Veer to Sameer : Well may I know more about your case .

Sameer : why are you so interested .

Veer : Nothing just , I want to help you and I also like to solve mysteries .

Sam : That’s good , That you’re my friend , I can tell you

Veer : OK , ,

Sameer : Actually its a gang a undercover gang , They do everything so secretly that no one even police doesn’t get to know . There are over 100 cases reported on this gang .

VERR : That is too amazing , This is a shit gang . But what , I mean do they rob , or steal , What ….

Sameer : They kidnap children , Molest women and sell them as proustite .

Veer : oh my god !!!

Sameer : I myself and our team is searching , investigating about it since 5 years but we can’t .

Sunny calls them for snacks .


Veer and Sameer were watching television .
Veer : Well do you know who is behind the ‘black men’s gang’ ?

Sameer : No , Nobody knows that from our police department .

Veer : Really ?

Sameer : yes once we arrested a man who called himself as the leader , But later our investigations revealed that he was his twin , Not the real leader .

Veer : I wish this mess is stopped as soon as possible .

Sameer : Ya !!!

Sunny : Hey , Let’s have some cookies .

Veer : Sunny , you cooked it .

Sunny : Yes I do

Veer : Then Sam don’t eat it , Its gonna be terrible .

Sunny : Veer !!!! don’t say I like this , I burned almost 10 cookies and finally I made some better ones .

Sameer : Veer , Now we’ve to give it a taste .

They both picked one and put it in Sunnys’ mouth and ran away .

Veer : Eat and tell how they were , Bye sunny ….

Sunny : veer and Sameer I’ll see you both later ..


Pari got a message by Nikhil ‘ Meet me at ‘Shepherd land ‘ At 9 am on 12…

Sophia : God bless my friend .

Pari : You know what ,I hate the day , The 12 October .

Sophia : Pari Just take care .

The next day

Sameer comes to the police station

Senior Sir : Hi Sameer , Meet out inspector Miss.Sophia

Sameer : Hi , Sophia , Nice to meet you

Sophia : nice to meet you too , sir .

Sir : Okay then let’s begin the meeting .

Sameer : Yah

” Sir I’ve spent 3 years of my life searching about Black men’s gang ”

Senior : Ya I know Sameer , Our brilliant officer has also worked a lot in this case . Am I right Sophia

Sophia ( doesn’t spoke very clearly ) – Yes sir .

Sameer : I think Officer knows something , But she’s hesitant of saying it .

Sophia : No officer , Actually today I’m not well , Sir can I take a day off today .

Sir : Its not good Sophia , But if its something serious then you go to your home .

Sameer : Wait senior , Meeting is not over yet .

Sophia : Please try to understand , I’m not well .

She goes out without listening to anyone .
” Sorry , Being a police official I’m telling a lie but I made a promise with PARI ”


It was 12 October .

Pari moved out to the location alone, where she was called .

She reached there .
” Nikhil I’m here , Show me your dirty face ”

No one was here . ” I think he is not here , Should I go ? ”

Nikhil makes his appearance.

Nikhil : Hello my wife it’s so nice to meet you after so many years .

Pari : When I saw you , I recalled all those pathetic days which I spent with you .

Nikhil : Well I hope you remember the day today ?

PARI : I hate this day , Today I made a mistake .

Nikhil : Awwwhhh ! I hate myself that , Till now I can’t kill you .

Pari : Kill me now , You have a Golden chance .

Nikhil : No No No , Dear , I could have killed you with one shot, my gun is sufficient for you , But

Pari : What ?

Nikhil : Killing you in one moment will not give my heart the peace which I’ll get after seeing you Crying everyday .

Pari : What do you mean ?

Nikhil : I will make your life miserable, I’ll kill all those who are near and dear to you , You will cry everyday and one day you will die of agony .

PARI : I’ll never forgive you , Even god’s hell wouldn’t have a place for you .

Nikhil : Hahaha , You think I am afraid of all your stupid sayings , No I don’t , But what I’ll do now , That will break you completely .

Pari : You can’t do anything , Just talk and talk.

Nikhil : I already know that you’ll not come here alone , Someone will surely accompany you .

Pari : I’m not timid , I came here all alone ..

Nikhil : Oh really did you ?

He clapped and says ” Bring her ”

Two men holding Sophia comes .

Pari : Sophia , Sophia why’d you came here .

Sophia : I’m a police officer and its my duty to protect you .

Pari : Leave her I said !!

Nikhil : Okay ,,,,,Boys.

They pushed her towards Pari .

Then many more men come .

Nikhil : I want pari , Get her . ( He shows thumb and sat on a rock )

Pari : Sophia its action time .

They both started fighting with 10 men , But they can’t ….

To be continued …


Veer and Sameer were on car , They were doing some shopping earlier .

Sameer phones’ Rings

Sam: I’m driving please attend the call, Veer

Veer answers the call .
” Hi Sameer ”

Sameer : Hi sir

Sir : I’ve got to know that officer Sophia is in trouble , She and a girl are attacked on by some muggers. I’m sending you the location

Sameer: Okay sir I’m getting there .

Veer : Can I please come there , I’ll help you out .


Two men forced PARI and Sophia to a car .

Pari throws some mud into his eyes .

Someone informs Nikhil that police is coming .

Instantly Nikhil shoots Sophia and Pari both .
Fortunately The bullet strikes PARI and moves out but it pierced Sophia’s heart . Actually she came in front of PARI and she herself took the shoot , In order to protect her .

Meanwhile listening to the siren , The muggers and Nikhil ran from there …


Sophia falls down , Blood was flowing out of her body , PARIs’ both hands were red .

She shouted loudly – Sophia , Sophia , I can’t live without you ( She was screaming )

Sameer and veer reached there .

Veer : Pari !!!

Sameer : You know the girl

Veer : Yes she’s my friend .

They both go to the spot .


Inside the hospital .

Sophia was in the operation theater . As the bullet just passed through Paris’ arm she was okay now , But she was silent , Her friend was in critical situation because of her .

Veer : PARI are you okay

PARI didn’t spoke anything .

Sameer : Tell me how all this happened .

She was still silent .

Sameer : Veer , Sorry I’m saying this but She was there at the spot , She has to be taken to police station .

Veer took Sameer to side and said : Listen , if you trust me then please don’t do so .

Sameer : Sorry , but I know what should I do , She has to be taken . I’m doing my duty.

He called lady officer but VERR didn’t allowed anyone to disturb her , He himself took her to the police station .

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