Episode 37(Again)


Sophia falls down , Blood was flowing out of her body , PARIs’ both hands were red .

She shouted loudly – Sophia , Sophia , I can’t live without you ( She was screaming )

Sameer and veer reached there .

Veer : Pari !!!

Sameer : You know the girl

Veer : Yes she’s my friend .

They both go to the spot .


Inside the hospital .

Sophia was in the operation theater . As the bullet just passed through Paris’ arm she was okay now , But she was silent , Her friend was in critical situation because of her .

Veer : PARI are you okay

PARI didn’t spoke anything .

Sameer : Tell me how all this happened ?

She was still silent .

Sameer : Veer , Sorry I’m saying this but She was there at the spot , She has to be taken to police station .

Veer took Sameer to side and said : Listen , if you trust me then please don’t do so .

Sameer : Sorry , but I know what should I do , She has to be taken .

He called lady officer but VERR didn’t allowed anyone to disturb her , He himself took her to the police station .


         EPISODE 38

Inside police station too, Pari didn’t spoke anything .

Sameer : She knows the man who did it , but she isn’t telling , Hiding truth from police is a crime .

Veer : Sameer , she is in state of stupor (सदमा) , Please let her recover, then, you could ask what you want to .

Sameer : Fine, but till then she’ll stay in lock- up .

Veer : Sam you want her to stay in front of your eyes , Then we’ll take her to our home .

____ _______________________

Three comes to Veers home . Sunny has to go London regarding some meeting .

Veer took Pari to guest room , She was in complete state of unconscious .


Sameer : Veer I’m going out for some investigation .
Veer : Okay
Sameer : And you try to ask her what happened .


Veer went to the room to speak with her but she was sleeping .

Sameer goes to the spot where incident took place . He asked some people nearby if they’ve seen something .
One of the person told him that he saw two girls fighting with a mob of men and suddenly , Someone fired bullet from Gun .

Sameer asked him to draw a sketch of the man who fired the bullet . The man said he didn’t saw him completely but
from an angle .
Sketch was ready but the man can’t be recognized . Sameer showed him a picture of Pari and Sophia and he said yes they both were there .

Sameer : Pari , who are you , why are you hiding the truth ?
( to himself).


Veer goes and sits beside PARI and Puts his hand on hers : You’re my friend and it’s my responsibility that me as your friend ease your ache .

Pari awakes : Where I am !!! Where , Where is Sophia ??

Veer : Pari , PARI don’t worry , You’re at my house , You’re secure here .

Pari : Veer ??? At your house , why ?? , I had to go , Sophia needs me .

She tries to get up , Veer didn’t allowed her to move .

Veer : Listen you need rest .

Pari doesn’t pay heed , She was in constant desire to see her best friend , She got up from the bed .

Suddenly Sameer comes in and stands in door , Blocking the exit .

Sameer : You can’t go anywhere , Veer is my kin , due to his request, I’m keeping you here instead of Jail .

Pari : What you want from me ?

Sameer : Nothing , Being a IPS officer , I want you to tell what happened at that Spot .

Pari : I don’t know anything .

Sameer : You better tell , Otherwise I’ll have to take some strict actions against you .

Pari : Do whatever you like to , I don’t care , I don’t know who was he !!

Sameer : Veer , You better ask her to tell truth , Instead I also don’t know what I can do with her .

He goes out .

Pari : VEER I’m going to Hospital , Tell your friend that I’m not running away .

She goes out .

Veer : Wait , I’ll come along you .


At hospital .

Pari : Doctor , How’s Sophia now .

Doctor : Can’t say anything , She’s not responding , The bullet pierced her heart .

Veer : Doctor please do your best and save her , Please !!


           EPISODE 39


After several hours of operation , The doctor Informed that Sophia is No more . Her heart has totally failed .

Pari cried and screamed a lot .

After A few days of funeral and religious ceremonies.

Pari was sitting in front of Sophia’s picture ,  alone , In Guest room .

Pari : She died because of me , Everyone who was near to me is dying, I’ve lost many

Pari : Lord am I mistake , I mean why are you doing this to me .

She bangs her hand on the table and her Skin slits , Blood rushed out , But she was like nerveless, Lifeless . Veer came and gave her treatment .



A man tells him that IPS officer has taken PARI to his house and if under pressure she tells him the truth and discloses His identity , He could be in great trouble .

Nikhil : Don’t worry , She will never open her mouth , I know her weakness .


Paris’ Phone ringed , Veer was in the room but he was out in the balcony .

Nikhil : Hi , So how much you’ve cried till now .

Pari : Don’t worry Nikhil , I’ll take revenge of each and every tear .

Nikhil : Cry , Cry , My heart is pacified when your tears come and touches your cheeks .

Pari : Why’d you killed Sophia ? What are you plans ?

Nikhil : You are very brave , Still your tone is high , Listen you girl , This was just the beginning .

Pari : what you want from me ? ( said in tired voice )

Nikhil : I want you , I want to kill you so that you never utter my truth to anyone .

Pari : Please pardon my dear ones ( she was crying )

Meanwhile , Veer comes and Snatches Phone .

Nikhil : I won’t stop here , You never know who will be the next one to be killed on my List .

Phone cuts .

Veer : Pari , who was he ?

He takes phone to Sameer .

Sameer : Pari , Please tell who was he ?

Veer : He was talking about killing !!!

Sameer : PARI why are you silent .

Pari : See , I can not .

Veer : Pari ( loudly ) Tell .

Pari ( shouts ) : I can’t tell , if I did so he’ll kill her .

She ran away from there , hires   a auto .

Sameer : We need to catch her .

Veer : Sameer you stay here And find the details of this number , I’ll go .

He takes his car and Follows her , Auto .

Pari lands at Dr. Ammas’ house . She comes out of Auto , Driver asks for money , Which she was not having , Finally veer comes and gives him money for the fair .

He holds her shoulders : Why’d you came out of house , It could be dangerous .

Pari : Dr.Amma , Dr.Amma .

She rings the bell …..



        EPISODE 40


She moved in the little house .

” Dr.Amma , Mom where are you ”

Veer : Why everything is messed up here .

Pari : Veer go and search in that corner , I’ll go there .

Books were dropped down , lamps broken , Chairs tangled.

Veer founds Dr. Amma behind the sofa , She was brutally beaten and her arms and legs tied with ropes.

Veer : Doctor ,, ( shouts )

Pari comes and both helped her .

Pari : Mom ( not real ) are you okay , How it happened ?

Veer : Go and get a glass of water .

Pari goes .

Dr.Amma holds Veers’ hand and says ” Son , she needs you , Save her from him ” .

Veer : Who , Aunt tell me ?

Pari comes and gives her water .

Veer calls ambulance and After half and hour after admitting her , They both came back .

Sameer: See , one more attack , Why don’t you tell us .

Pari : I can’t help myself .

She goes to room and looked herself .

Veer : I don’t know , I can’t understand what’s happening .


Veer goes to hospital with Sameer to ask Doctor .

Sameer : Aunt , Please tell what happened .

She explains that a bunch of men comes to her home and beat her ….

Veer : Did they rob !

Sameer : No they didn’t came to rob , Its something else .


Inside room

PARI was sitting on the floor

” What should I do now , Should I go and tell everything to Police , But what if they kill others , Like now they did to Sophia and Mom . ”

” Or should I , Myself surrender to Nikhil , So that everyone’s life is secured ”

” Oh god what should I do now ”

” Help me or call me to heaven ”



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  2. Omg! She died! ? When will this Nikhil stop! Pari should have told Veer. At least he can understand her. I hope nothing happens to pari. Veer will save her. I’m very anxious to know what’s going to happen next! Really your every FF is filled with curiosity! Nice episode. Post next one soon. I’m waiting impatiently!!!
    Good luck!! Sorry this time also I’m lazy to login.

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