Episode 1

“Hello Greeta how are you”
” I’m good Pari , Early to work today ”
” Yah ! You see I’m pretty busy these days ”
” That’s right . Here’s a letter by Miss. Sara”

“Thank you ”

After reading the letter she rose up from chair and moves out of the NGO

“Hey , Greeta I’m going out for a meeting ”
“Okay madam”

She drops her bag in the car and reaches THE BIGGE MALL .
HER phones Rings.

“Hi, pari how’s you ”
” I’m good Dr.Amma”

“Hope you’ve had your medicines before leaving”

“Oh !! no . Damn it , I forgot ”
” Pari , That’s not good . Just get back home right now okay ”
” Yah ! I’ll be there “, ” Thanks bye”

She was on the second floor , She took a elevator to get down to the exit point .
She entered a lift . She was so busy in her cell phone that she didn’t realise a boy in red shirt and tattered jeans so engrossed in listening music on his expensive headset .

After some time when the button to first floor was pushed , That boy came to her and asked
” Could you please lend me your phone for a minute ”
” No I can’t ,sorry !” she said in a low tone .
” Please I need to make a urgent call ”
” Please Mr. Leave me alone . Don’t you dare touch me ”
” Oh ! Young lady , Listen I’m just making a request”
” Please , My phone isn’t working ”
“You can’t…” He just utter two words that the lift stopped with a Gigantic Jerk.

” Hello , What has happened to the elevator , ” Is there anyone outside ” – The boy spoke loudly .

But nobody replied .
” Listen girl , Need your help , Gimme your mobile for a second , Let’s call helpline ”

He just very smoothly and politely snatched the phone away from her terribly shaking hands .

She felt a touch of a boy which she can’t take up easily . She got tensed and started crying .

” Why are you crying , Don’t worry lift will start working soon ”

He was anxious seeing a pretty girl crying , So to comfort her , He put his hand on her shoulder .

” Don’t touch me , I said ”


” Please someone help us , can you hear ???”

” Sorry sir there’s an electrical problem , so it would take some time
. Please wait ” somebody spoke from outside.

” Don’t worry girl . ” ” lift will start moving soon ”
” Please stay away from me ”
” You see I’ve some problem ” , ” Try to understand”

” Oh I see you have a fear of lifts ”

The girl started sobbing , Her heart was paining , She was so nervous.
When the boy tried making her feel good she can’t bear that experience and as a result she fainted .

“Get up , what has happened to you ” , ” Are you okay ?”

He helped her and made her rest with the wall .
After a while the door opened .
” Sir , Come out please ” said the worker and moves out .

PARI woke up . ” Come let me help you out ”
” No thanks .” she spoke .
They both move out of the lift and separate.


” Wow veer you are here ? Come the cab is waiting out there ”

” You know what Sunny ! I just came across a weird girl in the elevator ”

” Girl ! Weird ! How and why ?”

” She didn’t spoke a word when I asked her about lending her phone to me , As my phone wasn’t working ”

” okay ” – Sunny

” Then my friend , Don’t know why she started crying . I tried to comfort her , She fainted ”

” I must say , She was amazing , I mean , She cried and didn’t talked to such a handsome boy ” – Sunny

” Now just leave, let’s go ” – Veer .


It was sunny morning

“pari , Are you feeling good now”
“Yes , Doctor.”
“Take care of yourselves now ”

She leaves by saying she is very busy today.

She gets down of her bed and saw a message from the officer . She said she’s going out if town now , So meeting would take place later .

After some times she get back to her work .

Telephone rings …

“Hi, may I talk to Miss. Pari please ”
“Yes, Sir , I’m PARI”
“Oh , Bonjour . I’m harry ”
” sorry I don’t recognized you ”
“I’m the general manger of the RV GROUP OF COMPANIES and we’ve heard that you require donations for your new project ‘ DREAM HOUSE ‘ ”

“YES ! That’s true ”
” Great our CEO decided to contribute some currency for this noble work ”
” That’s very kind if him , Sir ”

” He wants to set a gathering ”
” Okay , when ”
” He can meet you today at 6 at ‘Cally’s place’ ”

” Alright I’ll be there . Thanks ”

“Yours welcome, I’m mailing you all the necessary details.”



It was bright sunny day . At 9:00 am pari reaches the destination , Where she had to meet the CEO for her dream project .
She stood out of the big restaurant .
” Hi, Mr.harry I’ve reached ”
” Good , Sir is waiting for you inside at table No.3″
” Okay , bye ”
She moves in and looks for table No.3.
Towards her left near that big poster of Pizza she saw a man in black .
” It must be the CEO ” she said .
She took a step forward .
” OH my god . He’s the same boy , Whom I met in the lift ”
” If I’m gonna meet him , He would ask , Why were you like a mice in front of a cat at the elevator ”
” And what if he cancels the deal !!!!”

She was afraid . she decided to not to make a appearance before him in a different way. She thought of a plan .

” Hi I’m ….” ( he interrupts )
” So you’re Pari , Right !!”
” Sorry she can’t come , I’m her partner , Pam ”
” Oh hi Pam , I’m VEER ”
” You’ve covered your mouth with this mask , Are you okay ?” – VEER

” I’m good ” – PARI

” I think Miss. Pari isn’t interested in this meeting ” – Veer

” No sir , that’s not the case , She is truly very busy , Trust me ”

” Okay , let’s begin ”

What’s next ?
=she’s in trouble
= he is in dilemma
= attack on Pari .

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