( special episode)


Sameer : Call her

Veer : No it’s showing Phone is switched off .

Sameer : Let’s go and search her room I’m damn sure we’ll get some clue .

They go to her room .

Veer : Sam , here’s the phone .

He switch it on ….

Sameer: Check recent activity done .

Veer : An E-mail .

Sameer: Open it .

Veer : It’s asking for some Photo – Password .

Sameer: Oh no !!!!, Hmmmm…..
Do you have Paris’ Picture ?

Veer Puts her picture in front of mobile .

Veer : Access granted , Yes!!!!!!!, But why isn’t it showing anything .

Sameer: Show me ,…
Oh God it’s a self destruction Mail , Once viewed can’t be seen again .

Veer : I’m sure , That After seeing this E-mail only, Pari left the house .

Sameer : Hey , Veer see, this
Just arrived 30 minute before and that Footage was also at same time .

Veer: It means there are still chances that we can catch her …

They go out in search of Pari .
Both asked people nearby showing her photograph..


Pari was moving alone in that woody area where she was called . But she doesn’t want to do so .

” I’m defeated , I loose this battle , There’s no one now who can help me ” – Pari .

Pari : Now I don’t want to live more , If I surrender myself to Nikhil , Those people for whom I’ve to take revenge , Justice , What about them .
And if I won’t then he will kill many innocent ones .

Pari : I can’t do anything , It’s better I finish my life here only .


Sameer and Veer were searching . They both moved to opposite sides, for this task.

A person tells veer that he saw Pari going towards the forest area .

” Thanks brother ” – Veer to that person .

He also goes there running ” Pari , Pari ” Shouting …

After searching a lot in woods , He sits down on road , He finds Pari’s Pendant there .
Veer : I’m right , PARI is somewhere here only…

Though he was tired , He woke up and moved forward.

He saws Pari standing Just near Chasm ( Khaee) she was steeping towards it .
Veer runs and pushes her back .

He held her shoulders tightly .
Veer : What were you trying to do , Have you gone mad
.( Fear , Pain can be seen in his eyes )

Pari : Leave me all alone , I want to die .

Veer : Pari , Stop it right now .

Pari : My living is a curse for others , I can’t do anything . He’ll kill them .

Veer : Pari ( puts his hands on her cheeks) listen , We will both find the culprit . You need not to worry .

Pari : Leave me alone ( Very sharply) I said I don’t need you , I don’t need you , Go away . ( Her voice was shrill , Full of aggression )

Pari : If I’ll tell you , He will kill them , If I won’t then again I’ve to live with his threat . Let me die .

Veer covers her mouth and don’t let her speak .
Veer: I can’t leave you alone , You don’t need me , But I do , I love you more than myself.

Pari : No one loves me , I’m tired , Can’t live more now .

He was trying to soothe her , Ease her ache . He was standing at the edge of that hollow in earth ( khaee ) He moved a little back and falls down .

Pari : Veer , Veer .

Fortunately he was holding a metal rob fixed into .

Veer : Pari , So you said ‘You don’t need me ‘

Pari : Veer I am sorry , Please hold it .

She founds Veers’ phone lying there and calls Sameer urgently for help .

Pari : Veer please hold on , Sammer is coming .

Veer : No I’m leaving it , You don’t need me and I can’t live without you .

Pari : Shut up , its not a joke going over here , Its about life .

Veer : That is what I’m trying to say , Life is very precious .

Meanwhile She gets a rope , With gods mercy and grace .

Pari : Veer with help of your feet , Holding this rope climb up .

Veer : No I won’t until you tell me the truth .

Thankfully Sameer reached there . He goes and helps pari .

Sameer : Veer come up , Climb the rocks .

Veer : I won’t tell , Pari to be honest .

Pari : Okay , I will , Come up please .

He was successfully brought up .

Pari goes and hugs him.

Sameer : wait I go and get some water .

He goes .

Pari : Have you gone stupid , What if you fall down .

Veer : what then I would have died , That’s nothing for you .

Pari : No its not like that . I don’t like if anyone die because of me .

Veer : Okay if you don’t need me still , I’ll go and jump …

He turns .

Pari : No I need you .( Loudly )

Sameer comes with some water in a mug .

Sameer : My brother , Are you okay ?.

To be continued ……..

( Note: This is a special episode , It corresponds to , From where & why the title of the story has been chosen )
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    This one is awesome! Now im pretty sure pari will love Veer? you have wrote this episode in a nice way?? im very happy ☺☺ And the title suits well to this story ? good luck. Waiting for next parts anxiously ??

  2. Niyati

    It is amazing dear … Loved it to the core….Ya, title is suit perfectly on story ?

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