Don’t Let Me Go (sdch) One Shot

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Let’s start

A big bunglow is shown. A big room is shown where Lots of pics r shown. A girl cries and panics. Her dad and all maids try to control her. She told her dad thet she wants to go out. She can’t leave here like prisoner. Dad tries to control her. Dad tried to explain her that u r not like other girls. U r different from every girl . Girl loses her control and breaks everything. Maids holds her hands and legs and dad gave injection. She fell unconcious.

Maid talks with eachother. How can sir still keep her. She is dangerous. She is crazy .sir should send her to mental asylum. Another maid scolded her. She told them baby was a beautiful girl. She was a doctor. She was not crazy before. Maids get shocked. Other maid asked wat happened to baby how she gone mad.

Maid told her that sanchi was a doctor. She was a fun loving girl and that day god took her all happiness. Sanchi baby was driving with jaya mam. They met with an accident. Jaya mam died on the spot and sanchi mam slipped in coma. But when she regained consious she was behaving like a small kid.In short she became crazy. If she wants something and she dnt get it she panics she can do anything. So that’s y sir gives her injection.

Maids cries and opens doors and saw sanchi unconcious. She caress her face. After sometime Sanchi regains concious. She cries hugging her and asked i dnt want to stay here. She is talking like a kid. Maid consoles her and feeds her food. Days passed they became best friends.

Sanchi dad was going for conference. He asked them to take care for sanchi. He went. Sanchi again asked maid she doesn’t want to stay here. She wants to fly high. Maid gets emotional and huggs her. Sanchi saw tv and laughs.

In the night maid cums and caresses sanchi face. She went and forgot to closed the door. Sanchi slowly opens her eyes saw door opened. She claps and laughs. She slowly went out. No body sees her. She slowly slowly moves out of the house and runs.

She claps and dances she gets happy to cum out of the house. She waves house and said sweetly bye house I’m going. She
has cum too far from her house. She gets hungry and cries. Just then she saw a cafe. She smiles and gets in. She looks everywhere. She went to waiter and asked for for food. They asked for money sanchi sweetly says wat money I dnt have money I never seen money. Manager asked waiter to throw the mad girl out. And asked other waiter to give this sandwiches and cold coffee to sir. He is a famous businessman.

Sanchi was listening to them. Waiter drags her out. Sanchi saw waiter gives sandwiches to the boy. And he talks on phone. Sanchi again went inside and sat beside the boy. She saw sandwiches and touches her tummy. She slowly picks sandwiches and eats it slowly. Boy is busy talking on phone. He dint notice sanchi .he ends up the call and saw sanchi eating his sandwich. He gets shocked. Sanchi saw him .she bites her tongue .She coughs and boy gives coffee to her. She drinks it.

Manage saw them and went to sanchi. He again said u here. Waiter throw this mad girl out .Sanchi makes puppy. She was about to cry.Boy saw her and asked manager to leave her. Manager said but Kabir sir. Sanchi was leaving crying when kabir holds her hand and make her sit. He wipes her tears. Waiter and manager looks on. Kabir asked sanchi r u still hungry. Sanchi nodded Kabir asked waiter to bring burger, fries, pizza. They brought it and Kabir asked sanchi too eat it. Sanchi eats it like a child. Kabir looks at her lovingly. Sanchi finished eating. Kabir wipes her face becz all food was stuck on her mouth.

Sanchi smiles and gives a kiss on his cheek. He gets shocked and touches the area .he went to pay the bill. He cums and saw sanchi missing. He asked the waiter where is the girl. He told him she went. Kabir said ok and went.

Otherside sanchi was going when goons follows her. They surrounded her. Sanchi gets scared as they took knife out and asked sanchi to give the gold chain and ear ring .Sanchi no uncle this is mine. They laughs seeing her. They calls her mad girl. Sanchi told I’m not mad. They cums near her and about to take out chain from sanchi neck. Someone holds his hands. They look at him. He beats eveyone and they run away. Sanchi clap for him. He saw her and sanchi sits on the road. He too went and sat beside her. He asked her name. Sanchi says sanchi sweetly. He smiles. Sanchi asks his name. He said Kabir Kappor. Sanchi polity says abir. Kabir says Kabir not abir. Sanchi cries Kabir said ok wat to want to say. Sanchi says abir. Kabir smiles.

Kabir asked her where she leaves. Sanchi said patani. Kabir asked her will she stay in my house. She smiles. Kabir took sanchi home. Kusum saw sanchi. Kabir signals kusum she is crazy. Kusum smiles and hugged sanchi. She too responded the hug.

Days passed kanchi cuming closer.One day sanchi was holding her shoes in hand and walk bare foot. All laughs seeing her and say look at mad girl. Sanchi cries and Kabir came and saw her crying. He asked wat happened Sanchi told him they said I’m mad. Abir I’m mad. Kabir wipes her tears and said who said u r mad .They r mad. Sanchi was going to wear shoes when kabir stopped her and takes out his shoes holds in hands. Sanchi smiles. Both walks out bare foots. Kabir fell in love with her .Otherside sanchi dad return from America and gets shocked to knw sanchi missing. He scolds everyone and went out to find sanchi.

Three days passed sanchi dad searches her holding her pic. He asked many people and they say no. Sanchi dad meet Kabir on the road. He shows him sanchi pics. He told kabir that she is my daughter. Kabir told him sanchi is with him. Dad gets relieved. Kabir brings sanchi dad home. Sanchi saw her dad and Kabir. She smiles and runs. Sanchi dad smiles. Sanchi passed him and huggs Kabir. Dad gets shocked.

Kabir saw her dad and broke the hugg. Dad asked her to cum to house. I promise I will take u out. But pliz cums home. Sanchi again huggs Kabir and cries. Sanchi asked kabir i dnt want to go. I want to stay with maa and u abir. Dad asked her to cum. Sanchi broke hugg and panics. She throws the stuff. Dad was going to inject sanchi when kabir asked her not to do it.

Kabir saw sanchi was about to cut her hand. Kabir runs and huggs her. He slowly pacifies her and took knife from her. Sanchi stops panicking and dad gets shocked to see sanchi getting fine.

Kabir breaks hugg and make sanchi sit. He explains her that her dad came to take u to ur home. Sanchi says no. Kabir make her understand. Sanchi cries. Sanchi stood up and was going with her dad. Kabir closes his eyes and tears flows. He wipes it and waves sanchi. Sanchi runs to him and hugged him. She doesn’t leaves him.

Sanchi -abir dnt let me go.

Kabir huggs her tightly. Kusum also cries becz she knew Kabir loves her. Dad forcefully took sanchi. Kanchi cries remincing eachother.

Bg plays


Days passed to one week. Kanchi misses eachother badly. Kabir looks at sanchi pics and cries. Otherside doctors and sanchi dad gets shocked to see alot of improvement in sanchi. Doctor asked it is miracle. One day sanchi can be fine. Dad gets happy. Doctors asked dad how did it happened u were in America. Dad said it’s because of Kabir. He is angel of us. He took care of her. I was also shocked to see sanchi stopped panicking when kabir hugged her. Doctor asked dad if you want to see sanchi fine. Sanchi medicine is Kabir. Only he can cure sanchi .Send sanchi back to Kabir. Dad nodded.

Sanchi dad brought sanchi back to Kabir. Kanchi smiles at eachother. They runs and huggs each other. After three months sanchi was cured. She was no longer mad .

She was leaving with her dad. Sanchi dad throws a party. Kabir was invited. Kabir was happy that after 1 month he will meet sanchi. He enters party. His eyes were searching sanchi. He smiles seeing sanchi cuming downstairs. Sanchi went passed Kabir. Kabir was shocked

He tapped on sanchi shoulder. She turned back and saw him. Sanchi looks at him

Sanchi -kabir sorry I didn’t see u

Kabir -how r u

Sanchi -better

Kabir – that’s great. So now all r over between us naa

Sanchi – wat r u talking about

Kabir -u r not calling me abir.

Sanchi -kabir I’m normal like before I can call u Kabir.

Kabir nodded.Sanchi dad went to stage and announced that sanchi engagement is today with Vivian. Kabir takes a back. He asked sanchi r u ready to marry him. Sanchi said yes. I love him before he went to Paris for his studies and then my accident. He now finished his studies and want to marry me. Sanchi thanks him. Sanchi said thank you Kabir. Tumne joh ehsaan kiye mujhe pe. Thank you. I got Vivian. If you didn’t cured me. I never able to get him back.

Sanchi dad calls sanchi and Vivian. They went. Kabir tears flows. He wipes it quickly and smiles seeing sanchi happy with vivian. Vivian was going to make her wear ring just then ring fell down and went towards Kabir. Kabir picked it and gave to vivian. They exchanged ring. Kabir congrats them and went crying.

He went and cries holding kusum. Kusum asked now wat he will do now. Kabir told her that he will not able to see sanchi marrying other person. I will go away from her . Maa pack ur bags we r leaving this country. We r going back to London

They packed their bags and left to airport. Sanchi is feeling restless. She is getting feeling that she will going to loose something.she didn’t understand wat. She prays to God. She was going downstairs when sanchi dad and Doctor talks. Sanchi stopped and listens to their talks.

Doctor -u r doing wrong. U knw Kabir loves

Dad -i knw Kabir loves sanchi but sanchi doesn’t love him. I will be happy if sanchi loved Kabir. But it’s her choice. She loves vivian and I dnt want to spoil happiness. Even Kabir too dosnt want that that’s y he is going to London forever today

Sanchi gets shocked to hear that. Sanchi remincing her moments with Kabir. She takes out ring and throws. She runs to airport .She asked saw flight went.

Sanchi sits crying i missed him. She was leaving when she saw Kabir .He was boarding Australia flight. Sanchi calls his name. Kabir turned back and saw sanchi. He went to her and asked wat is she doing here. Sanchi slapped him.

Kabir -y did you slapped me

Sanchi – u were going to London naa then wat r u doing here. Y u r going to Australia.

Kabir – areh I was going to London but last moment I got a call for urgent meeting. That’s why going to Australia. And wat r u doing here.

Sanchi -Do you love me.

Kabir -y r saying this

Sanchi -answer me. Do you love me

Kabir nodded and slapped him again.

Sanchi – so y didn’t u tell me. Y
U let me go. Y r u leaving u have not have a gut to say I love you.

Kabir -became I don’t want to spoil ur happiness. I want to see u happy. That’s it
My love is not bigger than ur happiness.

Sanchi -I love u abir. U want to hear this name na. I love u. Pliz dnt let me go. U complete me. I want to spend all my life with you. Will you marry me.

Kabir -but vivian u love him

Sanchi – i loved him before .after meeting u i got to knw wat is love. I love u. And that’s it.

Kabir huggs her tightly .he kissed on her forehead. Sanchi told him that dnt let me go .Kabir promissed her that he will never let her go.

Scene sifted to their happy face

The End

Sorry for gramactical errors .
Bye take care

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  1. Jst lvd it dear.. Fntstic nd aaaaaaaamazing os.. Dear missing ur all ff’s soooooooo much plz update thm… Lv u

    1. Ashnita456

      Thank you so much tumpamoni

  2. Riyarocks

    Ashu………..u made me so much emotional dear with this amazing plot………I’m literally crying after reading this splendid plot…………yaar, ek dum mind blowing concept par likha…… really touched my heart………actually I’m falling short of words…….what to say, u left me speechless……….luv u a lot sweetieeeeee……..

    1. Ashnita456

      Riya sweetie firstly sorry for making u cry. Thank you so so so much. It really really really really means a lot. I have no words to say for this comment. I’m speeehless seeing this comment. When I didn’t see ur comments it really made me sad. But when I saw ur comment I always fly high. Thank you for being there for me. LOVE YOU LOADS ???????

  3. amazing
    out of the park for me
    sooooo emotional
    rula diya tune
    mind blowing

    1. Ashnita456

      Thank you so much and sorry for making u cry

  4. Shining

    its fabulous. very nice os. post next one soon

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      Thank you so much shining dear

  5. Niyaaa

    Mindblowing fadoo chart buster os dear… totally loved it so emotional heart touching lovv story i m fall in love Sith this os nd obviously for ur writting day by day moreeee. Nd more… ok bye post nxt other one.. bye tc lovv so much?????nd tera Fiji trip wala os kaha h tujhe kya laga tujhe yaad nhi to m bhi bhul jaungi ??kabhi nahi … post kar hum bhi aa rahe h ghumne???

    1. Riyarocks

      same pinch Niyaa…….arey yaar humein bhi toh Fiji ki sair karni hai…….hum sab kanchi waale ek saath ghumne jayenge, samjhi na Ashu………but haan, saare arrangements tujhe hi karna hai……ok…….haha….just kidding……….luv u Ashu………

      1. Ashnita456

        Riya sweetie just pack ur bags I will do arrangements. Hehe ok for os it will take time. Love you too

    2. Ashnita456

      Thank you so so so so much Niyaa sweetie it really really really means a lot. Oh i totally forgot about the fiji islands os. Kya yaar tum bulti nhi ho.First I have to think write and post so u have to wait for that. Love you loads ??????

  6. Aafiya

    Wow.. Amazing.. Beautiful… A bit emotional.. And Kanchi scenes was cute. Post soon.. Take care…

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      Thank you so much aafiya

  7. True love always find its way. Ashu I want to hug u. A big hug to u. Fab OS. Personally I like one short article as I have not need to look/wait for second one. ?TC

    1. Ashnita456

      Awwww thank you so much kajal. A teddy hug in return.

  8. Dhruti

    ashu what a story it wa so amazing, mind blowing ………………really i just love it core of my heart and i mean it…………yaar your story make me crying but i control my self………………..btw can i ask you some thing kya khaati ho tum ? i mean kaha se aate itne acchhe idea…………………..superb story……………….love you……………….tc……………….see ya………………post next one ff/fs/os soon…………………………………

  9. Ashnita456

    Awwww thank you so so much dhruti. Sorry to make u cry and thank God u control warna it will be flooded. …..hehe I eat bitter medicines and where I get ideas. My ideas cums from orginal sdch. They made it rubbish so I think in my way. Love you loads .And ur words really means a lot. How’s ur exam going sweetie.

  10. So beautifully written….. I am in love with this os

    1. Ashnita456

      Thank you so much amnaa

  11. Really very amazing os dear…..I have fallen in love with it….you really made me speechless….loved it from the core….sorry dear I m unable to comment because of my studies and project….love u loads dear….take care….

    1. Ashnita456

      Thank you so much sweetie

  12. Abhilasha

    Wowwww!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????salute to u dear!!! Story is awesome!!! Loved it!!

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  13. So so beautiful and amazing and sweet yaar……..I love it so so much…….

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      Thank you so much

  14. Sooooooooooo cute yaar?????????

  15. Sooooooooooo cute yaar????????? lovely

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      Thank you again

  16. Anee

    Hey Ashu dear it was fab…….Amazing dear Luv u loads.

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