Don’t You Love Me Swara…A SwaSan Os..

Hello guys!! I’m back again but this time not with my fanfiction but with an Os…This is my first attempt of writing an One shot..hope you all will support me…

This One shot will start from where Laksh and Sanskar together fought with the goons on the highway…

After beating the goons both brothers looked at each other and remember their moments their life was and how it changed just because of a mere mis-understanding..Laksh left in his car giving a look to Ragini but not giving her a chance to speak..

Sanskar gave a hurtful look to Swara..his red eyes were proving that he was so damn hurt..his Swara whom he considered as his life didn’t even listen to him and tried to unite him to his family again! ?! To that family who always mis understand his brother who don’t even have a bit trust on him..

He walked past her only to be followed by her…
Swara:: Sanskar.. Sanskar plzz.. just once..listen to me..
Sanskar chuckled at her words

Really Swara!! Still you want me to listen to you!! You didn’t even listen to me just wanted to unite me to that family who don’t even consider me as their own son..who don’t trust me a those siblings who even did shradh of us… Sanskar said sadly in a high pitch tone..that even Ragini listened to him..

Sanskar’s not like’s not our fault.. Bhaiya and Bhabhi compelled us do the shradh..they showed us such convincing proofs that we were forced to believe that you betrayed us… Ragini said defending herself..

Oh really;! They compelled you! They showed you some proofs and you believed them in such a strong manner that u did shradh of us!? Really Ragini!! Didn’t you even had trust on your sister..On that sister that always forgave you for all your mistakes..she stands by you in each situation..and in the result what she got!! You didn’t trust her instead of that you trust some proofs… Sanskar said sarcastically yet angrily..

And after that my wife came to you to make you believe that we did not do anything Even​ after I said not to do so..She is a very good or we can say perfect in every thing..she is a good daughter in law .. a good daughter and the best sister..and you simply did shradh of us without even giving it a second thought…Sanskar said sadly..

Swara was a silent witness of the whole conversation.. Whatever he said was so damn true.. she was perfect as a daughter in law..she was a best sister and a daughter that every family wants..but in that all these relations..she forgot her love..her Sanskar..who always stand by her side even when all were against her..he always trusted her..he loved her immensely.and in return he just asked her not to try to unite him with his family.. let the things fall as it does..and what she did..she didn’t even gave a thought to his words and tried to unite him with his brother who did shradh of him just because of a misunderstanding..
Sanskar passes a hurtful look to Swara.. their eyes were locked were for few moments..but it was enough for Swara to know that this time.. she hurted him badly..he was so hurt.. Sanskar walked away from there..

Swara was about to follow him..but was interrupted due to Ragini..

Swara..where are you going!!? We have to rush to Maheshwari Mansion..we have got the property everything can be alright..come on let’s go.. Ragini said to her..

Ragini I am sorry but this time you have to do it alone..all the things are just have to rush to Maheshwari Mansion and keep these papers safe..and call the police on the way to will be easy to catch Bhaiya and Bhabhi then…you go..I have to go to convince Sanskar..he was so much hurt..Swara’s voice was full of concern but yet emotionless..

But Swara!! How will I do it alone..You have to come with me..and you can convince Sanskar afterwards..there is a lot of time..Now you come with me…Ragini said while trying to drag Swara with her..

Don’t you understand Ragini..I said Na ..If you can do it alone then do it.. otherwise let it be..I can’t come with you..Swara said angrily.. Ragini was stunned at her behavior.. saying so she went her Sanskar..

Swara went to her home and found no one there..but some sound was coming from her room…she ran towards her room..only to find ram, sujata and uttara banging the door..

Papa..maa what happened!! Why are you all standing here..and where is Sanskar!? Swara asked all tensed up..

Don’t know Bhabhi..he came home and rushed towards the room and then we heard some sounds from the room and then we came here..don’t know what Bhai is doing inside!? Uttara replied to her…

It’s all because of me..Swara said to herself emotionlessly..
Don’t worry .. you all guys go..I will manage him..Swara managed to tell them..
But how can we leave him in that condition.. God knows what he is doing inside..Sujata said…
Whatever happened..Swara will manage him..we will see tomorrow..Ram said taking the ladies with him…
Sanskar.. Sanskar..plzz open the door.. at least give me a chance to explain everything.. plzz open the door…Swara said cryingly. She just want to end all these pain..and just want to lead a simple yet happy life with him..but God knows when will this darkness end!?
Suddenly she saw a open window and go to that but was shocked to see the scenario inside the room..
Whole room was messed up..most of the things were broken curtains were lying down and some glass pieces were on the floor too….and in the corner of the room sat Sanskar emotionlessly..
Sanskar!! She again said hoping he would listen to her but he seems to avoid her words..
She was crying incosolably… Sanskar plzz listen to me…just let me explain myself..Swara said..
He heard her words finally..He smiled at her words.A helpless smile..
What you will explain Swara!!? That you didn’t even gave a second thought to my words and started your mission of uniting me with my family.. without even thinking what I will feel..after coming to know about this…Sanskar asked her emotionally!!

I am sorry Sanskar.. but I thought everything will be okay..we will become like a happy family just like we were before i was so involved in that ..I forgot to thought from your perspective… I am Sorry . plzz forgive me..Swara said holding his hands..

Yeh dooriyan
These distances

In Raahon Ki Dooriyan
The distance of paths

Nigahon Ki Dooriyan
Distance between our eyes

Humrahon Ki Dooriyan
Distance between companions

Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan
May all the distances be vanished

But in all those forgot about forgot how will I you really think I didn’t tried talking to Laksh or my family… ofcourse I tried but they ignored me and blamed me for all those things that I have never done…and only after that I told you to don’t contact them..I don’t want you to face the same humiliation that I faced just because of a misunderstanding..but you didn’t even listen to me.. Don’t You Love Me Swara…!???. Sanskar said
.. Realization hits her…he didn’t want her to talk to them just because he cares for her..he doesn’t want her to go through the same things he had gone…

Kyun Koi Paas Hai
Why somebody’s close

Door Hai Kyun Koi
Why somebody’s far

Jaane Na Koi Yahan Pe
Nobody knows

Aa Raha Paas Ya Door Mein Jaa Raha
Am I moving closer or apart

Janun Na Mein Hoon Kahan Pe
Don’t know where I am

Kabhi Hua Yeh Bhi
There was a time

Khali Rahon Pe Bhi Tu Tha Mere Saath
You were with me even in empty streets

Kabhi Tujhe Milke Lauta Mera Dil Yeh Khali Khali Haath
Sometimes, even after meeting you, my heart was not content

Yeh Bhi Hua Kabhi, Jaise Hua Abhi
Sometimes, just like now, this also was happened

Tujhko Sabhi Mein Paa Liya
That I met you in everyone

I am Sorry Sanskar..Now I will not do anything without your consent…I love you a lot…plzz Sanskar plzz forgive me.. I love you…Swara said..
I am not saying to follow my words Swara..but just don’t hide things from hurts very badly..
No..I will not hide anything from you hereafter…I love you…Swara said cryingly closing her eyes but felt Sanskar taking off his hands from hers..
Sanskar plzz I am sorry.. don’t go..Swara said..
He opened the door and extended his hands..and in no moment she ran to him and hide her face in his embrace and he too hugged her tightly as if he will let her go..she will go again leaving him behind..
Don’t go away from me Swara!!! I can’t live without you..I want to live..with you. Together..He said..
I am not going anywhere Sanskar..we will live together.. forever…she replied snuggling into his chest…

Pakka wala Promise!??! He questioned innocently..
Pakke se bhi pakka wala Promise!! SE replied with the Same innocence

Their special moment broke by Sanskar’s phone ring…
Who is this idiot!? Sanskar said irritatedly..
Sanskar pick had already ringed 5 may be important…

Fyn..God knows who is this.. Sanskar said separating himself from her…it was a unknown number..

Hello who is this..He asked

Bhai…Bhai..this is me Laksh..Bhai plzz come home..he will kill us Bhai..plzz Bhai.. someone said on the other line..

Lucky!! Lucky..what happened!?!who will kill you… lucky!??

Bhai you just come us Bhai…Adarsh Bhai .. he will kill us..plzz Bhai.. Laksh said almost in a whisper..

Plzz..Bhai .I trust you..he told about his planning and how he framed you..we were such idiots to believe him…Bhai plzz..come fast.. Laksh said..

I am coming Lucky!! Nothing will happen to you not to others..I am coming.. Sanskar replied and cut the call..

Sanskar what happened!? Why are you so tensed!? Swara asked concerned…

Swara I need to rush to Maheshwari Mansion.. everything is messed take care..Sanskar said hurriedly..

Fyn!! I will also come with you..let’s go..she replied..

No Swara!! It’s stay here..I will go alone..he said all tensed up..

Just now I said .. that I will never leave you.. means never ever..not today ..not tomorrow.. not now.. not then..I will stay with you..and I am coming with you that’s final..

Did somebody told you that you are so stubborn and I always lose before you!! Sanskar asked amused

No one told me..but I know!? Come we have to go..And they rushed to rescue their family…

She was all tensed up during the way!?.
Sanskar:: what happened Swara??are you fine!? He asked cupping her face lovingly
Sanskar!! I feel like something bad is gonna will not leave me Na Sanskar!?she asked teary eyes..

Of course not .now I will be with you wipe your precious pearls falling from your eyes.. nothing will happen not to me not to anyone.. police will also reach by that time.. everything is gonna fine..he replied..

Although​ she felt good after listening his words but still some unknown fear occupied her mind..

Tera Mujhe, Kar Jaati Hai Dooriyan
This distance makes me closer to you

Satati Hain Dooriyan
The distance is suffering

Tarsati Hain Dooriyan
Distance is longing

Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan
May all the distances be vanished

Kaha Bhi Na Maine
Didn’t I tell you

Nahi Jeena Maine, Tu Jo Na Mila
Without you, I don’t want to live

Tujhe Bhule Se Bhi, Bola Na Mein Yeh Bhi Chahun Fasla
Even unknowingly, I don’t want any distance with you

Bas Fasla Rahein
Only the distance remains

Banke Kasak Jo Kahen
Tells and echoes

Ho Aur Chahat Yeh Jawan
That, may our Love blossom

Soon they reached home…and the scenario made them shocked..

All were tied up on chairs..not in a watchable condition…near to worst..and side to them..Adarsh was standing..

Will you not tell me now also that where are those property papers!? He asked to all of them..

I already told you that I lost them on our way to home..I don’t know where they are!! Ragini said cryingly..

Lie..lie..and only lie…I already told you that I hate liers.. saying so he slapped Ragini…

Stop Mr Adarsh Maheshwari!! Just stop much you will stoop low!! Already you had done a lot cheap things.. still you didn’t learnt a lesson!? Sanskar said in his high pitch tone that the hall echoed by his voice..

Oh just shut up Sanskar!! You don’t tell me what should I do or what I should not..and why are you here..just to save your family who didn’t even trusted you!? Adarsh asked sarcastically..

Whatever… but you can’t change the fact that they are my family..and I love them a lot.. Sanskar said angrily yet emotionally..

Suddenly they heard police sirens..

Now your game is over bade Bhaiya!! Get ready to be in jail… Sanskar said mockingly..

You brought police along with you?? You did not do right will face the consequences.. Adarsh murmured angrily…

Who is Mr Adarsh Maheshwari here!? Inspector asked them..

Sir this is Adarsh Maheshwari..or my so called big brother and my Bhabhi..don’t spare them easily..they tried to harm my family..I want strict punishment for them ..Sanskar said to inspector…

Suddenly Adarsh took the gun from inspector..aimed at Swara who was untying the rope of Ragini..and pressed the trigger …
It happened in such a fraction of seconds that no one seemed to understand what had happened??

Sanskar!!! Swara was the first one to shout!? He took the bullet on himself to save her…he can’t let anything happen to his life and she was his life…
Sanskar get up..don’t close your eyes..plzz Sanskar..Swara said hugging him..
He was in half senses .
I love you Swara..Don’t You Love Me !?. Sanskar asked almost fainted…
I do Sanskar.. I love you a lot. Don’t go away from me!?she said cryingly..
I love you a lot Swara..more than anything..more than myself..take care.. saying so he closed his eyes..

Mrs.Maheshwari ambulance is here.leave him .. we must take him to the hospital .he is still breathing..
It gave Swara her senses back.. Constable said to her
Nothing will happen to you will be fine..just like before…

Teri Meri Mit Jaani Hai Dooriyan
This distance between us should vanish

Begani Hai Dooriyan
Distance feels strange

Hat Jani Hai Dooriyan
Distance should be gone

After 2 hours…
Doctor came out of the operation theater..
Swara was the first one to rush to him..
Dr.. everything is fine Na!? Nothing happened to my Sanskar Na!! He is fine!?Swara asked madly..
We tried our best but I am Sorry… doctor said and walked away..

No he can’t go..he promised me..he can’t go like that..
Swara!!! We will be together forever.. Nothing will seperate us….I want to live with you .. together. She registered his words in her mind..

No he can’t leave me!! Swara whispered to herself..

Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan
May all the distances be vanished

Hey guys!! It was my first attempt to write an OS..spare me if it was not good..even I felt that it was boring..but still if you all will want I will post it’s next part too..but for that comment guys and spare me for grammatical and spelling you all soon ..
Be blessed..


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