The epi starts with,

******One week later******

******In Hospital******

Ranveer is seen sitting beside an unconscious Ishaani. Abhi and Pragya are seen standing behind him.

Ranger was holding Ishaani’s hand and saying: Ishaani!Ishaani! Wake up Ishaani. How long will u be like this. I know Ishaani it was my fault. Because of me only u have drunk, cut your hand, got into a accident and then now u r in this state because of me. I’m sorry Ishaani. Don’t punish me like this. Plz Ishaani. (Tears were flowing while saying this. Just then. Tear drop fell on her hand. Where she moved her hand little. Then after few minutes she slowly slowly opened her eyes.)

Ranveer who saw this was little happy that she came to concious. Abhigya was also happy.

Ranveer was caressing her head and asked:Ishaani u ok na?

Ishaani who was finding hard to speak slowly took off the mask off her face and slowly started to ask: R..a..n..v..e..e..r d..i..d..n..t u g..o b..a..c..k t..o i..n..d..i..a? U d..i..d n..o..t w..a..n..t m..e n..o t..h..e..n y d..i..d u c..o..m..e h..e..r..e?
(Ranveer didn’t u go back to India? U did not want me no then y did u come here?)
Saying this again went back to unconscious. Ranveer was in tears

Ranveer: Ishaani Ishaani (he said loud)

Abhi who saw this ran to call the doctor. Where the doctor came and said them to be out for a while. Ranveer was crying by seeing the way Ishaani was hurt by him. It was him who led her to this condition. Abhigya was consoling them… The doctor came out after nearly half an hour and said,

Doctor: The patient is very weak because of the loss of blood…Don’t make her stress and strain too much..Make sure she is alright always if she is not alright bring her to the hospital.

Pragya: Doctor when will u distarge her?

Doctor: We will distarge her after a week.

Pragya: But doctor shall we take her home to make her feel better. We will call u if there is something urgent. Plz doctor.

Doctor: Well we’ll see madam. If she’s alright after 2 days then u can take her home if not she should be here…

Pragya: Hmmm ok doctor.

The doctor left the place. Abhi said,

Abhi: Pragya u be here and I will take Ranveer home and make him rest for while. Because he has been awake and he seems depressed. I will bring him later until that see that she’s alright.

Pragya: Hmmmm OK

Abhi took Ranveer home even though he didn’t want too… Abhi took Ranveer home and made him lay in bed…

Precap: No precap

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  1. Duva

    Loved it keep it up keep rocking

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    Nice one dear!

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    Loved it dr
    Keep rocking

  4. Soooo sad 4 ishveer…

  5. Balasonika

    Nice one luvd it

  6. Aiswarya

    Cutie it’s a very nice episode ?? but it was an emotional one . Today’s episode was amazingly written. Really I loved it .the way ishaani spoke was amazingly written ?
    Why no precap ? you are making too excited
    Post the episode whenever you free
    Love u ❤❤
    Take care

  7. Hi dear the episode was awesome just keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

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