Episode 17 ( Again )


She returns to her home . She was preparing dinner . Sophia called her ” Hey , pari hope everything is okay there , I’m coming back tomorrow ” again she was silent , Sad , lonely . Thinking about her past , Her plans , Future etc .


Morning .

Sophia comes back . ” Hi pari how are you ”

” I’m good ” – PARI .

They both were taking . Again Nikhil called her .

” PARI don’t be afraid , Answer the call ” – Sophia .

” Hi baby , How are you ”

” Stop calling me baby ”

Nikhil – oh you got angry , I love when someone is annoyed .

The call ended .
” The battery is finished ” – PARI .

after an hour Sophia leaves .
Pari moves out to her favorite coffee shop ‘ The lazy coffee shop ‘ .

” Hello , can I get you something to drink ” – Waitress asked .

” Yes a latte please ” – pari .

Coffee arrived . she was enjoying coffee .

someone knocked her from back . It was veer .

” Mr. Veer , Now I’m pretty sure you are tracking me ”
” Nope , It’s my favorite coffee centre and I saw you ”

Without even asking he comes and sat on the other chair .
” Hey, get me a coffee with a chocolate cookie please ”

Again Nikhil called her .
” Sorry I’ve to go ”
she picks her bag and moves towards the water taps.

” Hi my baby …Are you afraid of me ”
” Why are you calling me again and again ”

” Tell me why do you pick my phone whenever I call you ? ”

” I’m afraid , What plans are yours for me next ”
” My intelligent girl ,  wow , You know I’ve called you to aware you of my next plan ”

” What , What is your next plan ? ”
” Same forever darling , Girlsss , Kidnapppp , Use and throw them awayyyy ..”

” Just shut up , shut up you ” .

“!”!!*!*;”;”!*!*!*(*;”!” (”
The waitress was coming with a coffee , she slipped and coffee spilled over Veers’ shirt .
He got up to clean everything and over heard PARI talking loudly with fret to someone .

” Don’t you dare do that , I will kill you , Monster ” she turns back and saw Veer . She puts her phone in bag . ” I’m busy I’ve to go its urgent ” .

She took step forward to go out . Veer holds her hand and stopped her .
” Listen , what’s the matter ? ”
” I said just leave me ( brutally ) I’ve to go ”

She forcefully throws his hand away , And leaves .



          EPISODE 18 


In Veers’ room was sitting Sunny, Playing video game and Veer thinking something looking at a picture in his phone .

” Sunny , Sunny ” – Veer

Sunny : Yes bro

Veer : I’m tiered of thinking now

Sunny : Then don’t think

Veer : I can’t stop myself from doing so

Sunny : I told you not to watch those kind of dark movies at night .

Veer : what are you talking about , I’m thinking about Pari .

Sunny : Which pari , Owner or whom you met at train .

Veer : Oh!!! there are two PARIs’ and what crazy is I don’t know about both of them completely .

Sunny : Please relax . Be calm.

Veer : Now I can’t wait anymore .

He dials a number and calls someone .

Sunny : Who’re you calling?
Veer : Dr. Amma .
He got her number when PARI left her phone in train alone for some time .

He calls her and takes a appointment to meet her and know about PARI .

HE reached there .
Dr. Amma didn’t told him anything . She turned him out by saying ” See boy you’re very kind but I can’t help you in anyways ” .

Sunny : how cruel was that lady towards a sweet boy like me  ,  Ha ! she didn’t even asked for a glass of water

Veer : She wasn’t cruel , she’s hiding something , she don’t want to talk to us because she doesn’t like Paris’ Identity to be revealed.

” What is in your hand Veer ” asked sunny .

” It’s a phone number ” – Veer .

” Whom ?” – Sunny
” PARI ”

He said he would not call her as of he does so she might change her number . He decided to find out the Name and address with which the number was registered .




       EPISODE 19 


He got her address . He reached there .He was alone because sunny said ” No I’ve ordered Double burst cheese Pizza and I’ll eat it hot ” .

He gets down of his car. He saws a big mansion . A beautiful garden . A car . But the house doesn’t looked liked the owner would be very rich .

He ringed the bell .
” I think it’s not working ” He said and moved in  The gate .

Pari was in the backyard , she didn’t noticed anyone coming in . It was clear sunny day .

He stood against the Entry door ” Hi, Someone’s in there ”

No one replied He realised that the door was opened . He opens the door and goes in .

It was bright sunny day but the whole house was black , dark , completely covered by Curtains . It wasn’t clean .
” Hello , Hello ”

pari saws a man standing at the Threshold* of house . She was afraid that it could be Nikhil ..

She grabs a big rod and moves silently , on toes to him and tries to bang it  on his head ” How dare you come to my house !!” she shouts and tries to beat him.

Veer turns back and shouts ” Aaaahhh!!!” He holds the rod in his two hands and throws it away , And pari was almost like falling down and he grasped* her , Don’t let her Fall down .

After a minute of silence .

” This is how a guest is welcomed in this house ” – Veer .

She freed herself from him and stood all by herself.

” Uninvited Guests are received like this only over here ” – Pari

” Oh so that means first someone has to take your Appointment then only he or she can visit you ” – Veer .

” Stay silent and please I don’t want to talk to you , Get out of here ”




Threshold( Just the entry of door )

Grasped ( hold her in his arms)


What’s next ??
– why’s she afraid
-Why veer is here


          EPISODE 20


” No baby I’ve visited you to talk to you ” – Veer

Pari: Don’t call me baby , I hate this silly word. Tell me why are you here ?

Veer : Wow !!! You hate it . What ever . Come let’s sit and talk .

Pari : Listen , I’m very busy . So please …..

She realizes its time for her drug* .

Veer : Okay you go and do your work , I will see your house .

He goes towards a glass closet ( Cupboard) and sees so many books there . Pari thought it would be an amazing opportunity to go and have medicines. She silently goes in . Veer turns back and saw the girl was disappeared .
He goes a room where the door was opened , He sees that Pari was taking some medicines .


He quickly runs away from there and sits on the sofa .

Pari comes and stand in front of him ” Tell me what you want to talk about ? ”

Veer : Nothing , Can I use your washroom please .

Pari : Its there at the right corner ..

He walks and drops his wallet. Pari picks it up, a photograph comes out .
” Hey , I’ve seen this man , He looks so familiar to me ” – she said to herself.

She thinks for sometime and then Veer comes and snatches his wallet from her .

Veer : Hey what were you doing with my wallet ? .

He was afraid that she could have seen her picture in his wallet .

PARI : Nothing I’m not a thief , You dropped it .

Pari : Who is this man ?

Veer : He’s John Makman , From America , My cousin sister is gonna marry him day after tomorrow .
You know him ? .

Pari : No I don’t

VEER : Hey why don’t you come and enjoy party at the green oak hotel at 9 pm that day .

Pari : Sorry but I hate marriages . I don’t like brides .

Veer : What ! You’re serious ?

Pari : Listen I’m not here to talk about each others liking and disliking . Please talk to point and go .

Veer : Chill , Chill , okay , I think you’re truly busy today . I’ll come some other day then .


He leaves .


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