The epi starts with,

2 weeks later…

Ishaani was brought home back…Ranveer was in front Ishaani’s room hiding till now where Abhi asked y don’t he go in where he got no reply…That was the moment Pragya came out of the kitchen with a glass of fruit juice for Ishaani…she came to the doorstep where he noticed Ranveer and Abhi standing and asked,

Pragya:what are u’ll doing here???

Abhi:nothing Pragya…u just try talking to Ishaani as she hasn’t talk in these 2 weeks…

pragya:hmmm ok Abhi……

Saying this Pragya entered Ishaani’s room where she was resting her self and was watching out sitting in the bed…
then Pragya went to her and said,

Pragya:Ishaani…R u fine?Y don’t u talk to any of us???she got no reply where she knew she wouldn’t want to talk now…where Pragya gave the glass of juice towards her where she wouldn’t take it also where Pragya kept the glass in the side table and said,

Pragya:plz Ishaani don’t be like this we are getting hurt by your behaviour….more than us Ranveer is more hurt…anyways plz change back Ishaani saying this she left the room….where she saw Ranveer teared up where she gave an impossible face and left from there where Abhi followed her…

Ranveer now thought of talking to Ishaani and tell her to forgive him…he then entered her room with tearful face…he came inside and closed the door softly and saw Ishaani who was silent till now and went towards her and sat in the bed…

Precap:Ishaani to get unconcious…Ranveer to call upon the doctor…

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  1. Very nice dear bachcha it was great episode I loved eager to know that what is going to happen next waiting for the next episode?

  2. Nice yaar felt bad for ishveer missed this ff so much waiting for the next one

  3. Prathi

    Give long epi’s please!!

  4. Asmithaa


  5. Nice

  6. Rookey rookers

    Super . super . super . waiting for next . . . sorry for late reply ….

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