you checked Balcony, Bathroom.

Sameer: Yes , Everywhere .

They both searched whole house.
Veer : Wait I’ve fixed cameras in my home .

After checking the footage.

Sameer: She can’t do it.

Veer : what , She ran away !!! .

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  1. Priyu

    It was little short ?but it’s ok ? Now I’m more and more curious ? where did pari went ? ? she didn’t even tell Veer. If Sameer was more attentive ? , he could have been able to know about nikhil too. ?? now pari left alone . What will happen to her. ? poor she.
    Update the next episodes soon! Eagerly waiting to know what’s going to happen next! If you can , write a little longer ☺ I’m happy to read your FF. Good Luck!

    1. Kira

      Ya I didn’t wrote long bcz I’m thinking of some plot twist and good episode next .

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