I Don’t Love You – Raglak TS (Part 2)

Thnku guys for liking the 1st part hope you’ll enjoy this one also.

Ragini’s pov.
He came nd sat besides me I was scared nd nervous I didn’t knew what to do. We were sitting like this I think for 5 mins nd I heard him say.“Ragini don’t be scared” He looked at me nd lifted my veil. He was looking at me lovingly this made me more nervous. “Hey wht is happening to u? You love me na?” I didn’t knew wht to answer I think I never loved him it was just infatuation I needed to tell him this.

“Karan actually I…. wanted…. wanted to say tht…” I was stammering I didn’t really knew how to tell him this truth. “Baby wht happened tell me we can solve it” he said. “Karan wht I’m gonna tell u now is gonna shock u” I said assuming tht he’d give me sometime to gather courage but he resisted nd atlast I had to tell him. “Karan I Don’t Love You” I said this ignoring his gaze when suddenly he lifted my chin nd I was confused to him smirking.

“Wht are u wondering babe u want me to be shocked right? But I can’t bcoz I already know it” Now it was my time to be shocked. “Hey y are u looking at me like tht? Can’t I see what’s happening around me? I’ve clearly seen your love for your so called bff laksh oops lucky right?” I was confused by his behavior if he already knew tht I loved lucky then y did he marry me?

When I was wondering all this I heard him say “Oh poor girl u maybe wondering tht if I knew tht truth then y did marry u got my revenge. How could u do this ragini I thought u loved me but u were always with tht laksh nd u also made a plan with him to make me jealous by seeing your closeness with him. In making me realise that I love u. U realised your love for your bst frnd. U realised tht u only liked me but u loved laksh but now it’s too late baby. Now you’re married to me so be in your limits nd dare u meet your laksh nd I’ll kill him then keep weeping for your lucky whole life” as soon as he said tht he’ll kill laksh I was shocked I’d never seen his angry side I always saw his cool dude nd flirtatious side but this was the first time I was seeing fury in his eyes.

I was shocked so I just nodded in response. As soon as he left the room I started crying hugging my pillow. I wished tht this was my lucky whom I was hugging right now. Ad I crying I was remembering our memories, our crazy plans actually only swara nd my crazy plans. We were thinking of the weirdest ideas to make karan realise his love for me?

“How can u even think of this” lucky said to me while being shocked. “Cmmon everything is fair in love nd war please lucky look shona has also approved for this” I pleaded him hoping tht he would accept my idea of being my fake bf in front of karan so tht he becomes jealous nd learns my value. Don’t appreciate me it was swara’s old fashion idea but it was good I was sure tht this would work. “Please if he comes to know tht this is our plan na then he’ll punch my nose how can u see your bff getting punched in front of u ha?” He was acting as if I was telling him to date karan no na I was just telling him to help me making karan feel jealous but no this stupid boy was ready to help me. Now i had to use my emotional drama otherwise he would not agree?

“Ok lucky today I came to know tht who’s my frnd nd who’s not” I started my drama hoping tht he would come in my trap nd ya he was getting trapped silly boy doesn’t even comes to know about my tricks? “No ragu it’s nothing like tht” he said.

“No u don’t love me” I said acting as if I was not convinced now also. “Arre yaar ragu I really like u. U know na? If u want me to do a drama like this na then I’m not gonna do it” as he said this I shockingly looked at him nd by seeing my expression he smirked. “Nice acting nautanki but u don’t know I’m your bst frnd I know u inside out so stop pretending nd shona just stop giving her your stupid ideas” at this swara nd I pouted nd he laughed seeing our expression but after sometime we also laughed with him. I was somewhere hurt not because he caught me but because he told me tht he liked me. Didn’t he loved me? Not even as his bff? My thoughts were broken as he said “Now stop thinking this weird ideas nd think something useful.”, “Lucky please only this is the way pleaseeee” I said this making my face as innocent as 1 year old child.

He looked at me for sometime nd then agreed I was so excited tht I hugged him. “Thnku thnku thnku you’re the best lucky” swara smiled seeing us nd after sometime joined us in our hug. We the 3 MUSKETEERS were back in action❤ Whole day we were just thinking of wht to do nd we got an idea. It was my mom dad’s 25th anniversary nd we were very happy about it. We had a private land of about 3 acres in London. My mom dad just did this for status nd popularity but for me it was a golden chance to execute our plan nd moreover spending time with lucky nd shona for 10 days.

We were all set to leave for London for celebrating my mom dad’s anniversary. I wad so excited on the first day. Shona nd Lucky’s parents had also come sometimes I just felt tht they were my real parents? I loved them. Karan had also come idiot?he was trying to convince me but I being the stubborn one was not getting melted nd atlast he lost his cool nd started shouting at me.

“Cmmon ragini you’re not a kid to be convinced all the time sometimes you’ve to adjust. Y can’t u understand tht I was drunk at tht time nd still if u can’t understand then just Get Lost” he shouted at me I was teary eyed but there came the unexpected twist. “Hey dude just be in your limits don’t ever try to cross them nd about hurting her I’m forgiving u this time but next time it will be your last” said laksh making karan shocked or should I say angry. “Just stay away from her she’s my gf it’s our matter nd don’t u dare enter it. Wht does she means to u ha?” karan said in full anger. “She’s my everything. Just buzz off from here she has forgotten u now she doesn’t loves u she has understood that it was just infatuation nd nothing else nd about me she likes me nd I also like her. She has moved on with me now you’re nothing to her better u also move on” lucky said this nd cuped my face. I could see anger boiling in karan from the corner of my eye. “Hey are u OK?” he asked me nd in response I just nodded. He held my hand nd led me to my room nd closed the door. I was looking at him confused when suddenly he asked me “What happened my acting was not good?” he asked me but I was still giving him that confused look. “Oho stupid the acting which I did now in front of karan”

I realised that I had only told him to act. I so wished that those words were true. “No I just didn’t knew tht u had anger nd btw you’re a very good actor. If you’d joined Bollywood na then by now you would be the top actor” I tried lightening the mood to cover my emotions. Many days passed we were acting nd karan was getting pissed off. Frankly I was not at all acting. I started loving his Care. I started loving his Love tht he had for me didn’t knew tht I was as a bst frnd or a lover but I loved it. Suddenly one day karan took a big step on my mom dad’s anniversary day when only close frnds were left he proposed me!! Tht to infront of everyone. I wanted to refuse but I couldn’t everyone was standing there nd I also didn’t want karan to face humiliation just because of me he was a good guy and by now I’d understood tht I didn’t loved him.

“Ragini tell na will u be mine forever?” Karan asked me breaking my thoughts. I just nodded in approval because I was too shocked to say anything. I saw shona nd lucky they seemed to pissed off or could I say only swara was irritated but lucky was hurt I didn’t knew wht to say. Both left the hall I was going to go after lucky but Karan nd my family stopped me. After sometime karan also vanished I was mentally cursing these trio to leave me alone with the family. After sometime I saw shona nd lucky coming towards me but a girl came to meet lucky nd he started talking to her ignoring me atleast he should have wished me or smiled at me. Shona came to me but I was only looking at lucky nd tht girl. Suddenly she said “They are looking good isn’t it?” “Huh?” I didn’t have any answer I was hurt. “They look good with eo right?” She again asked me nd I just nodded. “She’s ria u remember she was in our college?” I was just looking at her confused.

“Arre tht nerd” Ah now I remember tht nerd ria. I nodded “U know she had a crush on lucky nd I think maybe now also” Now I looked at tht girl in anger. I was angry at her because…. urghhhh I don’t know anything right now about my feelings about my heart nthing nd now I was broken seeing them together. I couldn’t handle it nd I just walked out from there nd maybe lucky had noticed me so he was following me. “Ragu listen to me wht happened? Arre I was coming to u but ria came u remember her?” He was trying to talk to me but I was ignoring him nd walking ahead. “Arre yaar listen to me you’re behaving like a typical wife like u see me with another girl nd start throwing your tantrums. Ragu listen na” He was trying all his will to convince me nd honestly I was enjoying tht attention.

Now being fed up by me he just pulled me towards him resulting in me hitting his chest. “Wht happened ha y are u ignoring me” he said looking intently in my eyes. This was the first time tht we were very close so I was hell nervous. I couldn’t utter a word nd just looked down but he made me face him by lifting my chin nd asking his question again. “U….were ig…. ignoring me” some words managed to leave my mouth. “I was not ignoring u I was only talking to ria did u feel bad about it?” He asked me with a killer smile. Oh God! I never knew tht Laksh Maheshwari was so hot. Sorry can’t control but he was really looking handsome in tht smile any girl would die on the spot looking at his smile. “No I didn’t feel about it” I was protesting though I knew tht I felt bad but I didn’t wanted to show it. He left me nd asked “Oh really then y are u so jealous?” , “I’m not jealous” I immediately replied. “Then y are u so pissed off seeing me with ria?” Honestly i also didn’t had any answer to this question. I was just staring at him blankly trying to think about the answer but was unable to get it.

“I got your answer” he said nd just left me behind thinking about his question. I was thinking about it whole night. Whenever I thought about him only one word came in my mind nd tht was LOVE nd tht was the time I realised tht I had always Loved him I’d never loved karan I was always his nd he was always mine it was just tht I always gave it a name of frndship. I didn’t had any thoughts beyond frndship if the matter was lucky I only thought about frndship. Stupid me I never realised tht I loved him nd now when I’ve realised it’s too late but no I still have time. I can still tell karan tht I Don’t Love Him but I had to gather courage to do so because he was a short tempered man didn’t knew wht he would do after knowing the truth.

All thnks to my mom dad they ruined my plan nd karan he also insisted my mom dad to do the marriage after a week. When my parents asked about engagement nd everything he told we can do it before our marriage when we’re sitting in the mandap. When I heard this I wad hell shocked. I questioned my parents about this nd they just replied tht u both love eo so wht’s the prob now how could I day them tht I didn’t love karan it was just infatuation nd all the time my true love was with me. I tried to stop the marriage with my silly reasons but my parents were adamant on getting me married first. Now u must be wondering tht out of nowhere how did they start loving me. It was not love it was a business deal for them because at tht time their company was at loss nd they wanted someone to invest nd now if they joined relations with karan’s parents then they would invest nd this would solve their problems.

After many failures atlast my marriage was done to karan nd was weeping remembering the recent happenings when suddenly I heard the door knob. THE DOOR KNOB!! Omg!! I was dreaming! I opened my eyes nd saw tht I was still sitting in the position but the thing was tht I was sweating it just felt tht someone emptied a full bottle on me. Now leaving these thoughts I concentrated on the person who came nd sat infront of me. He touched me hands but this time it was different. I didn’t even dare to look at him. I just told him tht I wanted to say something he just said “Hmm” without even thinking I just started talking tht I was sorry, I didn’t loved him, it was just infatuation nd blah blah blah. On not hearing a reply I looked up at him nd was shocked. Shocked to see the Love of My Life sitting infront of me but then I realised tht when I can dream about karan then y can’t i dream about lucky? So i started telling him tht I was seeing lucky in his place nd this was all a dream but suddenly he did something tht shocked me. He smashed his lips on mine first I was shocked nd resisted but then I felt that this was not my dream this was real. This was real tht man who didn’t have the courage to hug me was now kissing me. I also reciprocated nd it became a passionate one.

“Now u came to know tht I’m real?” He asked me after pulling back. There the reality hit me I was karan’s wife nd I was kissing another man before he could say anything I started pushing him. “Lucky please don’t make it difficult for me. I can’t do this we can’t do this. I can’t kiss u…..”, “Arre y can’t u kiss your husband?” He cut me off with his stupid talks but I didn’t stop. “Tht’s wht I’m telling lucky please go if karan comes then he’ll not spare u” I said “But y will karan come in our room? It’s a honeymoon suite yaar” he said pulling me by my waist nd caressing my cheeks. I still didn’t understand anything but then the thing hit me. All the while he was talking as if we were husband wife I looked at him with a questionable look nd he laughed at me nd kissed my nose tip. “Chalo now it’s good tht u understood something dumb head. Y are u looking at me like tht from such a long time I was hinting but no u were busy in pushing me out of the room” he said while tightening his grip on my waist. “Lucky please tell me wht’s going on”

Laksh’s pov
“Lucky please tell me wht’s going on” she asked me. Poor girl didn’t knew anything about our plan actually swara nd karan’s plan nd after tht I was also included nd the whole family but only ragini didn’t knew anything about it. After all it was her mistake she took time to realise nd to confess also so we had to take this decision. I remember when karan proposed ragini I was hurt. I just went out of the hall to hide my tears when I heard swara shouting at karan. I wanted to know the reason so I started listening to their talks. “Are u Mad!!?? How could u do this?” Swara shouted. “Sorry swara I thought tht this was the best moment to make her realise her love for laksh”
Which love were they talking about nd wht was I doing in their conversation?
“Really to make her realise her love? Now she’s more confused about her feelings” swara said. “Swara I thought tht when I’ll propose her she’ll have the fear of losing laksh nd she’ll realise her feelings” karan said.
Now it was my time of entering their conversation.
“Hey wht are you’ll talking about? Nd who’ll realise her love for me?” I asked them making them shocked at my entry.
“When did u come?” Swara asked. “When u were shouting at karan nd now please don’t change the topic nd tell me wht were you’ll talking about?” I asked them. Swara knew tht there was no need of arguing with me so she said “Lucky all this I mean u nd ragini, karan kissing another girl was a drama”
Now this statement shocked me.
“Wht shona u knew about this?” I was hell shocked to hear the truth. Swara nd karan were in this plan from the start this all was a drama to know if I had any feelings for ragini nd to make ragini realise her true love for me. “Shona u could have told me about this” I said to her disappointed tht they had trapped me in all this but I was confused tht y this karan was doing all this? I asked swara about it.

“One day he came to me nd asked me if u loved ragu. I said tht by your actions anyone could make out tht u loved her but u were not confessing it because of fear nd ragu also loved u but was just naming it as frndship nd was not understanding tht karan was not for her. When I told all this to karan he told the some. He wanted ragu to realise her love for u. I asked him if he didn’t loved her? He said tht he was happy seeing ragini happy nd about him he would move on. He also had sensed this tht u both loved eo but u were scared to confess nd she didn’t even knew she loved u. So this was our plan to know about your feelings nd make ragu realise her love for u” When shona said this I was shocked. I never knew tht Karan Roy was so understanding. I didn’t think for a moment nd hugged him. He was not so bad then I was thinking.
“Karan shona I really appreciate your efforts but I think ragu really loves karan” I said avoiding eye contact with both of them.
“Cmmon lucky don’t I know about my 2 best frnds? I’ve always known tht u both love eo nd now when karan was also giving a chance to your relationship then y are u backing out?” Swara said I knew she was going to ask nd my reason was also silly one.
“Look shona ragu’s parents already don’t like me I think because of my status nd tht is below ragu. Ragu’s parents are so rich I can never match their statue try to understand” nd here was my silly reason but it was true tht ragini was rich nd I was not tht rich I agree tht I would fill her life with my love but money also matters. I was not so poor I was rich but not as much as ragini.
“Lucky you’re leaving your love for this silly reason it’s rubbish. Just think tht will ragini be happy after marrying me? Or will she be happy marrying u. Will she be happy marrying money or love just think about it. I’m leaving ragini will be searching for me” karan said nd left.

Now only swara nd I were left. I was not able to face her after telling my silly reason of not confessing. “Lucky just think about karan’s words I think he’s right. U should not let her go like this you’ll never find a girl like her. Just ask her wht her heart wants nd you’ll get your answers.” I looked at her with hopeful eyes. “I know she’ll be jealous seeing u with someone else so just go nd talk to some other girl in front of her nd you’ll know how much she loves u.” I agreed to her nd we left to execute our plan. It went as expected she was effected seeing me with someone other than her nd shona. Now we were confirmed tht she loved me by reading her diary in which she had written tht she had loved me tht’s y we thought to trouble her for giving us so much tension. By now everyone came to know about our plan we only kept the marriage bcoz karan didn’t want any fake rituals with her.

“Ragu we’re married now.” I tried sounding as normal as I could but u couldn’t i was so excited thinking about our marriage. I laughed seeing her expression it seemed tht her eyes were gonna pop out?
“WTH are u saying wht is going on please tell me clearly” now this was like my situation when I came to know about swaran’s(swara nd karan) plan. I told her everything about our plan first she was shocked but after tht she started beating me.

Ragini’s pov
Idiot stupid lucky how could he do this to me. How could he hide such a big thing from me. I had srsly got a minor heart attack because of their stupid plan. I was still beating him he was trying to calm me but I was not listening to him. Suddenly he kissed me. First I was resisting but then I reciprocated after sometime we pulled back nd had a passionate eyelock. I was shy so I hid in his chest nd he chuckled.
“I Love You Lucky”, “I Love You Too Ragu” These were the words I’d longed for.

Now my life is not complicated now we’re fixed now everything is fine now I’m Ragini Laksh Maheshwari the one I always wanted to be?

Yay!! Over with a long part so how was the end actually how was the story? I’ve certainly started loving raglak while writing this?? do comment if you’ll like this sweet nd simple raglak ts❤

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