Episode 20 ( Again)


” No baby I’ve visited you to talk to you ” – Veer

Pari: Don’t call me baby , I hate this silly word. Tell me why are you here ?

Veer : Wow !!! You hate it . What ever . Come let’s sit and talk .

Pari : Listen , I’m very busy . So please …..

She realizes its time for her drug* .

Veer : Okay you go and do your work , I will see your house .

He goes towards a glass closet ( Cupboard) and sees so many books there . Pari thought it would be an amazing opportunity to go and have medicines. She silently goes in . Veer turns back and saw the girl has disappeared .
He goes to a room where the door was opened , He sees that Pari was taking some medicines .

He quickly runs away from there and sits on the sofa .

Pari comes and stand in front of him ” Tell me what you want to talk about ? ”

Veer : Nothing , Can I use your washroom please .

Pari : Its there at the right corner ..

He walks and drops his wallet. Pari picks it up, a photograph comes out .
” Hey , I’ve seen this man , He looks so familiar to me ” – she said to herself.

She thinks for sometime and then Veer comes and snatches his wallet from her .

Veer : Hey what were you doing with my wallet .

He was afraid that she could have seen her picture in his wallet .

PARI : Nothing I’m not a thief , You dropped it .

Pari : Who is this man

Veer : He’s John Makman , From America , My cousin sister is gonna marry him day after tomorrow .
You know him ? .

Pari : No I don’t

VEER : Hey why don’t you come and enjoy party at the green oak hotel at 9 pm that day .

Pari : Sorry but I hate marriages . I don’t like brides .

Veer : What ! You’re serious ?

Pari : Listen I’m not here to talk about each others liking and disliking . Please talk to point and go .

Veer : Chill , Chill , okay , I think you’re truly busy today . I’ll come some other day then .

He leaves .



She was thinking, not how Veer comes to her house , But about that picture . She picks her laptop and do some searches . After half and hour .
” oh holy shit . He is satish , He’s one of the friends of Nikhil , He was also there that day ”

She thinks of the day when Nikhil annihilated ( destroy ) her , Satish was with him .

“Oh my god , So this was Nikhil’s next plan . Veers’ sister is going to be next prey( here one who is next going to suffer)”

” I’ve to stop this marriage , What ever the cost maybe ” ..


Next morning .

She calls Sophia and asks her what to do now . ‘ She said we can’t go and just arrest him as we haven’t yet have any clue or evidence against him . We even don’t know where Nikhil is living ‘ .

She was completely distressed . She can’t afford that again an innocent girl suffers what she herself has suffered some years ago .

” I can’t even ask Veer to stop this marriage , Just tomorrow it is ” .

She thought of a plan . But that was so hard and tough . But she had too .

She called Veer through a unregistered and unknown number , Asked him to meet her at a old , barren plot ( Piece of land ) . She called herself a killer who would kill his friend Sunny if he didn’t come and meet her .

Veer reached there all alone .
He was looking here and there . ” Hey who are you , Come show me your face ”

Suddenly someone throws a rope on him and ties him to a pole .

Pari in her mind : Very sorry veer I’m doing this , But I can’t help , I have to save your sister .

She didn’t tied him harshly . She put a knife under his neck and spoke loudly ( Changing her original voice )
” Listen you boy , Just cancel your sisters marriage ”
” If you don’t I’ll kill you ”

She was wearing black lather jacket and mask .

Veer : who are you . why are you saying so .

Pari : Don’t talk rubbish . Just do what I say . If you don’t , I will do a blunder( big mistake of killing his friend).

Veer hold her smooth and soft hand and raise her hand , Then he holds her , He puts his other hand on her stomach and one hand holding the hand with knife .

She tries to move and show some karate. But he softly lifted her and pushed her to the wall.

” Listen lady I don’t know who you are . I don’t like to fight with girls , I respect them ” , ” So please don’t try to make me afraid ” – Veer .

He leaves her and moves out .

Pari : Shit , what will I do now . He is not all afraid ..



She comes back to her office . She talked with Sophia but no solution comes out .
” Now no time is left , I can’t do anything ”

she sleeps ….


Next morning , Day of marriage .

She reached the ‘ Green oak hotel’ . She got to know that marriage had just begin , Bridegroom is on the stage , Exchanging Garlands ( वरमाला) .

” Rita are you ready ” – Pari

” Yes mam ” – Rita .
pari remained in her car . Rita moved into the hall and shout loudly
” Stop this wedding right now ”

everyone looked towards her .

Veer was not there . He was busy somewhere in arrangement .

Sunny spoke ” who are you ”

” I’m Rita , Johns real wife ”
Everyone was surprised .
After that she faked herself as Johns , actually staish’s wife , And he left her , he cheated her . It was Paris’ plan to stop the wedding . Police came and arrested John ( Satish ) . All the gusts were leaving and family went to police station .

Then veer came .
” Sunny what happened here ”

He explained him everything .

” Sunny you also go to police station , I remain here and see the guests ”

At that instant A worker comes to him and hand over him a necklace , He said someone dropped it .

” This necklace , I’ve seen it somewhere . It’s of pari ”
” I remember she was wearing the same ”

It was a open and close frame necklace . He opened it and saw Pari’s image in that heart pendant . Now he was assure something is not right .

He turned on computer to check CCTV cameras footage . There he saw Pari with a girl ( Rita ) she was talking to her and giving her some money .

Now he was in great anger and turmoil ( Confusion) .

” Thank you very much , you really helped me a lot ” PARI said to Rita and leaves from the location .

Also Veer recognised that Pari is the NGO owner as she was wearing the same Sari that the lady ( Greeta) was wearing when he visited NGO .

” Now you see Pari what I’ll do ” , ” I know from the beginning you’re hiding something ”



Pari was in her office .

Veer without informing anyone comes to NGO .

” Hello where’s The owner , I want to meet her ” Veer to receptionist.

” Sorry Sir mam is busy , Please wait in waiting room , Its there left side ”

” Okay thanks ”

He saws a woman talking to other while going , They were taking food . ” Its lunch time they might be taking lunch to their owner”- He thought .
He followed them . Finally he found her Office .

Someone stopped him out ” Hey who are you , Men are not allowed to enter Mams’ Room stay out ”

” Okay madam I didn’t know , can you get me a glass of water ”

She goes . Veer moves in . He covered his face.

” Stop , how’d you come in , Don’t you know men are not allowed here “- PARI

He didn’t spoke and took a step forward .
” Wait let me call security ” – Pari .

He hold her hand .
” what are you doing , who you are ?”

He put his hand on her lips and said ” Shhhhhh……. Owner Miss. Pari Don’t think that you’re very smart ”

She grabbed a Pen and tries to hit him , He stopped her and removes his mask .

” Veer , Why’d you came here ”

” I came here to seek answer to my question ” – Veer

Pari : what are you saying ? .

By now she knows that he knows that she’s the owner .

Veer : Tell me why’d you sent Rita to the wedding .

Pari : who , I don’t know any Rita .

Veer : So you didn’t came to the hotel !
Pari : No

veer : What is is then .( He shows her the necklace )

Veer : Now what you want to say .

He holds her aggressively from both hands . ” Today you need to tell me the truth ” – Veer

” Leave me ” – Pari

She began crying . ” You should thank god your sister is saved , I got to know that man is not good , So I did it ”

Veer : why didn’t you told me then ?

Pari : There was no time it happened so fast .

His phone rings , It was Sunny . He told him that He was not John from America , He is a fraud man .

Pari has already requested Police not to tell about Satish to anyone .

He keeps his phone down and saws Pari crying .

” Sorry , I didn’t knew ” – Veer .

He hugs her then wipes her tears . …

” I’m really sorry for what I did just now ” – Veer .

She harshly pushed him back and ordered him to leave right now .

He has no other option rather to go from there . He was in grief .

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  1. Amazing. Eagerly awaited for next update. Please update as early as possible.

  2. Priyu

    Why didn’t I see this episode updated early!!! Thank God at least now I found! Veer is so romantic ??? so cool . And thank God that pari is proved correct in front of veer! Or else how could their love story flow? I’m sure now veer will try to apologise,? how cute he’s coming behind pari?? nice Episode dear. I really like the way you explain everything! Pari must not forgive veer so easily so that the story will be more interesting! ? Veer is such a cute one! Frankly, I have never watched naamkaran ?? but I like your FF ?it’s something new ! I’m so happy to read your FF ? post next one asap. Waiting eagerly ? good luck!

    1. Kira

      Thanks my dear friend. You know what I’m saying it again whenever I see your comments my confidence level boosts.

      1. Kira

        Also for these moments I’ve thought of a background song – Dil diyaan gallan from Tiger zinda hai

      2. Priyu

        I’ll surely listen to that song! Thanks! ?

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