Hey guys. As promised I am here with my os. I want huge loads of comments.

A girl in her twenties is rushing down. She grabs a bread and stuffs it in her mouth and runssaying” bye ma bye pa”. A lady shouts” Kali stop rushing. Everyday get up late and run like this. Take care”. Yes she is our kali. She is the daughter of business tycoon vishwaveer bose and manjri bose. Kali rushes to her college only to collide with a boy. “Ouch” said kali with her fingers rubbing the bumped area. Kali in a rage said” Can’t u see and walk?? today’s day shall go bad for u!!”. “Oh yeah!! Do u even know who r u talking to??” said the boy. Kali gave an angry look to that boy. Suddenly two girls come and tap on the back of kali. “Come let’s go!!”said one girl.”If u guys didn’t come right now I would have given him a dose of colliding with kali bose” said our kali in a fit of rage. “U don’t know he is our college hottie and every girl’s prince charming YUG DIXIT.”said another girl giving a flirting look to yug.

It is almost a year that kali and yug have become friends. They both looked like gf and bf rather than friends. All the girls were envious of kali. One fine day,”Let’s go for a dinner”exclaimed yug while he was walking with kali. “Oh yes great idea!!!”said kali bringing a cute smile on her soft face. The night arrived while kali was eagerly waiting for yug to come and pick her. Yug arrived at last. They had a blast spending their time. Yug started a conversation” Do u love somebody??”. And the answer came in a second” No”. “Oh great! Tell me about ur future plans and about getting married”asked yug with full of eagerness. “I don’t have any future plan but about marriage mine will be a love. What about u??”asked kali.” U believe in love!!” asked our pronce charming.

KALI’S POV- If I don’t believe I would never have the courage to tell u that I love u. I want u.
A finger snapped kali out of her world. “Where were u lost?”. “Nothing” said kali and they continued their conversation. After the dinner Yug went to take his car parked on the other side of the road. Kali was following him when suddenly “CRASH” came a sound. Yug turned to find kali in a pool of blood. He rushed to her. Kali with her face full of blood mustered some last words of her love to yug “I love u yug” said kali while tears rolled down from her cheeks and she closed her lovely eyes. “Kali!!!!!” shouted yug. The girl who fought with yug at their first meeting died in the hands of her. Little did they know destiny had someother plans for this dinner of their’s.
After two years Yug has become a big business tycoon. He along with his friend come to the same place where kali had died two years before.”If u come here every year on her death day she won’t become alive. Move on with ur life” said a consoling voice. Tears welled from yug’s eyes.

YUG’S POV- I too loved u but destiny didn’t want us to be together. Why did u leave me? I can still see your face full of blood and hearing the same voice “I love you yug”. It keeps ringing in my ears. I miss u alot. Please come back to me.
“Get up u’ll get late for ur first day of ur job” said a voice. A girl pulled her blanket above her face. “If u don’t wake up now I’ll tell to raghu”again said the voice. The girl got up from her sleep. That girl is none other than gauri. She got up ready and left for office. As she entered she collided with yug,”Ouch” saod gauri. “Can’t u see and walk? Your day shall go bad today” said an angered gauri. Yug’s eyes filled with tears remebering kali’s and his first meeting. He left that place in silence. “What a weird man!!” exclaimed gauri. The receptionist informs her that he is the owner of this company.”Who ever he is he should ask sorry” said gauri and left that place. Next day gauri goes to buy grocery and while returning she again collides with yug. The result turned out to be all the eggs got smashed on yug. Yug gets angry. In an enraged tone”Oh hello miss! whoever u r !! Yesterday I didn’t say anything but today u have crossed all ur limits u have got egg all over me yuck!! Ask sorry” Gauri burst into laughing seeing yug’s condition. They both get into a cute cat fight.
It’s more than three months that yug and gauri have become best friends. Yug on a walk starts to reminisce his past.
YUG’S POV- Kali u left me now gauri came into my life giving me the same happiness u gave me. I think I have fallen her. I don’t want to let go of her. I will propose to her today.
An excited yug rushes to flower shop and buys a bouquet of rose and goes to gauri. He kneels before her and says”Koi chand si tara hai koi phool se pyara hai! Koi khushiyon ka ishara hai koi is dil ka sahara hai! Tumhe bas itna batana hai ki woh naam sirf or sirf tumhara hai!!”. A shell shocked gauri stood there. “Will u be my better half? Will u become Mrs. Dixit?”asked our price charming.”Yes”pat came the reply from our princess. They both hug each other. Yug imagines as if kali is smiling at him from the sky.

And thats it. I will be back with a new os as I am working on it. I am finished writing with this and my hands are paining a lot. Need a lot of comments. And this is saasha signing out… Love u guys take care….

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  1. Ayeshu

    Nice one and sorry I didn’t saw this ??????

    1. Saasha123

      Thank you sooo much di…. Nobody commented felt very sad but ur comment lit up my face….??????????????????

      Lot of love,

  2. Very well done awesome

  3. Superb & veryyyyy big sorry actually i m vompleting my assingment so sorry ????????????

  4. Superb & veryyyyy big sorry actually i m completing my assingment so sorry ????????????

    1. Saasha123

      Thanq di… Missed ur comment….

  5. But rather then kali u could have killed that dumb gauri right?

    1. Saasha123

      Yeah but I thought y to always show kayu so tried gayu

      1. Hope next time you pair only Kayu ?

  6. Nice but u should killed gauri

    1. Saasha123

      Thanq fr commentin… But always showing kayu I didn’t like but I promise in next os I have paired kayu

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