EPISODE 23(again) 


Pari was in her office .

Veer without informing anyone comes to NGO .

” Hello where’s The owner , I want to meet her ” Veer to receptionist.

” Sorry Sir mam is busy , Please wait in waiting room , Its there left side ”

” Okay thanks ”

He saws a woman taking to other while going , They were taking food . ” Its lunch time they might be taking lunch to their owner .
He tracked them . Finally he found her Office .

Someone stopped him out ” Hey who are you , Men are not allowed to enter Mams’ Room stay out ”

” Okay madam I didn’t know , can you get me a glass of water ”

She goes . Veer moved in . He covered his face.

” Stop , how’d you come in , Don’t you know men are not allowed ”

He didn’t spoke and walk step forward .
” Wait let me call security ” – Pari .

He hold her hand .
” what are you doing , who you are ?”

He put his hand on her lips and said ” Shhhhhh……. Owner Miss. Pari Don’t think that you’re very smart ”

She grabbed a Pen and tries to hit him , He stopped her and removes his mask .

” Veer , Why’d you came here ”

” I came here to seek answer to my question ” – Veer

Pari : what are you saying ? .

By now she knows that he knows that she’s the owner .

Veer : Tell me why’d you sent Rita to the wedding .

Pari : who , I don’t know any Rita .

Veer : So you didn’t came to the hotel !
Pari : No

veer : What is is then .( He shows her the necklace )

Veer : Now what you want to say .

He holds her aggressively from both hands . ” Today you need to tell me the truth ” – Veer

” Leave me ” – Pari

She began crying . ” You should thanks god your sister is saved , I got to know that man is not good , So I did it ”

Veer : why didn’t you told me then ?

Pari : There was no time it happened so fast .

His phone rings , It was Sunny . He told him that He was not John from America , He is fraud man .

Pari has already requested Police not to tell about Satish to anyone .

He keeps his phone down and saws Pari crying .

” Sorry , I didn’t knew ” – Veer .

He hugs her then wipes her tears . …

” I’m really sorry for what I did just now ” – Veer .

She harshly pushed him back and ordered him to leave right now .

He has no other option rather to go from there .





          EPISODE 24


inside veers’ room

” Thank lord Pari Saved Our sister ” – Sunny

” Yah , But I treat her harshly today ” – Veer

Sunny – It’s okay , You said sorry Na!!! You did it unintentionally…

Sunny- Okay now let’s go to sleep ,its already 11.


In Pari’s home ….

Pari was sitting on roof watching stars and crying .

” Today I’m crying again , I cry everyday”
” Recalling That day of my life ”
” Now I am tired of all this ”



In Veers’ Room

He was lied on his   and was thinking .
” I know you’re hiding something , I know you have a dark secret , That is why you seem always distressed , I can’t see you like this , I want smile on your face . ”

” Sorry PARI I’m doing this to you now , But from now I’ll be harsh on you , I’ve to follow my plan to know your truth ”


He sleeps …..



            EPISODE 25


At gods grace ( NGO)

Pari was talking to her staff in the garden. One of members asked that when will Mr. Veer, their new investor , will give the cheque of donations as he yet had not given .

Suddenly Veer comes there spoke ” No donations from my side ”

Everyone eyes were wide .

Pari : Why ?

Veer : I’m not sure that if your NGO is actually using this donations in building home for poor or using it for their own purposes.

Pari: Sir please come to my office , We’ll talk there .



Pari : Yes , Veer now tell me what’s your problem . Why you always don’t trust on me .

Veer : That’s right I don’t trust on you , So that is why I’m canceling the deal .

Pari in her mind ( No he can’t , How will I build my plan , No I’ve to do something )

Now instead of being rude she said softly .

Pari : Please Sir , Try to understand , Donations are very important . Please sir tell me where I was mistaken .

Veer : No I don’t believe , You’re trying buttering me . I know I’m a businessmen .

Pari in her mind ( Oh this Veer is very stubborn . I’ve to make him agree )

Veer was thinking that his plan is on the right platform.

Pari : Okay Sir you give me one chance , Tell me what I can do to assure you that our NGO IS not corrupt .

Veer : Okay so you’re sure you will do this , If you can’t I’ll change my mind .

Pari : Yes sir , I’m not afraid of challenges , Try me once .

Veer : Okay wait till tomorrow morning then .

He moves out and was happy that everything happened as he planned . ” Now I will show you that its not only you who is Clever ” , ” I will try my best to know your truth ” .




what’s next ??
– what is veers’ plan ???


          EPISODE  26



” Don’t know what will he tell me to do ” – Pari
” Oh lord why’d you created such stupid people ”
” Just to disturb others ”

She bathed and was cooking breakfast . Instantly door bell ringed .
” Who is there in morning ”

She goes and opens the door .

” It was sunny ” holding a big bouquet.
She had never seen Sunny before .
” Who are you ha!!! ”
He came straight in .
Then Veer comes and tells ” Its my friend Sunny ”

” Why’d you both come here ?”

” And what is this , Flowers suitcases ?”


She tries to hold Bouquet but Sunny didn’t allow ” This is not for you , This is for this house ”

” What are you saying !!” –

” From now we both will stay here in this house ” – Veer .

Pari : What??? ( make a strange face)

Veer : Aaaa, You said I’m ready to take up challenge and this is the it .

Pari : Listen you want to stay here , Okay stay , I will go and live somewhere else .

He holds her arm and said – No no , honey , This is challenge , We three will stay here and you have to show your respect towards us , Render your services , Just do what I’ll say ”

Pari : What!!! , Tell me it’s a Joke .

Veer : Joke , Not now later , First let’s have breakfast .

both sat on the table .

Sunny : I’m not hungry now , I want to sleep .

He saws a room .

Sunny : I’m going there to get some sleep , Hope you don’t mind it , Bye ….


Veer : Give me food , I’m hungry .

She keeps in front of him Bread loaf and Jam . ” Eat it ” – pari .

Veer : wow Bread -jam . , Come sit here .

she comes and sit with him on other chair .

Veer : Eat , what are you waiting for ?”

Pari : No , I don’t eat with anyone . I like to be alone .

Veer : You now what , Real fun is with everyone .
He takes a slice of bread put some jam and Puts it in her mouth .
” Have it , It’s tasty “-Veer ,,, she eats .

After breakfast .

Veer : why there is no light , the house is completely dark .

Pari : I like darkness , My home is always black , I never turn on lights .

Veer : Shit , You are not that poor that you have to save your electricity bills .

Pari : Its not because of that reason ( She got annoyed ) Its because of him Nikh…… ( she stopped )

Veer : what , Because of whom ????

He goes and turns on the lights .

Pari saws her whole house filled with light . She was seeing her home lit after so many years . Her eyes got watery ….

Veer : wow , what a pretty home you have , Well where’s my room ?

PARI : where your friend has gone just , That one .

okay he goes there .

Pari calls Dr.Amma , And tells her how Veer and his friend is disturbing her . But Dr. amma was happy from inside , As she knew that VERR is good and he may help her live a worth  life and make her future happy .


As it was Sunday they both didn’t went to their work , But Sunny had something important in office so he went out .

Pari was in her room and doing some study . Veer comes and stand in front of her .
Veer : Wow you look so innocent while doing work . But normally you look dangerous .
Pari : I think you don’t have manners , You should knock door before coming in .

Veer : I just came here to ask whether you had forgiven me or not .

Pari : No I hadn’t , Please get out . You know what I hate men . Just go out .

Lunch time .

Veer was cooking something .
Pari : what are you doing in my kitchen ?
Veer : I don’t want to eat again bread as I can’t saw any preparations  for lunch so I’m making lunch.

He comes out and shows her A bowl of Pasta ” Come let’s eat this tasty Pasta ”

Pari : You eat , I’ll prepare my own food .

She goes in kitchen and finds out there’s nothing to cook , Just a few raw vegetables , Noodles etc . She cut out vegetables and made salad .

Veer : Oh you’re on diet . Salad,  good option .

She was eating silently those stale vegetables , Raw and not fresh and crunchy . After eating a few bites ” Mine lunch is done , I’m going to my room ”


After that  he goes out in the garden .
She comes back to kitchen ” Oh my god my stomach is all empty , I need food ”

She saws some Pasta . ” Veer is out , Sunny is not here , If I’ll have just a few bites , He’ll not get to know ”

She was eating it in hurry , She ended up eating whole bowl . ” what will do now ”
she heard that Veer was coming in . She ran away to her room .

” Pasta , Pasta , it was tasty , I want some more ” – Veer

He goes in and saw whole bowl was empty and there wasn’t even a single piece left . ” I didn’t eat it , Sunny is not here , She !!!! ”

” Okay !!” – Veer .

After sometimes Pari comes down , Veer was doing work on his Laptop . He was talking to someone on mobile.

Veer : Sunny , Sunny my brother , You know what , Today I did a crime…..

Veer : The pasta which I made , I didn’t saw that was expired .

Pari in her mind ( Oh my god , I ate almost half of it )

Veer : Now I don’t know what will happens to all those who ate it .

Pari comes and holds his collars ” You made expired pasta , Don’t you now how dangerous it could be ”

Veer : why are you worried only I ate it , You ate your Vegetables , You’re worried for me ?

Pari : No , I also ate it .

He put his hand on her face and said ” That was trick , So that you could tell the truth ” , ” Don’t worry nothing will happen to you until I’m with you ”

Pari dropped her hands and went out ….


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    O God! This veer is too much! Pari should have done something to get rid of him . Ill mannered one ? using opportunities for hiswill. Why does he want to know about pari. He is just putting his finger in everything without looking after hisown work. Now I’m eager till veer is thrown out of house by pari. Pari is a girl right ??veer doesn’t know that i think ?he is too rude ? but still he knows to cook ! That’s cool! ? post next one asap. Waiting eagerly for next part ??? veer – go out of this house ?

    1. Kira

      Sorry but In this story Veer is not ill manned he is just being rude to her out but from inside he is good . Veer loves Pari , He wants to now her truth and make her smile . He is just showing his rudeness so she doesn’t think that he is here to now her truth .

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        He wants to help her . He thought getting into her house would give him some clue

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