It was 1pm Pari was still in her garden . Veer was growing anxious that where is she till now . He moves out to see .

Pari was thinking about her past life , She slept there thinking .
Veer saws Pari sleeping on a hard bench .
First he thought that he could pick her up and take her inside but later he thought that she would take it in wrong way . He brings a blanket and pillow and covered her . He himself also slept down on the grassy ground” It can’t be like I am sleeping in cozy and she sleeping in this bitterly chilling night .

In the morning PARI saws Veer sleeping on the ground and a blanket over her . She asks veer what was all this .
Veer : Oh you see the night was soo beautiful so I thought of sleeping out and I gave you this blanket so that you don’t get fever , Because you have to cook me breakfast .

He was not showing that he cares for her as he first want to know what were her feelings for him .

Pari made oatmeal , They both were eating it . Sunny comes in .


Till 12 pm trio ( three) were in home only .

Sunny : Veer it’s lunch time

VERR : I know

Sunny : Ask pari to cook something

Veer : But why will she cook for us .

Sunny : wait I ask her .

He was going to speak, Pari comes in, with a pot of rice . She keeps it on the table , Then she brings Dal , and curd .

She sits and started eating .

Sunny : Wow dal rice .

He comes and starts eating ” Veer come , Come eat ”

Veer also comes to taste it.

Sunny : Wow bhabhi ( sister – in law ) it’s very delicious .

Veer throws out what was in his mouth ” Akhh akhhhh!!! ( He made strange face ) , He pinched him under the table

Sunny : Oh sorry , Just by mistake , Sorry didi ( Sister )…

Pari : Hmmmmm I know you are making fun of me , But I don’t care of pranks .

Veer : Sunny now if your breakfast is over go and meet Mr. Sharma as I’m not coming office today

Sunny : Okay , Just a minute , A last bite please .

He goes .

Pari : Now when will you give donations . It’s getting on my nerves .

Veer : Just one day more here , Let me see and analyze you .

She stood up and goes to kitchen to clean the utensils .
Veer : Give me mine , I’ll clean it myself , Let me help you .

Pari : No thanks I don’t need any help , Especially yours

Veer : Give me please .

He was arguing and trying to get the plate which she was holding by mistake the dal on the plate falls on her face .

Veer : Hahhahaha , See I told you let me help , Miss. yellow yellow …. Hahahahhaha??

Pari got angry , grabbed the container of flour and throws on his laughing face .

Pari : Hahhhahaha?? Mr.white , I told you I don’t need help , Now its you who will clean my whole kitchen .

Veer : Hello miss. I’m not your servant okay . You clean what mess you did , I clean what I dropped .

Pari : Fine ….!!!!

They both were cleaning the kitchen .
Veer slipped and falls down , He didn’t saw a tomato on the floor .

Pari : Now you got to know how god takes revenge from those who disturbs others .

Veer : Instead of helping me you’re laughing , You are NGO owner na!!!!!!

Pari lends him a hand to help him out but as heavy he was she herself falls down .

Veer : Hmmmmm , Don’t laugh when someone’s in trouble .

He stood up . He gave his hand to help her but she denies and rises up all alone .

They both went to their rooms after that .

The door bell ringed .

It was postman . Veer opened the door .

Postman( P.M) – Is Miss.Pari at home .

Veer : Ya

P.M : Its a letter for her .

He gave him a envelope . Nothing was mentioned on it , Not even a stamp .

Pari comes and snatched it . ” Its mine ”
She though it would he some bill or annual newsletter .
She opened it .

Veer goes to his room looks at her from a window.
The letter was from Nikhil .
She got distressed . Pain and agony can be seen on her face….

Veer : what is this letter about ?



At night Veer and Sunny were sleeping but PARI wasn’t .

She moved out of the house to meet Miss.Sophia .

Sophia : What happened PARI , Everything is fine with you ?

Pari : No , today I got a letter from Nikhil .

Sophia : what ? , What is in that letter.

She handed over her the letter . It said that’ Pari, you have done big mistake putting my best friend Satish in prison .Now you see what I’ll do , You will regret .’

Sophia : Pari don’t worry okay , I will increase your security now . And you also be careful .


Veer : Sunny , Sunny turn of that alarm in your phone

Sunny : Sorry I have to go and drink water .

Veer : What ?
Sunny : From now I will drink water every 3-4 hours to keep myself healthy .

Veer : You are disgusting man . Go now .

He comes back after a while .

Veer : Okay now sleep and don’t disturb me .

Sunny : Well what time is it

Veer : Its 3

Sunny : I saw Pari coming into house in her car .

Veer : really ???

He wokes up and goes out .
” Where you were ? ”

pari : Are you my mom asking these questions .

They both were talking . Someone from outside throws a stone breaking one of the window glass , it came With a slip .

Pari reads it , Veer snatches
Pari : Give it to me .

VERR : Shhhhhhh…

Just wait and watch ‘ it was written on it .

Veer : You know who did it ?

PARI : No I don’t . ( She hesitate to tell )

Pari : Just go to bed now we’ll see it in the morning .


At 8 am

Sunny ( over his friend ): Veer get up , its time to rise and shine .

Veer : Sunny I told you I will get up at 9.

Sunny : I know ‘munna bhai ‘ but ‘suraj mama’ is out now , And I’ve a good news .

Veer : Good news , Tell me , Now !!!

Sunny : Our friend , Our best friend is coming back after 3 years .

Veer : who sunny , You know I don’t like pranks in the morning .

Sunny shows him a picture .
Veer : what he , he !!! , He is coming .

They both jumped over bed .

Pari comes and saw both boys dancing just like it was holi and they were dancing to song ‘ Balaam pichkari’ .

Pari laughs : If you broke my bed then you will have to pay for it .

Veer in his mind ( Wow I saw her laughing for first time like this ) .
She goes . Veer forgot to ask about that stone…….

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